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It is an attempt to build an extended face light mod without any CTD. What the point to install a bunch of mod to make your NPCs beautiful if you can't see them ? Support 5 followers and Improve conversation visual by auto lighting up NPCs. Choose between 24 light variation ! Include a face to face conversation mode

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Better Face Lighting & Conversation


What the point to install a bunch of mods to make the player and NPCs beautiful if you can't see them ? Conversation in interior are often dark especially when you use lighting mod and ENB.
BFL will help you to beautify NPCs by enlighten their faces and improve conversations by let you discern their expression easily and admire their beauty.

I always liked Face Light SE by tktk1 and the conversation auto toggle feature from Facelight Plus by gundershot but I was not satisfied. Even if Face light SE is a great mod, from my point of view it lacks of customization about light colors and Facelight Plus often leads to CTD when you end the conversation.
At the beginning, my idea was to fix Facelight plus, sadly, it is based on Face Light which doesn't include any source. Finally I created this one from scratch (except light meshes courtesy of tktk1). My objective was to suppress all CTDs and keep the nice features from Facelight plus.
As most of the CTD was induced by the auto-toggle features, I used an another way to build them and cut off the ones which cannot be fixed.

This implantation is the best compromise I found between aesthetic, features, stability and performance.
I hope you will like it ! Most of the features are toggleable through the MCM Menu

  • Choose between 4 Light tint (2600K, 3200K, 5400K and 7000K, reddish/warmer to bluesish/coldest ) configurable to match your enb / taste (all light share same tint as same time).
  • Choose between 3 level of intensity independently for each type of Enlightenment (Followers, Player, conversation).
  • Choose between two kind of lighting, direct like Face light SE, or undirect which is closer to photography technique (by default).
  • Conversation Auto-toggle with no CTD ;). In this version light effect is bound to the player and not to the NPCs. Side effect, it lights more things (face, torso, environment) not only the face.
  • Support until five followers (perfomance sake limitation), aim your follower, open the MCM, add it, done !
  • Auto-sneak Auto-toggle (only for player), follower will keep face light up, effect on sneaking it is nearly unnoticeable. Again it avoids a lot of CTD
  • Auto light off in First PoV to avod the lighthouse effect.
  • Auto switch to First PoV in dialogue (toggleable), it includes a mini-traveling to mimic face to face mod effect, as I don't use SKSE plugin, it is very simple (no auto follow), should be compatible with everything (even with camera mod).

At final, you can choose between 3 intensity levels * 4 tints * 2 kind of lighting for a total of 24 variations! So I hope you will find something which fit your needs.

I'm open to suggestion, if you ask kindly and if I can do it (will and time).

  • Be wary when you play with followers settings, it is best to do that when they are not in same cell as you. Sadly, I can't totally avoid all CTDs in this situation.
  • You can notice that your character light environment when you are close to it. It is unavoidable, all face lighting mods share this problem, I soften this problem as max I can do by reducing the radius of the light (32 instead of 80 for facelight).
  • Impact on sneaking is nearly 0 that's why I toggle off only the player as most of advanced followers doesn't impact your sneak level, it shouldn't be a problem.
  • When remove a NPCs from the list, his light effect will be removed at next cell load (Anti-ctd).
  • Light effect is reapplied when you change Cell as followers could lost it.
  • If you lose player control during the traveling, I included an option to restore your control, it happens only one time during my testing (alt-tabbed during the traveling).
  • Nearly all my mods can be updated on the fly, no need of a new save.

Compatible with dialogue customization mod.
Compatible with Quick Light SE
Should be compatible with everything even with camera mod. If you use one disable the overlapping features.
Not compatible with Simple Face to Face (not really but cumulating effects leads to weird zoom)
Not compatible with other face lighting mod (obvious).
First person auto-toggle must be disabled if you use Flower Girls Amorous Adventures (It will be fixed)

It uses nor patch nor dll plugin, so you can :)

tktk1 for Face Light SE and the permission to use his mesh
gundershot for making Facelight Plus which inspired this mod a lot

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