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I'm not good at English. Sorry for not supporting well enough. And thanks for supporting instead of me.

I require a long time to reply. If reply to all comments, I do not get time to make a mod.

And I focus on supporting mod community in Japanese. Please understand these points.


I can not accept donation by paypal in Japan. It is possible for patreon or ko-fi. I'm poor, so support is very helpful.


ko-fi in my page. $3-


Load map (2018/12/09 yyyy:mm:dd)

TK Battle Arts - Adds new attacks for player. It's TK Combat without magic.


Porting my mods in Skyrim Special Edition

Porting of the following mod is very difficult.

  • Ultimate Dragons

Although the transplantation is almost finished, I need to work just a little.



If you cannot send a private message to me, send me by following ways.



Discord: tktk mod channel

My English blog:

E-mail: tktk11111[at]


My Japanese blog:

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