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Overhauls the lock system, adding new features: Lock requirement, smash locks, unlock spell and auto pick locks. With fully customizable MCM menu.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Polish
Chinese translation


Load your latest save game
Go to the MCM menu and turn everything off
open then console (usually with this buttion ^) and type in the following commands:

Stopquest _Q2C_FrostSpell_Quest
Stopquest _Q2C_smashlock_Quest
Stopquest _Q2C_General_Quest

save on a new created save game and close your game.
Uninstall lock overhaul 1.1
Install the beta version and make sure it is activated.
load the previous created save game.
Open the console again and type in this command:


many thanks to insane0hflex,Brodual and Gopher for reviewing my mod.

[size=+1.5]SkyUI version 3.0+ is required.[/size]

Change log version 1.1:
Overhauled Feature "unlock with spell" (not every spell will work):
  • You can now use destruction spells to unlock locks. (shock spells are disabled by default)
  • If you use a frost spell on a lock the lock gets frozen and is easier to smash.
  • If you use a fire spell on a frozen lock the lock get defrosted.
  • A fire or shock (if you enabled shock spells) spell, just unlocks the lock, if you get the required amount of skill.available settings:
  • Allowed Spells: Only Alteration, Alteration and destruction (no shock spells), <- with shock spells
  • Frozen lock smash lock required skill malus
  • A button, which shows all working spells (depending on your allowed spells settings)

Crime detection:
  • Now checks if the object is owned by someone
  • You will get reported if you are nearby an NPC, even if you arn't getting seen. (you need to be pretty close for that)
  • Followers won't report crimes anymore
  • Animals, creatures, undead and a lot more actor types can't report crimes anymore.
  • fixed compatibility issues with Wet & Cold
  • Send now a notification, when you get crime gold added.
  • Added an option to turn the crime detection off (under advanced)

  • Follower bug got fixed, which caused your follower to dismiss or attack you, when you triggered a crime.
  • All functions now work with unusuall Lock level values.
  • All functions are disabled for locks which require a key
  • Auto pick now detects the following perks: Unbreakable, Quick Hands, Locksmith, Keymaster and reacts to it like it should.
  • Removed unnecessary log entrys (don't worry they didn't "hurt" in 1.0 at all^^.)
  • Fixed 2 spelling mistakes
  • general script improvements
Hope i didn't forgot something^^
Lockpicking was always a boring and useless skill for me it was more like a minigame which icreases your level as well as giving you rewards when you solved the really easy game.
For me the issues with the vanilla lock system are:[/size]

  • If you don't play a thief character you don't want to level up your lockpicking skill. But you also don't want to miss the loot. So you end up leveling your lockpicking skill even if you dont want to. (happens to me atleast all the time)
  • You can pick the lock of a master chest with an Lockpick skill of 1.
  • a lot of people don't like the "minigame". (me included)
[size=+1.5]So i overhauled the lock system to add more options and make them overall more interessting. My general goal is it to make it feel like these features are supposed to be in the game.
For more informations look at the section below (Features).[/size] [size=+1.5]________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/size]

MCM Menu:
A fully customizable MCM menu with alot of settings.

Plugin identification:
For best compatibility this mod automaticly identifies plugins and changes the behaviour of this mod to be compatible. (currently included plugins: SKSE, SkyRe)

Lock Requirements:
When this feature is activated locks get a skill requirement (depending on the type of lock and the settings you choosed). If you don't got the required amount of skill you have a 100% chance to fail picking the lock.

Smash Locks:
You are a Warrior type? Just enable this feature, get your weapon out and smash the next lock you pass by like a real man. Also Increases your weapon skill, toggles crime and more. In short it just acts like you would expect.

Unlock Spell:
If you enable this you will be grant with a Spell (Alteration), which manipulates the lock mechanism itself, causing the lock to open. (ofc only if you got the required skill)
Same as with Smash Locks, it toggles crime, increases your alteration skill and so on.

Auto Pick:
Gives you the option to automaticly pick the lock, it will consume lockpicks and increase your lockpicking skill (or fingersmith if skyre is installed). Uses the same settings as the feature: Lock Requirement.[/size]

[size=+1.5]________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/size][size=+1.5] I always focused on best possible compatibility with my mods. In this mod i also included different algorythm to detect mods which might be incompatible and then react to them to prevent any issues. What i did for high compatibility:[/size]

  • This mod doesn't touch any Object or reference directly.
  • Every skill increasment is used with the vanilla formular. Means if you got a mod which makes leveling skill x faster/slower these changes will also apply to my mod most likely.
  • Recognizing plugins which would conflic to the mod and react automaticly to prevent issues (especially focused on SkyRe)
  • Cleaned the mod (actually i never had to clean it, it is clean since always. (checked with TES5Edit))[/size]
If you found a mod which is incompatible please tell me via PM or in the comments I might make them compatible.

[size=+1.5]I highly recommend unchecking every feature of Lock Overhaul, before uninstalling the mod.
If you are using version 1.2beta or above simply use the deactivate function found at the mod MCM - Generals tab.[/size]

[size=+1.5]If you got any Questions and/or any kind of feedback, feel free to send me a PM or ask them in the comments section.
I want to inform you that there is another mod, called Lockpicking Overhaul. I recommend to take a look at it and try it out.