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DAO Followers, custom voiced, lore-friendly to Skyrim. Enhanced AI. Unique follower framework. Alistair, Leliana, Morrigan, Wynne, Zevran, Shale, plus a few DA2 specials!

Permissions and credits
  • French
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This mod is in ongoing development. I am extremely passionate about the Dragon Age games, I love them. 
My goal of this mod was simple: to re-imagine DAO Followers in Skyrim with believable stories. It is mainly intended for fans of the original DAO, since you guys will get all the little jokes and references, but those not familiar with DAO can certainly enjoy it too!

Oldrim Link Here


French, by Ruonikenshin

Right now it does still have a few kinks. However basic Follower framework is in place and working. Dialogue and Special features are still WIP.

Please keep in mind, this mod is a HOMAGE, not a "rip" or a copy!
I'd appreciate feedback!

Manual installation is highly recommended. OR
Download manually and then install into your manager, rather than "download with manager."

Featured Sept. 15, 2018, in!
"Skyrim Meets Dragon Age with these Mods"

Orange == WIP
Red == Future planned (if I can pull it off)

Enhanced Follower Features:
- Immersive recruit dialogue, bridging DAO original respective w/ TES lore
- Backstories and Follower chat in-progress
- Unique Follower framework, NO follower count

- Ride their own horse when asked, or automatically when Player mounts
- Warp to Player if they fall behind or get separated
- 'Call [Name]' power included if you get separated when Followers are actively Following
- Set their Home in any Player home, vanilla or modded (needs to have Keyword "LocTypePlayerHouse" input by the respective modder)
- Dismiss and send to certain places depending on each Follower's affinities
- Contains Hair and Eye resources, but will use your Default installed Skin.

There is also a PARTY CAMP!
Just speak to one of them while actively Following, and you're not in a town or settlement.
OR use console, cc "coc adaoPartyCamp01"

Haalfinger Stormcloak Camp
(If you take the road south from Solitude for a bit it's just off the left side, a bit downhill. He's near the quartermaster table.)
Intro and some talk complete
Voiced in impression of Steve Valentine
Future plans to integrate him into the Dawnguard

Four Shields Tavern, Dragonbridge
Leliana Features:
- Fully voiced in impression of Corinne Kempa
- Sandboxes when in "safe" locations: will use Alchemy, Enchanting, Staff Enchanting stations, Smithing, chop firewood, cook
- Combat Style:  Configurable Rogue Archer, or Rogue Dual-Wield
- Special battle spells to Rally Player and Party
- Will heal Player and/or other Followers in battle at low health (except Wynne, who heals herself)

Witchmist Grove, in Eastmarch
Morrigan Features:
- Fully voiced in impression of Claudia Black
- Sandboxes when in "safe" locations: will use Alchemy, Enchanting, Staff Enchanting stations; will not use Smithing (she's a Witch, dammit!)
- Makes potions for you on request
- When Trading items, she will NOT wear armor or helmets.  She's a witch, dammit!  But She will wear hoods.
- In battle, and as she levels up, she Shape-Shifts. FUTURE.
- - Black Wolf
- - Black Bear
- - Frostbite Spider
- - Giant Frostbite Spider
- - Spriggan
- - Spriggan Matron
- - Wispmother w/ Wisps
- - Swarm of Ice Wraiths

College of Winterhold, Hall of Countenance
Intro quest, backstory in-progress
Voiced in impression of Susan Boyd
- Will heal Player and/or other Followers in battle at low health

West of Gjukar's Monument
Location: On the road, marked "Zevran's Ambush," just south-west of Gjukar's Monument
Intro complete, backstory in-progress
Voiced in impression of Jon Curry
NOTE: I can't get his "ambush" to happen, scripting just isn't working.
So I just set his Dialogue to start after Player knocks him out (in original DAO).

Shrine of Talos (with named Map Marker)
Voiced in impression of Geraldine Blecker
Introduction complete, a few conversations & Idles
She has "auto catchup" but no riding, cuz... stone...

Mods featured in my screenshots:
Lind's Robes Vaermina | Elaborate Textiles | Anna's Four Shields Tavern

Ideas for Future Development (Brainstorming)
- Give option to help Alistair ascend to High King, or remain a soldier
- Make him member of a small sect of the Dawnguard who specialize in hunting and banishing Daedra

Solitude Winking Skeever, by the bar (where else?)
Intro and basic Following dialogue
Voiced in impression of Victoria Kruger (DA2 & DAI)

Riften Darktown (Ratway; entry is a doorway in the canal)
Intro scene like in DA2, no dialogue yet
If you have a mod that covers the door, use: cc "coc adaoClinic"
Vanilla voice, MaleCommoner, but input as a unique voice

Q: Different body mesh versions for Robe outfits?
A: Leliana's Temple Robes & Morrigan's Purple Robes use CBBE mesh. You can overwrite by creating these directories:
 - Leliana uses generic Monk Robes mesh
Copy/Paste your body mesh robes here, named: TempleRobes_f_0, TempleRobes_f_1, TempleRobesgnd
 - Morrigan uses the "Journeyman/Master Mage Robes"
MorriganRobes_0, MorriganRobes_1, MorriganHood_0, MorriganHood_1
Textures should still work fine.
Q: Why didn't I just rip the actual face models from DAO?
A: 1) Little thing called COPYRIGHT, and 2) I didn't want them to look EXACTLY like in DAO, but re-imagined as though they were always in Skyrim.


Writers: Are you a DAO fan who would like to contribute ideas for backstory, Player chats, party banter?
Basically, Party Banter will reflect the original characters' DAO personalities but apply to Skyrim events and lore.
Scripters/Debuggers: Some questy things I just couldn't make work the way I wanted, no matter how hard I tried.
I could really use some help here...
Models-Textures Artist(s) - Help with some Clothing, Outfits in Outfit Studio (body meshes & conversions)
Bug and Beta Testers: Preferably experienced and able to troubleshoot on your own
Screen Archers: For some awesome action shots and character poses!
Please send me a PM!

You might also like my Fenris Follower from DA2Fenris SSE

Voicing: Leliana, Morrigan, Shale, Wynne - Anna Castiglioni
Voice of Alistair - Sev Vocal
Voice of Zevran - Sev Vocal
Writing - Anna Castiglioni, inspired by Bioware & Bethesda
Basic Follower scripting - Anduniel
Teleport, Sandbox, Riding, other fancy scripting - Shrike
Debugging help! - Shrike
Leliana's & Morrigan's Robes re-texturing - Anna Castiglioni

Modders Resources:
Apachii Skyhairs: Isabela's bandana
KS Hairdos: Cancia, Heroine, Unchained, FontanaDiTrevi, Siamese, Anto107
The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam
Natural Eyes by Nevenbridge81
Earth Atronachs by Alanovichromanov, for stone texture
Equippable Horns: Desire Daedra's goat horns
Fores New Idles for Skyrim: Fore - help inputting the Kiss animation w/o FNIS requirement
     (and of course Zaz for making the animation!)

BodySlide & Outfit Studio: Ousnius
Adobe Photoshop

No longer used:
Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi (permission by PM)
Female Frost Atronach Replacer by JZBai, for new nif
Female Frost Atronach model resource, by Petrino, used by JZBai to create nif
Possibly May Use In Future:
Simple Outfits for Men by RefurbMadness (open permission with credit)

Other Mods In Screenshots:
Opulent Outfits (Wynne, mage robes replacer)
Immersive College of Winterhold
Eisvogal ENB

Lind's Robes - Red Robes & Vaermina Robes retextures (no longer used)

If you enjoy my mods and voice acting, please consider supporting me on Patreon!