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An extension of the original Khajiit Speak mod to many popular content mods.

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Bright moons to you, thrice-honoured friends.

If you are playing a Khajiit in Skyrim, then you have most likely already heard of Khajiit Speak by mjharper and may even be using it. It’s an excellent mod that rewrites all of the base game (and some mods’) player dialogue to sound more like how Khajiit would talk and brings some much needed snark and humour to the game, as well.

However, it does not cover a lot of mods and it’s awfully jarring when you start a new quest or talk to new NPCs, only to suddenly speak like an Imperial again.

This is where this mod comes in. 

Khajiit Speak Extended is a collection of dialogue patches for popular mods that have not been covered by the original Khajiit Speak yet. This ranges anywhere from dungeon mods with short quests attached, newly added NPCs and larger, DLC-sized content mods. My end goal is to cover as many mods as possible and to offer the most complete Khajiit Speak experience as I can.

While I am no mjharper, I have done my best to capture the typical, somewhat whimsical feel of the Khajiiti dialect. My patches are not simple third-person rewrites - a lot of the lines include nods to the Khajiiti history, culture and religion along with some humour, sarcasm and even prejudices and insults where appropriate. I’ve also sprinkled in some Ta’agra (their native language) words and phrases, but these are used sparingly. As a result, our player character is no longer such a generic blank slate but still has plenty of choices. They are just more expressive and opinionated about them.

I hope you will enjoy these patches as much as I enjoyed creating them. :)

Fusozay var var.

Version for Special Edition available HERE.

Supported mods:


Coming soon…ish (depending on the size of the mod, of course):


Q: Can you make it so that the mod automatically detects whether I’m a Khajiit and only then applies the changed dialogue?
Probably not, sorry, as this does not seem to be possible. In theory I could hang conditions on player dialogue … but this would have to be done for every. Single. Line. Of dialogue. In CK. Which needs an eternity to open a single window and then crashes randomly when that’s least welcomed. Thanks, but I want to keep at least a sliver of my sanity. 

Something may be possible with SKSE and MCM, but don’t get your hopes up. Dialogue is not really something you can switch on and off dynamically. At least to my knowledge.

If you want to play as another race, then simply uncheck or uninstall this mod (ignore the warning the game will spit at you the next time you run it - it’s harmless). The mod only edits player dialogue, so it shouldn’t explode your computer if you remove it on an existing save (otherwise, you really shouldn’t remove mods mid-playthrough). You can always roll an adopted or a racially confused Orc, though - it would make for a very funny game, I think. :D

Q: I found a strangely formed sentence/weird dialogue/strange <Alias> words!
Feel free to submit a bug. But please, be as specific as possible - tell me the exact line of dialogue or better yet, take a screenshot. There are hundreds of lines I’ve rewritten and thorough testing is downright impossible, at least if I wanted to release these patches sometime this decade. If you find any stupidity like this, tell me and I’ll correct it for the next update.

Q: What are those strange words I see sometimes? Stuff like “fusozay” and so on?
This is Ta’agra, the Khajiit native language. I’ve sprinkled a few of its words here and there, just for added flavour (or insults to annoying NPCs). Even if you don’t understand it you should be able to get the general idea from the context - sentences preceding or following these words usually say much the same. 

You can find more on Ta’agra HERE.

Q. How close to the original dialogue are you staying?
As close as possible, I’d like to think. I did not just rewrite the dialogue to be in third person, though - that would be incredibly boring and Khajiit do not wish to be boring, no? You will find references to their culture, history, myths, humorous quips, snark and even prejudice where appropriate, and a Ta’agra word or phrase here and there. Much like the original Khajiit Speak, my patches add some personality to your character. This may not be to everyone’s liking, of course, but no worries - if there are dialogue choices, they are still the same, just phrased a little differently. 

Q: Where are you getting all this stuff on Khajiit?
Internet. :P

In all seriousness, the best sources for official lore are Imperial Library and UESP wiki. For unofficial stuff you can look at r/teslore subreddit, Tamriel Vault and Dark Creations forums.  

Q: Can I make a request?
Sure. Take a look at the description page for what’s already been done and what’s planned first, though.

Q: There are so many plugins! Can I merge them?
Yes, it’s perfectly safe to do so. Recommended, even. Use the Merge Plugins tool.

I am not offering merged patches myself because there are way too many variations and I cannot anticipate what combinations of mods users will have installed. Please, understand.

Q: I installed your patches and now I crash at Bethesda intro screen! You broke my game!
No. These patches cannot crash your game as long as you meet their requirements.

Ergo, you’re missing a master for a patch you installed. Read, please. Don’t just blindly install everything. If a patch says it’s for Clockwork and you don’t have Clockwork installed but install that patch anyway … then you’ll obviously CTD the moment you launch your game.  

  • Skyrim (obviously)
  • original Khajiit Speak (this is technically NOT required but it makes no sense not to use it, at least for the base game)
  • any supported mod you want to use and its requirements

Download and install with your mod manager of choice (I recommend Mod Organizer). Patches in this mod are bundled within FOMOD installer, so just follow its steps and choose what you want.

Huge thanks to Alex Cain (the voice of Mar’so and Ja’zhan Jr in VIGILANT Voiced, among others) and aFjallvarg (roleplays as Do'varshi on reddit) for proofreading my writing, their insight and additional suggestions and ideas. You guys are awesome!

Additional credits and thanks to:

  • Bethesda for obvious reasons even if we like to complain about them.
  • mjharper for the idea that started it all and the original Khajiit Speak mod.
  • All of the mod authors I’ve made plugins for (or am still making them) for creating so many great mods.
  • ElminsterAU, Hlp, Zilav and Sharlikran for xEdit and saving my sanity because Creation Kit sometimes makes me want to worship Sheogorath and sell my soul to Clavicus Vile just so it would freaking *stop* crashing.
  • All of you who download and leave some feedback and/or endorse. It means the world to me.

Note on permissions: All of the mod authors were asked for permission to Khajiitify their mods. While I heard from most of them (and all agreed with my request), some have yet to reply - in the event that they do not agree with a potentially already available patch, that patch will be removed. The same goes for this collection as a whole - if mjharper returns to Nexus and disagrees with my work here, it will be taken down.