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Natural realistic eyes textures replacement. This mod is for who wants better eyes with more natural gradients. I have used real photos, recolored em and worked a lot with shadows.

Permissions and credits
You are free to edit, reupload, convert, use any part of this mod so no need to ask. ppl dont like to read the permission tab i guess. Just dont upload it on steam, i dont like the "big fish eats the small fish" proverb and i will be glad if you credit me

Update 1.4
- New eyes for vampires and werewolf
- Several minor tweaks

Update 1.3
- New eyes for dark elves and orcs. They are more dark now. Let me know if you prefer the old eyes for these two races
- Added an optional pack for high and wood elves. These eyes have more similar colors and brightness to the bethesda original ones. Install them after the main file overriding my mod original files

Update 1.2
- New eyes for khajiits
- Added two optional packs that will replace human bloodshoot eyes. One with red and violet elven eyes and another with amber and orange dragonian eyes. Install them after the main file overriding my mod original files
- If you have a female human vampire and your eyes are hazel-brown download this fix

Update 1.1
- Corrected a wrong path with 2 argonian files.
- Completely new eyes for argonians! They are better than human ones!

I dont like oversaturated eyes and how bethesda made elves and orcs ones. I tried to make eyes with natural colors and shapes (when possible, khajiits and argonians are another story) and added shadows to make them more real. I tried differents other eyes mods but nothing i liked. These are no superman, naruto or alien eyes, only more realistic eyes.

Unzip the file inside your Skyrim folder. If you want to change the eyes of your current character, open the console and enter the command "/showracemenu". This will let you change your eyes :)