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Ever wanted to play as the predator from roland113's amazing mod AND wear those shiny new armors from Bruma, Artima,, forgotten city or maybe you think your predator would look cool wearing that exosuit from the dwemer Colosseum, well wonder no more with this collection of 20+ esp patches.
Now your predator can look as pimp as you always want

Permissions and credits
So let get started...
First you need this mod: Predators-The Lost Tribes :

What this mod does:

The predator races yautja, Yautjabadblood and yautjasovereign are not vanilla races, therefore when you want to wear  armours added by various mods by default the predator will be able to wear it and benefit from it's effects, however this leads to 2 annoying things... visually your predator character or npcs will look naked (with  a loin cloth) when wearing those armours, shields, rings, backpacks you name it.
The secondary effect is it allows your predator to become overpowered as hell, because you can equip several equipments and the effects will stack, so you could for instance wear all the rings found in Legacy of the Dragonborn all at the same time and get all their effects.
My patches resolve this,  simply by adding the correct references under the armor addon node!

q: Why do I need this mod?
a: if you prefer to see your predator not display that cool gear you just picked up then your loss really.
q: will this work on my current save
a: yes it should, do note however if you want to merge the mods which I STRONGLY RECOMMEND  then do it before going back to your save otherwise you will get the mod not found error upon load, which will have an incidence on save stability! 

How to install: 

Manually or with your mod manager, if you don't have some of the mods in the pack then just delete the esp you don't need from the data folder.

Manual users just open that .rar file up pick the esps you need and extrract direct to your data folder.
NMM users just download the file via NMM or download manually then drag into the mods tab of NMM

Which mods have I patched?
The official DLC Drgonborn and Dawnguard now included
Beyond Skyrim Bruma:
Beyond Reach: (currently down for maintenance)
Legacy of the Dragonborn:
Project AHO:
The Wheels of Lull:
Dremora Overhaul and Playable mod:
Dwemer Colosseum:
The Forgotten city:
Aetherium weapons and Armor collection:
Skyrim Immersive creatures:
Cloaks of Skyrim:
Artifacts of Skyrim:
Artifacts of Boethiah:
Oblivion Artifacts:
Helgen Reborn:
Konahriiks' Accoutrements:
Blades hakama:
Guards Armor Replacer SSE:
Barbarian loinclothes:
Will I be making the headgear compatible for the Yautja?
I would need to remake the meshes of all those items as to fit the weird shape of yautja's head and as of yet I do not have the required ability or knowledge to model that myself.

Open to requests

If I have missed anything in particular give us holler!

I have no intention as of right now to make each individual patch a separate download.
If you want to use these patches install them either manually by unzipping the .rar files and dropping the esp's you need individually into your data folder or by install with your mod manager then deleting the patches you don't need manually in you data folder.

Finally if you find this mod/s useful don't forget to drop an endorsement my way, also don't forget to endorse the mod authors whose mods I've patched. 
I will leave a detailed how to in the comment section, should you wish to make your own patches for the predator mod.
Happy Hunting Everyone!