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This guide explain how to revert to an older version of Skyrim after a stealthy update. It will permit you to play until a new SKSE version is released.
It is useful if you use SKSE mod incompatible with last version or if you don't want to update all your mods during your playthrough.

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How to repair your skyrim after update
Unbreak your preferred skse mods

Each times Bethesda update our favorites games, they break compatibility with SKSE and a lot of its plugins. The best way to avoid that is to block automatic update from Steam (as explained below). Problem, if the game is already updated, you are screwed.

Most of the update contains only fixes or features to improve the Creation Club...
So most of us doesn't care about them as most of the bug fixes are already covered by the mods which can be found here.
If you are a CC users and you use mod from here, you can try this method, it is easy to undo, if you face problem you simply need to rerun the update.

We will need to restore an older Skyrim version directly from Steam server. For that we will use SteamDB to get Skyrim's  AppID and DepotID then use Steam console command to download the needed version.
I will explain every steps below, you can download a PDF which contains the needed command line directly from the download section for each skyrim version.

After following this guide and to avoid to redo all the steps, if you can, do a backup of your entire Skyrim SSE Folder ;)
Important Note:
Don't use the numbers from the screenshot, it was for Skyrim 1.5.39.
Main files from download section contain command to rollback to actual version n -1 (Current version is 1.5.97 / Skse 2.0.17 so pre-made files are for 1.5.80 / SKSE 2.0.16)
Old files are for previous version (check skse version to choose whicch one you need)

⚠ Warning: Some updates alter base game files (most of the time update.esm), downgrading only the exe file could not be enough. So check steam changelog or go through the extra step)

First Step: How to block update

  1. Go in your Steam "Library"
  2. Open "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition" properties (right click on game entry)
  3. Go to Update tab and set it as follow :
  4. Use SKSE shortcut to launch your game (or the one which point to skse from your mods manager)

Next Steps:

  1. Go to SteamDB, and type "Skyrim" in the search field.
  3. note the app ID (circled by an orange rectangle) and click on it.
  5. Click on the depots tab on the left (circled in orange), then note the depot ID (circled in orange) which contains the 'Skyrim Special Edition exe" file then click on it.
  7. Click on the Manifests tab (circled in orange). Choose in the list the version that you want to download, for this example I circled the one from April 3, 2018 as this version is the last "validated one". Note its manifest ID.
  9. Open the Steam console. If link doesn't work (or if you don't trust it), open Steam, use Win+R keys, type "steam://nav/console".
  10. The syntax to the "download_depot" command is as follows:
  11. download_depot <appid> <depotid> <target manifestid>

  12. Download exe files

  14. You may need to copy / paste "SkyrimSE.exe" from the steamapps\content\app_489830\depot_489833 folder to your Skyrim SSE folder.
  15. And Voila ! Your skyrim exe is reverted to previous version !

Extra Step (Needed if you still face stability problem or if you prefers to have a real full previous version):

  1. Do the same for "Skyrim Special Edition Core" files

  3. Download core files then exe
  5. As original file are restored, you need to clean Update & DLC plugins again.
  6. And Voila ! Your skyrim is fully reverted to the previous version !


Q: Could I install the update if i want / need ?
A: Yes, this is why we block update, you can run the update by launching the game directly from steam or by checking game files integrity.

Q: Now, my Skyrim is not in my language anymore, What can I do !?
A: You need to download your language package by using same method.

Q: I can start a new game but I suffer of infinite loading screen / my screen stay black ?
A: Rebuild your INI with BethINI

Q: I obtain message Depot Download Complete but SKSE error still pops up ?
A: Follow First Step: How to block update before trying to install older version.
A: copy / paste "SkyrimSE.exe" from the steamapps\content\app_489830\depot_489833 folder to your Skyrim SSE folder.

Q: No needs of it / Useless, you only need to restore your backup / use windows restoration or any solutions you know...
A: You're right... If you have a backup / use windows restoration or any solutions you know... This guide is for people which face the problem.

Q: This mod is useless because I can do it myself !
A: I did it for user convenience, if you know how to do it why you don't release it before ? Selfish angry troll !

Q: I don't like you !
A: It's life :p

Q: This FAQ is useless !
A: Yes !

Q: Why you did it ?!
A: Because I like it and I can !

Thanks to mtreis86 and KorruptkSwades for the core files part ! Give them kudos !

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