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NPCs with more extensive dialogue and role play choices.

Over 250+ fully voiced NPCs, 25+ followers, 15+ marriage NPCs, and 50+ quests.

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Interesting NPCs is a project to add color and life to Skyrim through three-dimensional characters. Each NPC is integrated into the world, with a backstory and an extensive dialogue tree to explore. Many of these characters are fully voiced by a talented team of over 80 voice actors. The dialogue choices allow you to role-play, providing humor and depth to each conversation. You can be a jerk or a jester, a white knight or an assassin, as the most important character is you.

Originally, the goal was to expand 8 followers to include commentary on every quest and location in the game, including bonus conversations during or after major questlines. Currently, these followers, whom I have dubbed "Super Followers" because they fly and wear capes, have approximately 1000+ lines each. It may be unrealistic to meet this goal, however, as actor interest in performing slave labor can ebb and flow, and even a dozen new lines can often take months to get recorded.

As the mod will likely continue to make future additions and improvements, it can still be classified as a WIP, but the existing content should see very little change.



Special thanks to everyone who helped build this project. I still remember when it was just a couple NPCs hanging out in one place like a wax museum. Thanks to all the actors, composers, testers, blog contributors, and users who helped support the mod along the way. I've said my thanks once before, but I really can't stress it enough, without everyone's contribution none of this would be possible.

[size=15px]F E A T U R E S[/size]
• 250+ Voiced NPCs
• 50+ Quests
• 25+ Followers with Location Based Commentary
• 15+ Marriage NPCs
• For better control of which NPCs are in your game, non Quest-NPCs can have their base dialogue removed via "setstage DialogueNPCNAME 500" console command. Some quests have different names like "KavaldDialogue," so if it doesn't work type "HELP NPCname" in the console to find the appropriate quest name. This will turn them into vanilla clutter.
• Unvoiced/Unfinished Dialogue can be enabled via the console by "setstage 3dnpcenable 1"

[size=15px]T R A I L E R[/size]
This video highlights just a small portion of the features in this mod, including voice acting, followers with unique commentary, interconnected NPCs, unexpected encounters, bard music, and player role playing choices. This represents just a fraction of the overall content in Interesting NPCs.

A Note on the Development Cycle of this Mod:

For those who are unaware, I began with zero modding experience. There are New Year's resolutions older than my scripting powers. This has profoundly altered many aspects of the mod in the following ways:

Quests Prerequisites
Many quests expand on existing NPCs, and work under the presumption that you have met them. If I knew how to make quests from the beginning, I obviously would have tried to introduce more NPCs as part of a quest. Nevertheless, even now there are factors that force me to use prerequisites. Often times vanilla dungeons or quests have to be cleared to ensure no conflicts. The official wiki lists the requirement to start each quest.

[size=15px]I N S T A L L A T I O N[/size]

Manual installation is simple. Download the main version and drag and drop the contents into your Data folder. If your download interrupts, try the torrent on the blog or the mirror links.


Extract the files, drag and drop to overwrite everything.

However, when using NMM, it is important to note that the software may uninstall the old version instead of overwriting. To quote Starfis - When NMM says that a different version has been detected and if you want to upgrade - select NO. Then click YES for all files or YES to mod when overwriting. Others have said NMM does not work well with larger mods, so Christian Gaughf has kindly provided some detailed instructions for how to download this mod manually and still use NMM to install:

- Download the mod manually if NMM doesn’t work.
- Open NMM and click the “Add Mod from File” button located in your Mods tab.
- Select the 3DNPC 7zip file and click open. This may take some time.
- Once the load is complete, simply activate 3DNPC. This too may take some time.


The mod should be safe to uninstall via NMM or simple deletion of the esp, BSA and loose files such as the sound folders and textures such as the Mogo's Mead labels. The mod is at its heart extremely simple, the size is mostly due to audio files. As with all mods, some things may linger in your save.

Starfis has also provided this handy list of things to do when uninstalling:

1. Dismiss all followers from this mod if you have any
2. Go to the location without any NPCs
3. Make a save to the new slot (just for sure, if something goes wrong), and uninstall the mod through NMM.
4. Possibly recreate all your patches like Bashed patch, Dual Sheath Redux patch, Merged patch, ReProcer patch... so any of these esps which could be dependent on this file can't cause any problems, or CTDs.


For a list of people who have contributed to this mod, please click on the Readme tab above.


There are separate discussion threads under the Forums tab where you can read up on compatibility, request a patch and other things.


Everyone who has helped raise this project from skeleton to zombie to the fleshy blob it is now. Every referred actor, every bug report, every audio or writing sample(even the ones that didn't pan out), every encouraging word and funny email and space-ward pointed thumb has helped make this a better mod and a joy to make. You know who you are, and thanks.