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A set of eyebrows that replaces the vanilla ones and/or comes as a standalone mod that adds additional eye brows

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V1.1 Uploaded
  • Add some more version
  • You can now choose between a pure black version and one that changes the colors of the brows depending on the hair color

This mod contains two different versions: one that replaces the vanilla textures or any other textures that have been already used to replace them. And a standalone version that adds new eyebrows without touching any existing ones. The shape of the brows is very similar to the vanilla ones.

In V1.0 the standalone version contains only the same set of textures as the replacer version but additional brows might be added in the future.

It also comes in three qualities:

  • High: Uncompressed 2048x1024 resulting in about 10MB for each texture. So this is rather overkill for everyday gaming unless you can afford it. But if you can then why not? Unused VRAM is wasted VRAM
  • Medium: Compressed 1024x512 resulting in about 670KB for each texture. Not much worse than the "high" version- This is the recommended version for everyday gaming for most people
  • Low: Compressed 512x256 resulting in about 170KB for each texture. Noticeable worse than the medium version but still good enough for gaming. But closeups suffer from the low resolution.