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Prevents gaining too much experience if Sidequests of Skyrim is used together with Experience

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Originally most quest types in Sidequests of Skyrim are tagged as Side Quest. With Experience, that gives you a LOT of XP (including the objectives) that you may not want (unless you want to level twice in five minutes, filling e.g. a tempering quest, an ingredients quest and a shopping quest and more).

You have the choice of gaining no level XP at all, or to download a more balanced version with following values:

Dungeon Delving - Side Quest
Gather Ingredients - none
Delivery - None
Shopping - None
Temper - None
Shipment - None
Rescue - Side Quest
Find Lover - None
Barter - None

This mod touches only the XP gain, relationship changes and other benefits haven't been changed.

The mod files are ESL tagged and don't take space in your load order. The position doesn't matter, but of course it has to load after Sidequests of Skyrim.

This mod is safe to add or remove at any time.

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