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Enhance your sneaking experience with sneak tools. With additions like water arrows, slit throat, blackjack and much more!

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- Fixed an issue that causes assassinate to not work sometimes.
- added some new patches and fixes to the mod page that I saw have popped up
- Sorry I have had real-life problems, I am hoping to improve the arrow models sometime relatively soon hopefully.

Coming up behind an opponent while sneaking with a dagger or sword equipped will give you the option to try and slit their throat. Whether a throat slit is successful or not depends on the difference in level between the player and the target, the player’s Sneak and One-Handed Skill, the target’s Sneak Skill, whether the target is aware of the player, whether the target is in combat. 

(UPDATE: This feature has been changed to assassination and works the same as above, but you are able to toggle killing animations between backstab, and slit throat or to have it perform randomly between the two. You can find these options in the MCM. The name has been changed from "Slit Throat" to "Assassinate" as well.

Whenever you are sneaking and come up behind an opponent while holding a blackjack or if you are unarmed, an option to knock out the target will appear if they are humanoid. If you attempt to knock an opponent out and someone sees you they will attack you and it will be regarded as a criminal act. Furthermore, opponents will only stay unconscious for a total of five minutes so be aware.

Whenever you:
- have any kind of melee weapon drawn (fists do not count) and
- activate an NPC that is sleeping

you will be given an option whether you would like to perform the default action (which is either talking or pickpocketing, depending on whether you are sneaking or not) or whether you want to kill the target. If you choose for the latter, you will execute 3 powerful strikes in rapid succession in the direction you are looking for. 

If you somehow managed to activate this NPC without looking at him, this will result in missing your attacks and nothing happening, but if the strikes connect they will kill the NPC (assuming he is not essential).
If you enabled the menu pop-ups through dialogue with Horstar, there will be a confirmation menu first which asks you whether you wish to slit throat or pickpocket.

By default, you will not get the option to kill an essential NPC. This option can be changed through dialogue with Horstar as well, but if you use this move on essential NPCs it WILL result in deaths and therefore might possibly break quests that require the NPC to be alive.

Inspired by the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal in Oblivion and the Bandanas in Red Dead Redemption.

The default Sneak Tools. esp file contains one type of mask, named ''Dark Cowl'', which can be crafted at any forge in the Leather section and can be bought from Horstar.
There are also 2 optional files that add this identity-concealing functionality to some appropriate vanilla Skyrim headwear.

Now some details about how these masks work:
- When you equip a mask, 2 things can happen:
(1) If you are not noticed putting the mask on, and are not already remembered as being the wearer of the mask from being detected earlier, your current bounties in all of Skyrim's holds will be remembered by the mod internally and will then be replaced by a ''Mask Bounty'', which starts at 0 by default.

(2) If you are noticed putting the mask on or still remember being detected earlier, the people of Skyrim will know it is you. Skyrim's people will only notice you putting the mask on if they are in combat (it will make them more alert to their surroundings), if you are sneaking (they will think that you are acting suspiciously and keep an eye out), or if you are currently trespassing. In this case, you will be remembered as being the person wearing the mask.
In addition to this, your ''Mask Bounty'' will be added to your ''Real Bounty'', because the people of Skyrim now know who committed those earlier crimes.

- When you unequip a mask, again 2 things can happen:
(1) If you are not noticed taking the mask off, and are not already remembered as being the wearer of the mask from being detected earlier, your current ''Mask Bounties'' in all of Skyrim's holds will be remembered by the mod internally and will then be replaced by your ''Real Bounty'' again which was remembered by the mod when you initially equipped the mask.

(2) If you are noticed taking the mask off (which again happens under the same conditions as 
getting detected equipping), and are already remembered as being the wearer of the mask from being detected earlier, your ''Mask Bounty'' will be added onto your ''Real Bounty'', because the people of Skyrim now know who committed those earlier crimes.

- Detection of equipping or unequipping masks does not only happen at the very instant that you (un)equip your mask but remains possible for a few seconds after that as well. This is to make sure that the player has to find a really safe spot and remain safe for a while, and to make sure that if the player takes his mask off right after hiding behind a corner of a house, the guards that follow around the corner a second later will be able to realize it was you all along.

- If you keep your mask unequipped for 24 in-game hours (or 48 in-game hours if you were ever detected and are remembered as being the mask-wearer), your ''Mask Bounty'' will reset, because after this time it might very well be possible that other, non-guilty citizen of Skyrim have adapted to the latest fashion of wearing masks. Your ''Real Bounty'' will still never reset until you somehow pay them off.

Wearing a mask has a negative impact on buying and selling prices from vendors, it also doubles your checks for intimidation. You are able to toggle these effects on and off in the MCM menu, the default is on.

These effects are produced by an enchantment. This means that you can Disenchant items that conceal your identity and place the enchantment yourself on any item you like.

With this mod, almost all fire-based light sources around Skyrim will gain a new level of gameplay. It is now possible for the player to extinguish any lit fire and to light any extinguished Fire and Water arrows (see below).
In version, the current version of this mod, all campfires, candles, and wall-mounted torches from vanilla Skyrim are supported, and if the mod Claralux is installed, all fire-based light sources are from Claralux.esm (NOTE: only Claralux.esm from version 2A is supported since as far as I know there are stability issues with later versions of the mod) will automatically be recognized as well. Fires placed by most other mods should also automatically be recognized unless they introduce actual new models or new Light emitters.
Currently, only the Giant campfires are an exception because it seems unrealistic to me that these huge fires can be extinguished as easily as smaller fires.

Fires that have been changed from their vanilla state (so lit fires which have been extinguished or unlit fires that have been lit) will automatically revert back to their vanilla state after 24 hours of in-game time if the Player is not in the same location at that time.

If you run into any fire-based light source (lit or unlit) which does not work as expected, please report it by giving the following information:

- The name of the place where you are
- Preferably a screenshot of the object you are trying to extinguish or light
- A description of what doesn't work (does the model not get replaced with an unlit/lit version? Or is the model changed correctly but does it still emit light/no light?)
- If you have mods that place light sources around Skyrim (like Claralux), please list them.

This mod introduces Fire Arrows, which can be crafted at any forge in the ''Iron'' category.
They can be crafted in batches of 5, 10, 15, or 50. They can also be bought in Horstar's shop.

Fire Arrows are made of dark wood which deals no damage upon impact by itself but ignites when fired using a bow. They can be used to set enemies on fire (dealing a small amount of Fire damage or to ignite light sources (see the feature above).

This mod introduces Water Arrows, which can be crafted at any forge in the ''Iron'' category.
They can be crafted in batches of 5, 10, 15, or 50. They can also be bought in Horstar's shop.

Water arrows can be used to extinguish light sources (see the feature above), but have no other special uses.

This mod introduces Noisemaker Arrows, which can be crafted at any forge in the ''Dwemer'' category.
They can be crafted in batches of 5, 10, 15 or 50. They can also be bought in Horstar's shop.
Noisemaker arrows produce a small, harmless but loud explosion upon impact, attracting the attention of nearby NPCs.

If Dawnguard is installed, batches of 5 Noisemaker Arrows can be converted into batches of 5 Noisemaker Bolts at any forge. Noisemaker Bolts work in exactly the same way that Noisemaker Arrows do, except for that they are bolts which can be fired from crossbows.

This mod introduces Oil Arrows, which can be crafted at any forge in the ''Iron'' category.
They can be crafted in batches of 5, 10, 15 or 50. They can also be bought in Horstar's shop.

Oil arrows will drop a pool of oil upon impact, which can then be set on fire using for example Fire Arrows or any fire-based spell. When fired on NPCs and creatures, they will cover them in oil, making them temporarily very susceptible to fire damage.

Rope Arrows

This mod introduces Rope Arrows, which can be crafted at any forge in the ''Iron'' category.
They can be crafted in batches of 5, 10, 15 or 50. They can also be bought in Horstar's shop.

When they hit any surface, they will drop down a rope if there is enough space. These ropes can be activated by the player to climb them.

The ropes do not drop down immediately but it can take up to a second. This is because Skyrim's scripting system is quite slow and the scripts do require some complex calculations in order to detect all the surrounding collisions. Most of the collision detection is done when the ropes are created and then this data is saved, which means that the ropes require a little bit of time to fall down, but when you actually climb them everything will go smoothly.

If you shoot your rope arrow into a location where there's no space at all for a rope to properly drop down, nothing will happen and the arrow will be wasted.

This is how climbing ropes work:

- The first time you activate a rope, you will be put in ''climbing mode''. This means first of all that you are forced into a first-person perspective whilst climbing (due to a lack of proper climbing animations this is the only way I can make it look decent) and will automatically sheathe any weapons. Some of your controls (mostly combat-related controls and the ability to switch back to third-person mode) are disabled.
This can also be done while in mid-air (for example when jumping from one rope to another rope), and generally, your character will manage to grab hold of the rope quickly and will then remain hanging at the height where you grabbed the rope, allowing you to continue climbing up or down from there.

- Any time you activate the same rope or a different adjacent rope nearby, you will climb up or down a bit depending on where you look at, and the distance climbed also depends on how far up or how far down your look.
To prevent clipping with terrain, you will sometimes climb in an unexpected direction if you try to climb up when already at the top of a rope, or if you try to climb down if you already are at the bottom of a rope, but generally it works as expected.

- Whenever you move or jump, you will automatically leave climbing mode. This means that you retain all of your controls, and will drop down unless you activate the same or a different nearby rope again.

- Whilst climbing a rope, your jump height is temporarily greatly increased. This allows you to more easily jump on top of a ledge after climbing to the top of a rope.

Ropes will automatically be cleaned up after 2 full in-game days. If at that moment the ropes are in sight of the player, they will not yet be cleaned up and the game will attempt to clean them up every 2 days again.

If Dawnguard is installed, batches of 5 Rope Arrows can be converted into batches of 5 Rope Bolts at any forge. Rope Bolts work in exactly the same way that Rope Arrows do, except that they are bolts that can be fired from crossbows.

Arrow / Quiver:
Replaced all the arrows with Thief-Themed arrows and a new Quiver.

Slit Throat:
Slit Throat has been renamed to Assassinate and has more kill-move options available via MCM.

The inability to not talk to NPCs while wearing a mask was removed due to a bug and debuffs to buying and selling and buff to intimidation were added instead. Also toggable via MCM.

Knock Out Changes:  
  •  Added Black Jack
  • Changed requirements to knock out to either Black Jack or Unarmed Only.

Sneak Tools Lite:
There is now a lite version of the mod that offers only the slit throat option. 

Merged LE Patch 

  • -Grey Fox Cowl
  • -Added doors in the Flag to the shop
  • -New Crafting Books

Q: Do you plan to continue to fix this mod and update it as needed?
A: Yes.

Q: Are there any plans to add more to this mod?
A: Currently I am looking into adding a blackjack item into the mod at some future point.

Q: How do I craft Arrows and Helm?
A: You must find the crafting books which are on thief-related quests, these also have a skill requirement but this can be disabled via MCM.

Q: Where is the shop?
A: The shop is in the thieves guild lair, in the ratway. It's in the room where the lockpicking practice chests are.

Q: Where are the crafting books?
A: You can find them as you progress through the thieves guild quest chain. If you want to find them on your own do not read further below.
There are three books inside the sanctuary area where nocturnal appears.
The two remaining books can be found in a side room off the sewer tunnel under goldenglow estate. There will be a chest in the room and the books are on the floor near some bones.

Rogue Mods:

Shadow Dancer
Gray Fox Cowl of Nocturnal
Immersive Citizens
Crime Overhaul
Believable Crime Report Radius
Spell Sneak Attack
Crime Bounty Decay
Thief Eyes
Wild Cat
Thieves Guild Overhaul
Narc Remade - No Animals Report Crime

Immersive Mods:

Alternate Start
Character Creation Overhaul
Bosmer Elder Shadow Armor
Realistic Ai Detection SE

Darker Nights
Lanterns of Skyrim

Borgut1337: Original Author
Chesko: For helping me find a workaround to a creation kit bug I ran into in the process of this.
Tesorone: For the amazing picture in the Hotbar area. Deviant Art Profile 
jvmnck: Who made the script fixes and adjustments from his patch I applied to this mod.
MihailMods Blackjack
Ghos71y: for bringing over a lot of changes from a patched ESP into the current version fixing a lot of issues and saving me a LOT of time.

Adventure Series - Drizzt Do'Urden (Playable Race)
Adventure Series - Blood Elf Playable Race
Shadow Dancer
Adventure Series - Sylvanas
Valeera's Daggers