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Fixes ELFX (Enhanced Lights and FX) compatibility problems

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I've been playing with Levelers Tower on LE for years, and was puzzled why the Battle Arena and the Great temple look so unfinished.

This patch copies the vanilla meshes changed by ELFX to be in a private directory for this mod, so the Great Temple and the Battle Arena don't look damaged anymore. In version 1.1 the Garden and Great Library are fixed too.

As I use Legacy of the Dragonborn for displays, I didn't notice before that the Display hall also needs some attention, and I just saw the missing textures in the Sitting room. (fixed in v.1.2)

Version 1.2.1 fixed the entrance of the Laboratory

Version 1.3 fixed the remaining meshes of the Library and fixed 5 more for the Mine. That should be all.

The load order for ELFX doesn't matter, but this mod has to be after LevelersTower.esp in your load order. LOOT will sort it automatically, if you don't use LOOT, put it after LevelersTower.esp manually.

If you find any other graphic oddity, please make a screenshot and let me know.

See the changelog and new pictures for what's new. Make sure you track this mod, because I'll be updating it as I notice things being less than perfect.

If you feel that Levelers Tower needs another addon, besides those I made, please let me know.

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