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based on original design by atomec, creator of "Blades Hakama" for original Skyrim with more colors, new crafting, practice bokken, and support for more custom body shapes including UNP, UNPB, and CBBE for SE.

Permissions and credits
Adds Akaviri-themed clothing and light armor in multiple colors for Skyrim Special Edition, based on original design by atomec, author of “Blades Hakama” for original Skyrim. Extended with new crafting, weapons, colors, and more body-fit options. For complete list of changes and new content, see the Readme or the web page,

The Blades carry a hakama for training, or to use as an alternative to their cumbruos (heavy armor). The yoroi (armored) hakama includes leather and steel chain inserted inside the cloth. Train with a bokken (wood practice weapon). Find the gear in Sky Haven Temple, within a lost sack in Riverwood, or craft new gear at a forge.



  • includes both cloth-only and light armor
  • craft or purchase more Folded Cloth in multiple colors to craft new gear
  • colors: black, indigo, gray, scarlet, Dark Brotherhood
  • convert cloth gear to light armor at forge
  • Esbern Sky Haven Temple outfit replacer
  • default warmth values set for "Frostfall" (optional) and Survival Mode
  • training bokkens: one-hand or two-hand in red or white oak colors

Body options
  • default, UNP, UNPB, UNP-skinny, CBBE (curvy), CBBE slim
  • optional BBP for hakama with bandeau
  • alternate body shape option for follower: UNP, UNPB, UNP-skinny, CBBE, Bijin-CBBE
  • customize CBBE outfits with "Blades Hakama SE BodySlide CBBE"

Requirements / Installation

Requires Skyrim Special Edition v1.5.3+

Backup your save-game in case you wish to remove plugin. Use NMM to install and choose your options matching your body shape. BBP (not the same as HDT-BBP) requires XPMSSE skeleton and an animation, such as a BBP walk animation.

For custom CBBE, see the BodySlide data, "Blades Hakama SE BodySlide CBBE" page (flagged as adult).

If you have ported original "Blades Hakama" then you may upgrade existing character save by first removing original "Blades Hakama" files (including all loose files) and installing this mod. Rename "Blades Hakama SE.esp" to "Blades Hakama.esp" and "Blades Hakama SE.bsa" to "Blades Hakama.bsa" (remove the " SE"). Your light armor gear will become cloth. Restore armored versions at a forge. Alternatively, leave names as is and start a new character.

Compatibility and Load Order

Edits include outdoor Riverwood, and three interior locations: Sky Haven Temple, Fort Dawnguard, and Castle Volkihar. Consider loading Blades Hakama SE before (above) interior lighting mods. If using another Esbern outfit replacer, load the one you like later.

Compatible with "JK's Riverwood" by JKrojmal,  "Blades Samurai Armour and Kimonos" by 0Prime0, "Frostfall" by Chesko, and Survival Mode. Works with Bijin NPC mods by rxkx22 including "Bijin Warmaidens SE" mod.

Crafting and Colors

  • Craft outfit requires Steel Smithing perk
  • Craft new Folded Cloth requires a smithing skill 40+ and having the Hakama Notes journal within inventory
  • Blades colored dyes and oils craft at cooking pot

At a forge, the light armor is found under the Leather category and the un-armored cloth gear under Misc. Bokken comes under Wood category. The hakamas and hats require Folded Cloth in the color you wish to create. You’ll find black folded cloth in Sky Haven Temple and the lost sack. Purchase more cloth in a variety of colors at Bits and Pieces, or craft your own at a tanning rack.

Review the Hakama Notes journal for a list of items available to craft and their required components. Search for the lost sack to obtain these notes.

Note: the Hakama Notes book is optional -- all outfits may be crafted without, and is only required for crafting new folded cloth

Follower Options

If your follower uses a different body shape than the player, you may install an optional follower outfit to craft marked with (F) in hakama name. The follower installation body styles include CBBE, UNP(B), or Bijin CBBE for use with Bijin mods created by rxkx22 such as "Bijin Warmaidens SE" mod. Without a follower overhaul, you may get mage followers to wear cloth-only gear by beating the gold value of the original gear. To help, I've boosted the requirements for cloth-only follower gear resulting in higher value gold. Enchant to increase gold value further.

Known Issues

  • Some hairstyles may protrude through non-hooded hat. Wear hooded, or pretend that voluminous ponytail pokes through opening in hat.
  • Esbern outfit replacer: If this plugin added after quest to escort Esbern then Esbern will wear his normal Sky Haven Temple outfit.
  • Using classic CBBE for orignal 32-bit Skyrim results in arm gaps. Please use CBBE for Skyrim SE.
  • UNP body in hakama (topless with bandeau) may not precisely match undressed body (not counting support by bandeau) such as differing arm or belly shape. I've modified original UNP for popular custom body UNP shapes reasonably close.


Thank you, atomec, for years of enjoyment, inspiration, and sharing a beautiful outfit design.

Some screen captures may include other mods: Enhanced Lighting and FX (ELFX) by anamorfus, Mature Skin by Maeven, Superior Lore Friendly Hair by skyrimmagus, Beards and Brows by Hvergelmir, and The Eyes of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot.


Assets free to use with credit. Includes content from atomec, KiriKaeshi, Dimon99, Prime, and Caliente as noted in credits. Please note restrictions concerning CBBE body which applies to body data used within hakama outfits.

For content from original "Blades Hakama" please note:

"When using the plugin or parts of it for projects that are published
I ask for a reference to me as the author of 'Blades Hakama'" -atomec (

For Xbox One (default body): or for CBBE Curvy body:

My mods: