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Better proportions for some male armor/clothing meshes

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This mod simply reshapes several armor/clothing meshes to fit male anatomy a little better.

There are not a lot of tight pants in Skyrim, but the ones that do exist are a little TOO tight.

The new shapes are based roughly on the standard SOS body meshes, just because it's the body replacer I use. Compared to vanilla, they are a little more muscular. The most notable difference is bulkier legs. The vanilla bodies always had oddly wimpy-looking legs compared to their totally jacked torsos, so the proportions here are a little more consistent.
Also, speaking as somebody with male anatomy, certain outfits always looked a little uncomfortable in the uhh, crotch region... looked like it might be difficult for a dude to fit all his eggs in that basket if you know what I mean. I didn't add huge, obscene codpieces or anything, but there is at least a hint of a bulge now, to give a fella some breathing room.


As of right now the mod covers:
* Prisoner's Ragged Trousers
* Bloody version of Ragged Trousers from Dawnguard
* Dark Brotherhood's Shrouded Armor + Sleeveless variant
* Steel Plate 
* Nightingale
* Iron (light/heavy)
* Thieves Guild (all versions)
* Bonemold (light/medium/heavy)
* Barkeeper
* Beggar
* Chef
* Merchant
* Miner
* Monk / Necromancer

If anybody has other requests I'll consider it!

The guy in the screenshots is set to weight 50.
(He is a minor character you can find in my Misty Skye mod.)

This is one of those mods that wasn't really made for sharing; I made it cause something was bugging me and decided I might as well.
That means I probably won't update it a lot...

The Fine Print:
I used USLEEP's improved meshes for the Dark Brotherhood armor, vanilla meshes for everything else. 
Sculpting was done in Outfit Studio.

No added polygons; slight jaggedness may occur.

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