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Blood Elves have made their way into the land of Skyrim, what magic can they hope to steal?

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Someone requested I convert my blood elf mod from Oldrim so I polished it a bit and here you guys go. Right now its Females only, if I ever get a male head that will change.

1. Create a new Character. 
IMPORTANT: Do not change or modify any of her features, this could cause her ears to disappear or other problems and you will need to start again.
2. Select Female, then go to race and select Blood Elves
3. If you want her eyebrows that stick out, go over to sculpt in the racemenu than import head, import the Sylvanas one. Otherwise, if you just want regular brows you can skip this step.
4. Complete the character setup, name her and you are done.
5. ???
6. Profit

Health: 50
Magicka: 70
Stamina: 75

Magicka Regen: 0.3
Stamina Regen: 2.5
Health Regen: 7.0

Archery: 10
One-Handed 7
Alchemy: 5
Sneak: 10
Light Armor: 6
Illusion: 5

Blood Elfs have permanent muffle allowing them to move silently wherever they may go.

Blood Elves have above average acuity giving them a 15% crit chance bonus.

Blood elves have a 10% natural magic resistance.

Usable once per day blood elves may cast Arcane Torrent draining 20 health, magicka and stamina from every NPC in range.

These set of daggers can be found in Bleak Falls Barrow, in the room with the Dragon Wall in front of the chest. 

Can be found in High Gate Ruins, by the dragon wall.

Can be crafted at the Sky Forge once you have attained the Unfoul Shards.

Can be obtained via the create gear spell you start with. The armor scales with your level and you must have all pieces equipped for it to work.

This bow scales its damage as you level, however, it doesn't look good in first-person view and I can't fix that. I just added it in case someone wanted to use it.

:: Like Sylvanas, but prefer her as a follower? ::
No problem! Check out this amazing mod from which this one was based! Made by Ilikeawp!
Sylvanas Stand Alone Follower Mod

Note: If I missed anyone somehow please let me know right away and I will correct it. 
Blizzard Entertainment for making such an amazing character.
AthenaX - Who made the Armor set.
Shocky - Whom did the SeveNBase Conversation of AthenaX armor.
Ilikeawp - for letting me use his wonderful assets and inspiring me to do this mod.
Faxivcm - The Shards of Azzinoth, and his other amazing Warcraft Daggers :)
DServant - For letting me borrow some assets from Archery Overhaul, and for helping me setup the arrow effect!
Shiva182 - Base Body Textures 
Crosscrusade - DeMoNhUnTeR1986 - Sevennity - whiteinnocence - Base Body (SevenBase)

:: Want to help?? ::
Here are some things I could use some help with if anyone is interested.

1. If anyone can fix the bow and arrows to be better that would be amazing.

Adventure Series - Drizzt Do'Urden (Playable Race)
Adventure Series - Sylvanas (Playable Race)
Shadow Dancer
Sneak Tools