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Visual Replacer for Lucien Flavius

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My mod production for Legendary Edition has ended. All further mod production will be for Special Edition, and I urge everyone to move towards that platform, as it has numerous benefits, and the focus of the community has largely shifted over to SE.

What can we say about Lucien?

He is one of the best followers to be released in years. He is one of the best followers to be released, period.
He is clever, funny, awkwardly charming, and charmingly awkward.

With the emergence of some fantastic new male textures on the Nexus, I was inspired to give my interpretation of Lucien's appearance.


Head sculpted from scratch, intending to give it my own spin while staying true to the aesthetic.
High Poly SOS body or High Poly Vanilla Body by VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow (link may be nsfw)
Dizona body textures by Letho0036, adapted to the full SOS body by my good friend Dirtnap. (link may be nsfw)

Obviously, anything which edits Lucien's appearance will not be compatible.

Install with manager of choice (MO is HIGHLY recommended, and I do not recommend manual installation of anything, ever)

Simply uninstall with manager of choice.

If you enjoy Lucien's new appearance, I would love to see your screenshots!

Side note - If you want to replace his body textures or meshes, that is fine to do manually, but I cannot guarantee that the appearance will be similar afterwards. Dizona is a true work of art, and it will be hard to find textures on the Nexus that can match it.

Dizona Body SOS Textures
Superior Lore Friendly Hair - HD Textures
Colovian Noble Clothes Replacer - Seen in screenshots

JosephRussell for Lucien - Fully Voiced Follower
LogRaam for The Eyes of Beauty
HHaleyy for the mouth textures
Hvergelmer for Beards and Brows 
Letho0036 for DB_Vanilla_SOS_Textures
Lord Dirtnap for texture conversion to full SOS
VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow and dalsio for High Poly SOS (link nsfw) and High Poly Vanilla
Smurf and VectorPlexus for original SOS

Pictures taken with Snapdragon Prime ENB