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This mod will resolve the invisibility eyes glitch, whereby the player\'s eyes get messed up after turning invisible/visible. Requires SKSE.
Support for EFF, Ordinator, Sacroscant, Apocalypse and Vigor provided.

Permissions and credits
Invisibility Glitch - Eyes Fix SE

This mod is a conversion of the mod Invisibility Glitch - Eyes Fix made by KingsGambit and of patches I provided on its dedicated patches central page.
This mod worked flawlessly on LE and never quit my load order, so i dedided to bring it here.

How it woks
This mod attaches a small script to all invisibility effects in the main game that restores the messed up eye textures that result every time
the player turns invisible/visible.

  • Original author has tested this with invisibility spells (Illusion and Vampiric), potions,Nightingale Shadowcloak ability, the Shadow Warrior perk and (he believes) he has attached it to every invisibility effect in the vanilla game.
  • This mod will not work with any custom invisibility spells, effects or abilities added by other mods without a dedicated patch or future updates (though I'm happy to update it or work with mod authors. See below.).
  • This mod will work fine with any custom eyes mods.
  • If I have missed any invisibility "sources" please let me know.
  • There may be clashes with mods that specifically alter vanilla invisibility effects. If you are using one such, put this mod lower in the load order or ask for a patch

Supported Mods

Vigor - Combat and Injuries by Alex9ndre
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim by Enai Siaion
Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim by Enai Siaion
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim by Enai Siaion
EFF - Extensible Follower Framework by Expired

  • Install as usual
  • require SKSE (not version dependent)
  • Put it below mod which edit vanilla invisibility effect.

You can merge it with its patch by using merge plugin stand alone.

Mod Authors:
If you're a mod author and have a custom invisbility spell or effect in your mod, I am happy for you to include this fix in it. As such, scripts' source are included.

How to do it :
Open my esp in the CK along with your own (ensuring your mod is set as active) and note the Ability (InvisibilityEyesFixSpell) and Magic Effect (InvisibilityEyesFix). Duplicate and rename these and attach "eyesfix" script to your invisibility effect (or copy the code within the OnEffectFinish() event if you already have a script attached to it). Ensure the script's properties are correctly set to the duplicated spell above and similarly, that your version of the spell uses the duplicated Magic Effect. (refer to provided screenshot)

Clevon who took time to explain me how i can made these patches (and a little more ^^) (Skyriml LE version)
jimkaiseriv for the original mod and to let me publish these patches (permission granted) (Skyriml LE)
KingsGambit for his wonderful mod. (permission granted)
Alex9ndre for his amazing combat mod (permission granted) (Skyriml LE)
Enai Siaion for his lightweight perks mod (Authorize by mod permission)
Falkrun for his LE Apocalypse patches (Authorize by mod permission) (Skyriml LE version)
Mator for is Merge plugin (and other software that a lot of people use ^^)
Expired for is amazing EFF (and racemenu !)

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