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Lucien is a fully voiced Imperial follower with over 4500 lines of immersive, lore-friendly dialogue. Though he arrives in Skyrim as a cowardly scholar, he'll gradually gain strength and confidence by your side until he grows into a hero in his own right.

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Lucien Flavius is a fully-voiced Imperial follower with over 4500 lines of immersive, lore-friendly dialogue. A scholar by trade, Lucien is visiting Skyrim on an expedition and may be found looking for a travelling companion in Dead Man's Drink, in Falkreath. Though he is something of a coward when you first meet him, with barely enough combat skill to hold a sword, he will dynamically learn from you as you travel together, gaining both strength and confidence until he grows into a hero in his own right.

Despite his initial lack of confidence, Lucien is enthusiastic and optimistic and will comment on both your location and active quests (but will stick to whispering while you're sneaking.) He has a small pool of books he can read to you out loud, and will chat to certain NPCs during normal play. He even has custom interactions with 14 other mods, including special banter scenes with InigoAuri, Kaidan and Hoth, written and recorded in collaboration with their original voice actors.

Lucien has his own follower system, so does not contribute towards your follower count. He is essential while he travels with you, although should you choose, you can kill him. He starts at level 10, but will increase in skill as he travels with you, learning both from you and by himself over time. You can also give him lessons in particular skills to accelerate his training. Initially, he knows Frostbite, Flames and Healing, though you can teach him further spells from a select pool if you have a copy of the spell tome to give him. All his spells can be toggled on and off once he has learned them should you no longer wish him to cast them. His combat style is customisable, and he can fight as a warrior, mage or archer in addition to his own default all-rounder style.


  • Over 4500 lines of fully-voiced, immersive, lore-friendly dialogue.
  • Full commentary on Skyrim's Main Quest, the College of Winterhold and Companions questlines and numerous side quests.
  • Two new quests set in a unique Dwemer ruin built by Darkend creator JKrojmal.
  • A stat-based Dynamic Personality System, where Lucien may gain or lose Approval or Bravery based on his interactions with you and the choices you make, altering his behaviour and dialogue.
  • A custom Training System where Lucien will gradually gain levels in skills you are better than him at and those relevant to his combat style, accelerated by lessons in specific skills (and spells) you can give him once per in-game day.
  • Custom combat AI allowing Lucien to use support spells like Healing Hands and Courage (once taught) and to dynamically select the best cloak spell for each battle.
  • A unique horse-riding system, unlocked by completing Lucien's personal quests.
  • A small pool of books Lucien can read to you out loud if you have them in your inventory.
  • Many customisation options such as combat style and spell-toggling, configurable through dialogue or through the MCM.
  • Interaction with 15 other mods, including full commentary on the questlines of Moonpath to Elsweyr and Moon and Star and fully-voiced banter scenes with Inigo, Hoth, Auri and more.

Check out the Flavius Chronicles - an ongoing series of prequel short stories set before Lucien's arrival in Skyrim!


  • Official Skyrim patch or greater
  • Dawnguard
  • Hearthfire
  • Dragonborn

Additionally, if you have SKSE and SkyUI, Lucien's MCM will activate, allowing you to view his stats, change his combat style and toggle his spells on and off. See the Mod Interaction section for details on other mods Lucien can interact with.


There are no mods Lucien is directly incompatible with. Lucien falls victim to an issue with Shiva's Vanilla Clothing Replacer (if you're not using the No Nails and Capes Version), where followers will always prefer Fine Clothes to armor, so I've made a patch for that available. Additionally, as he has his own custom follower system, you really shouldn't use other mods to control him. This includes follower management mods such as EFF, NFF, AFT etc., mods which "assign" NPCs a home such as MHIYH, and anything else designed to change Lucien's behaviour - much like Inigo, these are likely to break his brain!


Download the main file and any mod-interaction patches and, preferably, activate them via a mod manager such as NMM or Vortex. If you don't use a mod manager, you can extract the esp and bsa and place them in your data folder instead.


Generally speaking (though Skyrim can always throw a wobbly every now and again if it wants to), Lucien is safe to update mid-playthrough. Uninstall the old version, either with your mod manager or by deleting Lucien.esp and Lucien.bsa from your data folder. Then download and install the new version. Do NOT load up the game in between these steps i.e. without Lucien installed. This used to be called making a "clean save" and is a bad practice which will irreparably ruin your save. 


Skyrim as a rule does not support the uninstallation of a mod mid-playthrough, so I can't provide any support if doing so causes you issues. However, if you need to uninstall Lucien for whatever reason, you can do so using your mod manager or by deleting the esp and bsa from your data folder.

Mod Interaction

Lucien comes with custom interaction with a number of other mods. Most of these trigger automatically if you have the relevant mods installed. Quest and New Lands mods, however, require a patch - these are indicated with a *. This list will grow with each update, but at the moment the mods are:

For more info, visit the official Lucien website.


  • Q: Where do I find Lucien?
    A: He's waiting for you in Dead Man's Drink, in Falkreath.
  • Q: Can I marry him?
    A: I'm afraid not - the story I'm writing here is very much one of friendship. Feel free to headcanon to your heart's content, though!
  • Q: Can he ride a horse?
    A: Yes! You'll unlock it by completing Lucien's two personal quests.
  • Q: How do I start Lucien's quest?
    A: It'll happen naturally once Lucien likes you enough. Ask him if there's anywhere in particular he'd like to see and then some time later, when he's ready, it'll be sprung upon you. Once you've completed the first quest, the second one should start on its own around five in-game days after you next recruit Lucien.
  • Q: Why doesn't Lucien's level increase above 10?
    A: Lucien's training gradually increases his individual skills, but not his level. This is because recalculating an NPC's level based on their skills is a massive pain, and a considerable waste of resources if you bear in mind that a follower's level has no practical effect apart from controlling which Illusion spells work on them, and it isn't viewable in-game without the use of mods or the console.
  • Q: I modified Lucien myself and now he doesn't work anymore.
    A: I'm afraid I really can't recommend or provide support for people modifying Lucien themselves - it's simply too unpredictable and difficult to troubleshoot.
  • Q: I'm the modder/voice actor behind another custom-voiced follower mod and think it'd be cool if our followers could interact.
    A: Awesome! Send me a PM and I'd be delighted to start setting up some conversations.
  • Q: I'm a modder and I'd like to make a patch/translation that modifies Lucien in some way.
    A: That's cool. Generally speaking, I'm happy for people to make patches and translations for Lucien on the condition that they get in touch with me first and let me know what they're planning on doing. I deal with all support issues myself, and it's a real pain to help solve problems if other people have been mucking around with Lucien without my knowledge, so please make sure you get permission from me if you're going to be modifying Lucien in any way. I won't bite, I promise.
  • Q: Is this mod still being worked on?
    A: Yes, absolutely. I have no plans to stop working on Lucien at least until The Elder Scrolls VI is released, and you can watch me work on the mod live on Twitch every Thursday at 17:00 UK time.
  • Q: Will you add interactions with Legacy of the Dragonborn and/or Beyond Skyrim: Bruma?
    A: Yes, both of these are planned, but I can't give you an estimate for when they'll be ready.
  • Q: Can I request a name to add to the custom names list?
    A: Unfortunately not. I used to offer this as a Patreon perk but have been banned from doing so by the Nexus, and if I started doing requests for everyone who asked it'd take up literally all my time and Lucien would never get any other new features. Sorry!


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