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Go to school! Pay exorbitant fees to be mocked! Actually be a master at something magic-related before becoming Arch-Mage!

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Version 5.61 - Fixes! But not professional fixes. My checks to see if the player had finished mastering the various schools were clearly not working. I'm still looking into that. In the meantime, 5.6 simply removes the checks. This means that you actually WILL become Archmage at the end of the College storyline even if you haven't mastered something. But, if you want to play along with the intent of this mod, speak to Tolfdir about getting the key to the Archmage rooms and go back to him once you actually HAVE mastered something.

Also, in order to make these changes only once, I have separated the voice files into their own downloads. You can still use your favorite mod manager with them! (In theory - it is giving me a "server unreachable" error when I try to download one using NMM. Not sure why. Download it manually for now). Say "no" to the "upgrade?" message, then let them overwrite whatever they want (although I don't think they will actually overwrite anything). Only download one! Not 100% sure if this will cause weirdness, so let me know.

With apologies to the six people who downloaded 5.6, I completely forgot about the bug fixes. The
 Restoration bug has been found and squashed. Also,Alteration should now advance properly. Thanks to those who pointed these out. :)

Mod Description:

Ever gone to Winterhold to do the Mage quests and then find yourself wondering how it's possible that someone who has been part of the school for all of a week and has no magical skills above Apprentice can become Archmage?

Me too.

This mod aims to fix that. You will go to the college, meet your instructor, and work your way to archmage-dom.
Upon entering the college in Winterhold you will meet Jordan Mhoram hanging out around the entrance to the Hall of Elements at the end of the bridge leading to the college. Speak to him and he will charge you insanely exorbitant fees to take his classes. Upon payment he will provide you with books. As you progress in your spell abilities, you will be able to go back and speak to him again to start the next "semester". Once you have reached Expert level, he will direct you to the various masters of their individual schools in order to do the Master level quests.

You can specialize in one school of magic. As long as at least one of the schools has reached the next higher skill level, you can go back to Mhoram for more books. You can go to Mhoram for your Master level spells once one of your skills reaches 90. He will send you on to the Masters of the individual schools of magic at that point.

The end of each semester will include a short series of message boxes that will talk about the previous year and what is to come in the future. Rudimentary, and not as cool as cut scenes, but i think they do a pretty good job of adding to the feeling of time having gone by.

This mod is linked to the Vanilla College of Winterhold quests. You will not be able to progress without first gaining appropriate skills.*

The break points are these:
You can go to Saarthal immediately. In fact, your instructor will tell you to do so before giving you your first books.

Once you have reached Apprentice level in at least one school of magic, you will be able to do Hitting the Books and Good Intentions. 

Once Ancano starts going crazy, you won't need to advance a stage until everything is done. Instead, the Adept requirement has been moved to just before Ancano makes you meet the Psijic Order.

Once the College of Winterhold questline is over, you won't be able to become Archmage until you have completed at least one of the Masters Rituals. Okay, this part isn't technically true right now. Play along! It's more fun! Plus, it's the only way to get this mod to complete!

You can approach many people in the college and receive one tutoring lesson from them. It will advance one skill by one level.

Now (mostly) fully voiced! Twice!

There are two different voiced versions of this mod. What happened was this: I requisitioned a voice actor, but he had health and equipment troubles and was unable to complete the job. So I went onto the voice actor's forum and found a sample by Musetrigger that I quite liked. Once he agreed to the job, I sent him the script.

While I was waiting, Connorchamp approached and offered his services. I sent a pm to Muse but did not hear back in a few days (he's a busy guy!), so I told Connor to go ahead. Not many days later,  I received samples from BOTH of them, and both said they were nearly done. A conundrum - I didn't want either to feel his work was wasted. So I thanked them both. Very soon afterwards, both came through with final products. They are very different from each other, which is awesome. I have provided samples so you can choose which you prefer.

tl;dr - I am an impatient idiot, but now there are two excellent voiced versions to choose between. Huge thanks and apologies to both.

Patch! If you have Perkus Maximus, grab the patch by SoundofDrums so you get the correct spells. Thanks, SoD! Hmm...that doesn't reduce to a very complimentary acronym... 

Blatant advertisement!!
Highly recommended companion mod:
College of Winterhold Entry Requirements by TorchicBlaziken 

Faralda will really test your abilities to gain entry, instead of letting just any old fool who can make a magelight into the college. Fully voiced from Skyrim's secret "no time to finish the game properly, just cut stuff and ship it" storage bunker!

It might conflict with mods that edit the Vanilla mage questline, if any such mod exists.

Not a mod conflict, but if you set a school of magic to Legendary, it will make the skill level 15 and this mod will not recognize that it isn't a Novice level skill.

Note: I have Immersive Winterhold College and it works just fine.

Updating instructions:
I recommend deleting the old version and installing on a clean save (in as much as such a thing exists) at the very least. 

What is coming much much later:
Ever wondered how you could become a bard without actually touching a single instrument? ;)