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Brynjolf of the Thieves Guild will finally talk to you after you complete the Nightingale quests

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Brynjolf has Time for You!
This is the rebuilt version of the Beta mod on Steam.
The purpose of the mod is to continue where Bethesda left off in the Thieves Guild quests, specifically your ability to interact with Brynjolf.  No more" "sorry Lass/Lad.."  Now, at last, Brynjolf has time for you.  It is a dialogue quest adding fully-voiced, organic conversation between you and your favourite Bully-boy.

Brynjolf will become a Follower, a Lover or both (and of course, his  door swings both ways).  You will receive a player room, through dialogue. As Brynjolf is neither on the vanilla Marriage or Follower engine, many Players have used ilhe's "Friendly Brynjolf" in the testing, with interesting results. You may also employ Brynjolf as part of a team.

and the Vault:

As Guild Master, you may now ask Delvin to open the Vault.  Here you can refill all the empty chests via the 'offering bowl' beneath Nocturnal's banner.  He will comment as you refill the chest, as will Brynjolf.  I highly recommend a fabulous mod called "Following Mercer: A Thieves Guild Quest" by MaryPele, that sends you through several challenging dungeons to reclaim the guild's lost wealth. 

(Issues:  If the vault is lying open, close the door then ask Delvin to unlock it.  This a) gets it locked and b) sets Nocturnal's Offertory bowl .)

Required: Unofficial Skyrim patch
Skyrim Version 1.9 or greater, plus the Update.
Highly recommended:
Cleaned with TESEdit
NO DLCs are required for this Mod, but if you are running them, then either install the rest of the Unofficial Patches:  Unofficial Dragonborn Patch, UnofficialHearthfires Patch, and Unofficial Dawnguard Patch OR install USLEEP, which combines all these patches together and saves you from having so many esp files.
NOTE on starting a New Game: 
The BETA required a New Game, but you should be able to add this version at any point in a game.  The dialogue will appear once you have completed "Darkness Returns", i.e. returned the skeleton key and chosen your Nightingale power.  However, some Players have reported having to wait until "Under New Management" is complete. The dialogue indicates you are the Guild Master. If you are not seeing the dialogue, use this mod in your next new game.

Note: This mod does not include sex-animation :  this is the dialogue; please use with yourfavourite action mod. And, though not obscene, it is intended for adults.

This mod works well with
Following Mercer: A Thieves Guild Quest;
Rune and Sapphire as Followers
Become a Bard (so far, so good)
Mulitple Followers Lite (seems okay too)
Unique follower characters like Inigo and Benjamin Doon
Follower Commentary Overhaul
Immersive patrols
RDO seems fine now 
ilhe's "Friendly Brynjolf" (Some Player have used this classic with interesting results.  Try it out!)
Know Conflicts:
Follower mods can conflict, such as"CONVENIENT HORSES". 
Any mod that changes the CISTERN ROOM or the THIEVES themselves will conflict.

such as:
Thieves Guild Former Glory
Thank You!

I was able to provided the dialogue for the quests by re-cutting Robin Atkin Downes excellent voice work.
Thank you
"Voice File Reference Tool" by Belethor'sGeneral Goods",
"Unfuzer" and the
"BSA Browser", available with Bethesda's FallOut. 

And inspirationally, thank you to Rider and her story "Of Kings and Thieves"

And a Heartfelt THANK YOU to the BETA testers and every Player who gave me feedback on the mod, especially:
Rider, Jo_Cash, denstat,  Antares, LillyBears and ashamrock4u.
Thank you immensely, for your kind endorsements.