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This mod upgrades the loot appearing in most containers (sacks, barrels, urns, coffins, static corpses; but not chests).It also changes the drop lists of most humanoid creatures and npcs.

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What is Unique Loot?
The primary goal of Unique Loot is to grant a wider variety of items found inside containers. What is a container? Well, those are the barrels, sacks, urns, dressers, drawers, end tables, coffins, and Static Corpses that you can find throughout Skyrim. The secondary goal of unique loot is to offer availability to Hearthfire items at smiths and merchants. And immersive looting from other NPCs.

- Crafting Items. You can now find crafting materials, alchemy materials, and Hearthfire supplies throughout many of the containers in Skyrim. Including some junk pieces that you can turn into crafting supplies at the appropriate workstations. This also includes solsthiem/dragon-born support now, so you just might find these items even in Skyrim.

- Food Supplies. Salt is plentiful and can be purchased at Inns. Along with eggs of different varieties. Food supply barrels have been reduced to increase the variety of barrels you can find throughout Skyrim.

- New Item Variety. Urns now are divided by their size and contents. Smaller urns will more likely have smaller treasures, and funerary items such as Mountain Flowers, and other burial ingredients. While Larger Urns will actually have treasure in them. End tables and Dressers have the chance to spawn, magical scrolls and books. Coffins have more interesting things in them now as well.

- Static Corpses. Static corpses such as draugr, and spider corpses, have the chance for something more as well. Draugr and skeletons might drop a skull or more bone meal than usual. Or maybe even a small piece of jewelry or potion.

- NPC Variety. Unique Loot does modify some of the items that can be found on certain NPC's throughout Skyrim. Bandits, Forsworn, Hunters, and Falmer primarily receive these changes. Hunters have a little bit more gold but have the chance to have more animal type ingredients for cooking or alchemy. Bandits and Forsworn might also possess certain animal type parts (boar and hawk items), as well as a wider variety of food, and alcoholic drinks. Falmer receives a more eclectic list of loot, that makes them feel more like a scavenger.

- Merchant's - Merchants and Smiths now sell wood and other specific Hearthfire items. Belethor and Radiant Raiments sell Religious Amulets.

- Balanced. Over the past two years, care has been taken to make sure Unique Loot is not overpowered or underpowered. Many have suggested a smaller return on certain items in the game, so things are more scarce. Version 05-03-18 is that first attempt. Unique Loot hopes to provide Enjoyment, in actually searching through every single container in the game!

If you like my content and want to keep up to date with what I do. Consider joining my patreon! http://www.patreon.com/Misterb1969 .

Mod Conflicts
- OBIS, please put this mod after OBIS in your load Order.
- Clothing and Clutter Fixes. Incompatible, this mod does something similar when it comes to containers.
- Any mod that effects the same leveled Lists. Make sure this mod is either above or below, depending on your preference of which mod you want to have priority. The Lower a mod is in your load order the greater the priority.

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Some of my Other Mods
- Unique Harvest, to find more items in your travels.
- Unique Coins, Patch Available.
- Unique Artifacts, for brand new magical items added to your game.

Special Thanks and Credits
- SRW0 for his early support with this mod and the addition of Unique Coins.
- Kelsenellenelvian, for helping me learning how to Patch and use Tes5Edit.
- Howitzer, a youtuber who does skyrim let's plays, who gave Unique Loot its first chance in special edition.
- And Special Thanks to those who have Donated!

Question and Answers
- Updating to a new version? If you are updating to a new version of Unique Loot, you must wait 5 days for the changes to take. You can do this easily by opening up your control panel and typing “Set timescale to 10000” and letting the game cycle for 5 days, then after this is done type “Set timescale to 10, or 12, or 20, what ever you use” .
- Wrye Bash. I would definetly suggested making a bashed patch with either Wrye Bash or Mator Smash.
- Will you make a Patch for “xxx” mod? At this time, I am unable to give my full support towards any mod that I have on the Nexus. Patches would have to come from someone else.