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Valeera is a deadly assassin from the Warcraft universe. Now use her daggers to dispose of people you distaste.

Permissions and credits
You can craft the daggers with iron smithing now to get them. These blades can now be tempered and start with the damage of elven daggers. They hold more poison charges than a normal dagger, and now have a proper Sheath as well.

For anyone who wants to know how to be a Blood Elf in Skyrim you can find my mod here: Playable Blood Elves Race

To Come:
I am going to try and improve upon the particle system to get it to be more like the artwork.
The blade meshes I still want to refine a bit more as well. 

Note: Please if you enjoy my mods be sure to leave an endorsement, it lets me know where I should focus my updates and efforts in the future across my mods. 

Credits and Special Thanks
Thank you to everyone who has given me feedback and support while making this mod.ElSopa - For doing 99% of the texture work truly amazing work.
N7R - For helping me sort out some issues and giving me pointers in the meshwork!
dunc001 - For giving me feedback and putting me in touch with ElSopa. Be sure to check out his AMAZINg mod Iequip
Banner by CrazyJN one amazing artist, check out their deviant art page here 
Particles by: faxivcm

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