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Fixes changes done by texture replacers and restores the beauty of the tower

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In my new setup, I have several town texture replacers and of course LUX. To fix the meshes replaced by LUX I converted them to private meshes, only used in the tower, but then I noticed some ugly floors and walls, that had nothing to do with a mesh replacer. If you need a fix for Levelers Tower and LUX, check this out.

What may fit in Markarth doesn't always look good in the tower. So again I searched for all textures looking weird and used vanilla meshes to create private meshes with private (vanilla) textures for Levelers tower, so regardless of the look of Solitude or Markarth, the Tower will always look as intended by Willie Sea.

This IS a work in progress and I'm still looking for things that might have been beautyified by other mods, but here is my first attempt at fixing the most obvious.
If you find more textures that look out of place, please let me know where (check with the console which mesh, and let me know the area it is in) and I'll try to fix it as soon as I have time.

Make sure you track this mod, because I'll be updating it, as I notice things being less than perfect.

If you feel that Levelers Tower needs another addon, besides those I made, please let me know.

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Credits to Willie Sea for Levelers Tower