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A visual overhaul of 85 female NPCs.

Permissions and credits
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An NPC overhaul with the goal to enhance some of the female NPCs while staying true to their original character. The key word here being enhance - not beautify. Some will be beautiful, others will look plain but still greatly improved from their vanilla look.

This mod is lightweight and uses the skin and body mods you have installed. I made these characters to go with the bijin skin and I highly recommend it, but it can of course be used with whatever skin texture mod you want. Below is a comparison image of the same character in three different skins to demonstrate how big of an impact your chosen skin has.


This mod is technically incompatible with any mod that edits the same NPCs but can still be used together with most NPC overhauls. I purposefully avoided any NPCs covered by the Bijin series and Kalilies NPCs, so that they could be used together without overlaps. 

Install using a mod manager of your choice. Manual installation is not recommended as the mod comes with a fomod installer. No mods or DLCs are required.

Q: Help, the faces are messed up/I have the blackface bug/the heads are bald!
A: Rearrange your load order, put this mod near the bottom, or reinstall. Take a look at your load order to see if any of your other mods might be incompatible with this one. Feel free to ask for help in the comments, but please save us both some time and do some troubleshooting on your own first!

Q: Can you add/change/remove something?
A: Not unless there is an actual problem with my mod. This is my vision and I'm happy with it. I will absolutely not make any special versions for strangers on the internet. It's a lot more work than you realise, and if you aren't happy with what's provided by the community for free and you still want more customisation, you need to learn the basics of tools like xEdit and nifskope.

Q: I don't like how some of them look.
A: You can safely remove any NPC you don't want in xEdit (don't forget to also delete their facegen files!) or avoid this mod altogether. 

Q: This NPC is naked!
A: That happens if you install this mod on an existing save due to a few NPC outfits being changed. It's easily fixed by opening the console, targeting the naked NPC and using the resetinventory command. To avoid this "problem" entirely, install this before starting a new playthrough.

Q: Are the outfits included/What are they wearing?
A: No outfits are included. Most NPCs in my screenshots use either vanilla outfits (or modded versions of them) or armor from Apachii Divine Elegance Store. If you are curious about a specific outfit, feel free to ask in the comments.

Q: The NPCs don't look like in your pictures!
A: I get comments like this a lot, and 9/10 times it's related to the skin texture mod - or lack thereof. This mod does not come with its own skin textures, instead it will use what you have installed. Your ENB will greatly affect how characters look too. 

Q: Is this mod compatible with (insert body mod here)?
A: Yes, this mod only edits NPCs from the neck up.

Q: Why didn't you do this NPC?
A: I aimed to cover characters that were still vanilla in most peoples games. I asked the community to suggest NPCs for this mod and I actively chose characters that hadn't been covered by the bijin series, and later also Kalilies NPCs. 

Q: Can I request an NPC?
A: Not anymore - I consider this mod finished and won't be adding any more NPCs.

Full NPC list with names and IDs here

RaceMenu by expired
KS Hairdos Renewal by kalilies, stealthic khaos & shocky
Northborn Scars by northborn
Brows by hvergelmir
Maevan2's Eye Brows by maevan2
Female Makeup Suite by domainwolf
Skin Feature Overlays by domainwolf
Vanilla Warpaints Absolution by domainwolf
Vanilla Makeup HD by domainwolf
Weathered Nordic Bodypaint by domainwolf
Enhanced Female Head Mesh by domainwolf
Eyes of Beauty by lograam
Natural Eyes by nevenbridge
Improved Eye Reflections and Cube Map by fadingsignal
Fair Skin Complexion by hhaley
Bijin Skin by rxkx22
Mature Skin by maevan2
FreckleMania 2 by tetrodoxin

(and more - currently updating this list!)
Please support these amazing modders by downloading and endorsing their work!

Kevin Quealy
Syrupy Stanza
and my other amazing patrons who make these mods happen, you guys are the best.

Chickmetalhead for testing, advice and v1.3 patches
Aeloyis for v1.3 fixed eye meshes
Sattyre for v1.4 USLEEP patch
Evgirunslaad for nifskope help

Here I have compiled a huge list of NPC overhauls, and here you can find the overhauls I personally use in my own game.

Read all about my mod permissions on my profile.