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The highly anticipated version 2 of Sofia is out now. The infamous Sofia needs little introduction as she causes trouble across Skyrim. Experience Skyrim in a whole new way with professional quality voice acting by the talented Christine Slagman (finalCrystine).

Permissions and credits
  • Ukrainian
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Hungarian
  • German
  • French


Polish / Polskie 
French / Français (v.2.03)

Turkish / Türkçe (v.2.03)
Italian / Italiano: [by Zethras] (v.2.03)
Italian / Italiano [by MaximilianPs] (v.2.03)
Japanese / 日本語 (v.2.03)
Spanish / español (v2.03)
Simplified Chinese / 简化中国 (v2.03)
Traditional Chinese / 中國傳統 (v.2.03)
Russian / русский (2.4)
Portugues / português (v2.01)

German / Deutsch (v.1.05)
Korean / 한국의 (v.1.05)

Note: Not all translations are up to date so if you wish to use a translated version of Sofia please make sure the translation matches the version of Sofia you have installed. 
All translations are unofficial so I take no responsibility over the quality or accuracy of the translations or when they are updated. Please notify me if you wish to release a translation.

A HUGE thank you for file of the month and over 5,800 endorsements in the first month alone.
Your continued support will see Sofia grow in size with plenty of new dialogue and features, including quests!

Version 2.0 is finally here!
Note: You will need to do a full reset when upgrading to 2.01, see below. Also if you get the random nudity bug just disable her sandboxing feature in her MCM menu until I properly look into it.

DO NOT use any files or patches from previous versions. Make sure if you are using an old loose files version and want to switch to the BSA version you remove all previous files otherwise they will override the new ones.

How does the relationship system work? You need to get 100 kills, clear 5 dungeons and spend 30 days with Sofia as well as get her relationship level to 100. I have made things simple for people. You will have to date her first obviously which will become available after you make significant progress with her because nobody just dives straight into marriage. How do you know when it's the right time? She will make an extremely obvious hint that is impossible to miss.

How do you teach her spells? You need to have SKSE for this feature then simply just give her a spell book.

How do I change her stats or make her killable. Use her MCM menu. This requires SkyUI which requires SKSE.

Full reset instructions
Take all your belongings from Sofia, dismiss her then make a save far away from her, then go out of the game and deactivate the esp plugin SofiaFollower.esp. Load up the same save (it will warn you of missing mods) and save again. Now go back out of the game again and reactivate the esp plugin and then load up the previous save and she will be back at the stables.

About Sofia
Sofia is a humorous and advanced fully voiced follower voiced by the talented Christine Slagman (finalCrystine). Sofia is voiced to the very highest of quality and Christine has a rather extensive list of Skyrim mod credits from Falskaar to Helgen Reborn and Interesting NPCs where she played the loveable Misha amongst others.

Sofia is fully location and quest aware (currently just the main quest and bounty quests) and will comment on the player character and her surroundings. She has her own custom dialogue system which allows for longer and more detailed dialogue.

Sofia is quite an unusual follower. She is tough, witty and just a little bit boastful. She has a strong fondness for the player character but her deliberate attempts to disguise the fact just leads to very awkward conversations especially as she usually says exactly what she thinks. Sofia is a tease and loves to wind people up which doesn’t make her very popular with people. Her rebellious spirit and careless attitude often gets her in trouble. Not to mention her constant inappropriate comments which easily offend or embarrass people.

If you give Sofia alcohol as a gift she will drink it and become physically drunk which changes all of her dialogue to also sound drunk. If you ask her to sing she will sing some familiar Skyrim tunes but with the wrong lyrics or her own new songs written by Christine. When you start riding a horse she will summon her own and start riding alongside you. You can also set her personal horse using with a spell. You can also set her dismiss location where she will hang out and do her own thing. If she falls behind then don’t worry because she will intelligently spawn behind the player character when out of view. She also has her own storage. She has an MCM menu where you can adjust adjust comment frequency and the catch up feature as well as combat settings.

Her combat style is destruction spell in one hand and a one handed weapon in the other by default but this can be changed in her MCM menu.

Sofia is growing all the time in terms of features and dialogue and she is very much in her early testing stage. She was released by popular demand but she is by no means finished as there is much more to come. There are likely to be bugs like all advanced newly released mods.

There are many future features planned including quests. You can expect more content soon.

Why not also check out this mod to further customise your Sofia Sofia Customizer
This is a mod that will help to change Sofia's appearance. I believe this will also be expanded upon to include many more customisation options in the future.

Loose Version or BSA Version
Updates for the loose version will be tiny in size due to only adding and changing what is necessary each time but will be a lot of files. Updates for BSA version will be downloading the whole mod again each time but all additional files are conveniently packaged into one. There will be a lot of updates so I would personally recommend the loose version unless you have really fast internet but it’s all about preference. Also the loose version means you can switch out the body meshes and textures to your own preferences.

How To Start
Go to the Whiterun stables, wake her up and agree to invite her along with you. Bring some clothing for her (don't worry she's not fully nude). Note: when I say the stables I mean where the horses are kept and not the building. She will be laying in the hay.

Either use a mod manager or install manually by dropping the files into "C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonskyrimData" and then make sure you activate the mod in Data Files in the Skyrim launcher or your mod manager. ALWAYS put Sofia BELOW any follower enhancement mods such as AFT, UFO and EFF in your load order.

Sofia Player Character Preset and Save
I have now added a download to make your player character look like Sofia listed under miscellaneous files in the file tab right at the bottom. You will need SKSE and Enhanced Character Edit to use this. You will also might want the appearance mods listed under used resources if you want it to look exactly like Sofia but this isn't necessary. There is also an optional save game included that starts you off where you get to explore Skyrim for the first time as Sofia. To install just follow the readme included with the file.

Winner of Gamespot's Follower of the Year 2014

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Featured on Skyrim Mods Weekly & GameSpot

John Jarvis – Creator, writer, developer, scripting.
Christine Slagman (finalCrystine) – Voice of Sofia, audio editing, additional writing, beta testing and additional help.

Christine is really talented so you should go and check out her other stuff too :)
Christine's Website

Other Cast
Josh Griffiths - Crooked Priest of Mara
Temperance10 - Whiterun Guard

Used Resources
DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
SG Female Textures Renewal by Hello Santa
Apachii Skyhair by Apachii
Apachii Skyhair Natural Re-texture by Aron
Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team
UNP Female Armors by Exeter

Follow beside player feature adapted from Followers as Companions by IsharaMeradin

You may not redistribute any part of this mod without my permission. If you want to release an edit for this mod then you must make it so that the original mod is required and inform me first.

Also thanks to anyone who has created fanfiction, fanart or any other kind of fan work of Sofia including Jack Trader's excellent Sofia fanfiction and the guy who did the fanart used on this page who wished to remain anonymous.


Make sure to update to the latest version before reporting problems!

Can I change Sofia's combat style/stats/spells/inventory and can I disable unwanted lines of dialogue?
Here is a tutorial I made on how to customise Sofia such as combat style and disable unwanted lines of dialogue.

Can I change Sofia's body type?
Yes the easiest way is by using this mod: Sofia Customizer which has an easy to use installer and also contains many other customisation options. If you like to do things the hard way or use an unsupported body type then follow the tutorial below. There is also an optional default body patch that will make Sofia use the default body that you have installed (the one on your player character)

Note: You need to manually download your preferred body and texture mods.

I dismissed Sofia but didn't set a location. Where is she?
By default she will be in the Bannered Mare (remember to check all rooms) if you haven't assigned her a dismiss location. In newer versions she will most likely be at the stables due to some issues.

I can't find Sofia!
Use her summon spell in the spell menu or tracking marker found in the quest journal under miscellaneous quests which can be toggled. If neither of these show up then it is very likely that Sofia is not installed or activated correctly in your game.

I gave Sofia alcohol and now she's glitched out.
Type stopquest jjsofiadrunk . Sofia should now be out of drunk mode.

Sofia is unresponsive/Sofia is totally bugged out and behaving crazy.
Try clicking on Sofia with the command console open in game and use the command resetai . If this doesn't work try the disable command and then enable right after. If that doesn't work and you wish to keep your save then you will need to fully reset Sofia.

Full reset instructions: Take all your belongings from Sofia (see below if you are unable to retrieve your belongings), dismiss her then make a save far away from her, then go out of the game and deactivate the esp plugin SofiaFollower.esp. Load up the same save and save again. Now go back out of the game again and reactivate the esp plugin and then load up the previous save and she will be back at the stables.

If you are unable to retrieve your belongings due to her glitched out state then open the console, click on Sofia and then use this command: "openactorcontainer 1" (without the quotes) to force her inventory to appear. To get to her storage items you will need to do "coc jjsofiastore" which will take you to a room where her storage container is kept.

Can I marry Sofia?
Yes. Get her relationship to 100 via giving her gifts and talking to her, clear 5 dungeons and get 100 kills with her present and spend 30 days with her. You should now be able to ask her to marry you via the "Can I talk to you for a bit?" dialogue option.

Do I need SKSE?
No. Only if you want to use her MCM menu although I may use SKSE for other features in future. I will always keep compatibility for those who don't use SKSE however.

Do I need any other mods?
No. Sofia is totally standalone and already has all the required files.

There are some strange square blocks in the subtitles/there are some silent lines.
This is something I am aware of so just point out the affected lines and I will correct them.

I don’t like Sofia’s dialogue/voice/this mod.
I don't care. Go make your own follower.

Is Sofia lore friendly?
She is designed to be but don’t get all anal about it if it’s not 100 percent in your eyes. Opinions will always differ.

I have a problem.
Send me a PM. Do not PM Christine with your concerns. She doesn’t deal with that side of things.

Change Log:
Fixed take all player items when changing combat style bug
Fixed CTD and script log spam
Fixed quest dialogue not triggering
Removed follow beside feature until errors are resolved

Basic outfit management system which will correct the removing clothes glitch.Marriage interaction dialogue.Full underwear mesh. No more silly beach bikiniOption to follow beside the player (from Followers as Companions mod by IsharaMeradin)Some small script optimisation tweaks.Removed the clunky message box for the marriage money system in favour of a small notification and it also only happens at a sensible moment.Fixed some broken dialogue entries.Actual finally working combat/class change in MCM menu. No silly console command workarounds required this time.Remove all spells option in MCM menu which does as it says.Reset Sofia option in MCM menu. This will reset any quests and scripts that are controlling her in case of a glitch (e.g stuck being drunk).


Upgraded follower system
Fixed relationship system
Fixed werewolf/vampire dialogue conditions
Fixed new nude bug
Removed unnecessary files from download

Marriage and relationship system
If married Sofia has the possibility of either earning or spending money
More random comments
Companions and College of Winterhold quest comments
Player vampirism and lycanthropy comments
Player clothing comments
New enemy specific combat taunts
Functioning gift system with comments
Nude Bomb special ability
Two new bard songs (one original)
Improved stability and bug fixes
Black face bug fix/optimised textures
Drastically reduced number of script files using TES5Edit hack
Adjustable stats (SkyUI users only)
Spell tome learning (SKSE users only)
Fixed the nude bug when she is dismissed
Perhaps other stuff I may have forgotten
Class selection has been disabled until a fully working alternative can be found.

Note: SKSE and SkyUI are entirely optional and are not a requirement except for the specified features.

*Added the ability to set Sofia's horse
*Added missing set dismiss location dialogue
*Sofia will now properly mount and dismount her horse
*Fixed animation glitch when drinking alcohol
*Added MCM menu change combat style & class
*Fixed broken stable introduction
*Sofia will stop combat automatically against player or followers
*Player is blocked from getting on Sofia's set horse

*A brand new song from Christine
*I need you to do something dialogue added
*Added a summon spell for Sofia
*Added a tracking marker for Sofia
*Sofia will ignore all friendly fire
*Drunk mode bugs fixed and will be forced to terminate automatically after a time so she doesn't get stuck that way
*If you wait it will count towards the time Sofia has been drunk so waiting will skip it
*Fast travelling disabled whilst Sofia is drunk and drawing your weapon will no longer affect her drunk animation
*Fixed up some of the issues to do with horse riding and she should mount and dismount a bit faster
*Sofia's horse is unaffected by all kinds of friendly fire and will flee from combat
*Sofia stables disappearance fixed

Fixed some serious CTD bugs including one which caused a CTD whilst talking to non-human NPCs such as the Augar of Dunlain (for real this time)
Added new conversation dialogue (Can I talk to for a bit)
Added the ability to disable Sofia's horse summoning and riding
Fixed the set dismiss location feature
Removed the non functioning combat options from the SKSE menu until they are done

Failed bug fix release.

Added missing audio for line about people of Whiterun
Disabled find Sofia quest
Disabled SKSE message
Disabled Clothing message
Cleaned mod with TES5Edit
Fixed spell bug