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An Overhaul of the Dialogue for Serana. This includes: Bug fixes, Custom Dialogue Branches, More Radiant Dialogue and Expansion into Hearthfire and Dragonborn (Redux Phase).

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Polish

As of January 15th 2018, this mod finally hit the top 1000 most endorsed mods of all time for the first time! Thank you everyone!

March 12, 2018: Version 0.6RBeta is up! This one adds the first part of the Relationship Mechanic where if players reach the admire status with Serana, they will get some dialogue with Serana. The next update will have the dialogue despise status and I will add the dialogue if the player allowed Serana to bite the player or soul trap the player in the Chasing Echoes Questline.

There will be one more beta version of the mod (0.7RBeta) before I do the full 0.8 release of the mod on Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition. The first reason behind this (as 0.6RBeta was supposed to be the final beta) is because of the incident of forcegreets made me a bit more careful and I want a bit more beta testing before full release.

The other reason is purely selfish (and I freely admit it). I don't ask for donations or anything of the sort as I want the mod to remain free creatively and for everyone. But when I first released this mod, this mod missed the hot files and it took quite a while for this file to make mod of the month (placing only second). This time around, when the mod is released for SSE on the nexus, I want kind of want to make the hot files and place first on file of the month. I want a clean month for the mod and not knock off mods that are already on there. Again, I don't beg for donations, but I would like this mod to be recognized.

So, the official updated schedule of the next few releases will go as follows:

March 25: Version 0.7RBeta
April 1: Version 0.8 on here, SSE and Xbox One (via Bethesda.net)
April 22 (Scheduled): Version 0.9 (Hearthfire)
May 27 (Scheduled): Version 1.0 (Dragonborn)
June 17 (Scheduled): Version 1.1 (Boethiah's Calling and The House of Horrors)

The last three updates are marked as scheduled so it can be released earlier or later based on any issues I may run into or being able to finish early.
As a reminder, Version 0.6RBeta is a BETA VERSION OF THE MOD!!!! It has features activated for debugging purposes. Make a safe save when using this. User your main game save at your own risk.

What does this mod do?
This mod modifies, fixes and expands Serana's dialogue. The additional dialogues for Serana are fully voiced - utilizing Serana's dialogue pool. The Serana's dialogue expansion goes into Dragonborn and Hearthfire.

Mod Requirements (Redux Version)
-Dawnguard DLC
-Hearthfire DLC
-Dragonborn DLC
-Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch (As of 0.33RBeta and beyond)

Mod Requirements (Old Version)
-Dawnguard DLC
-Hearthfire DLC (Non-Hearthfire Edition Available)
-Dragonborn DLC


VERSION: 0.6RBeta (Redux Edition)/0.81 (Old Edition)

Differences from the Previous Version (v0.3R)
-Serana Dialogue Edit will now require the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch.
-The Relationship Mechanic is now active with Serana.
-The Rememberance Mechanic is now active with Serana.
-Relationship Requirements for some of Serana's Dialogues has been changed.
-The thresholds for the Relationship Mechanic is changed as follows:
-Serana will Tolerate the Player at -49 to +49.
-Serana will Admire the Player at +50 to +99.
-Serana will Idolize the Player at +100 to +200.
-Serana will Despise the Player at -50 to -99.
-Serana will Condemn the Player at -100 to -200.
-The Relationship Mechanic will now be capped between -200 to +200.
-Relationship Mechanic in dialogue choices in the Dawnguard Questline have been added.
-Relationship Mechanic in Serana's Vanilla Mental Model have been added.
-Custom Dialogue in Bloodlines, Prophet (Hunter), Prophet (Vampire), Unseen Visions, Touching the Sky and Kindred Judgment have been added.
-One Additional Dialogue has been added if the player is naked and Serana Admire's the Player (and the Player is Male).
-Some of Serana's Sun Complaining Dialogue had it's hours change so it can occur when there is actual sun out.
-Some scripts have been added to some dialogue choices to lock out the relationship mechanic if the player makes the other choice (to prevent abuse as some dialogue trees do not lock out when completing the tree).
-Serana's Marriage Dialogue has been tweaked to reflect the Relationship Mechanic.
-Upon reaching Admire Status with Serana (via Relationship Mechanic), Serana will have dialogue for the player.

How to install the mod?
If installing from NMM, just click on the mod and let NMM install it. If installing manually, just take the .bsa and .esp files and put them in the data folder for Skyrim. Nothing special. If installing manually, just make sure that the mod is activated in the Data Files when opening Skyrim. If using a previous version of this mod, remove the two files (either through NMN or manual), download the latest version of this mod and install.

What are the differences between the three different editions of the mod? (Not applicable with Redux version currently)
-The All-in-One installer uses FOMOD for NMM and contains both Hearthfire and non-Hearthfire editions of the mod. There is no difference between this and the separate files. This was done in case people don't use NMM for their mods.
-The Hearthfire edition is suited for those who use the Hearthfire mod.
-The non-Hearthfire edition is suited for those who don't use the Hearthfire mod.

What is the reason for making this mod?
It started off with fixing a few lines that I felt made Serana a very flat NPC that showed obvious signs that she was rushed by Bethesda. It soon spiraled into the monster that it is today. Mostly, this was meant to be my way of entering into the modding community and learn about the Creation Kit and modding.

What changes does this mod make?
Read the official README of the mod in the README section of the mod page.

Issues with the mod
Read the sticky dedicated to this on the comments section of the mod page.

Does this mod conflict with the 'X' mod?
Read the sticky dedicated to this on the comments section of the mod page.

Any future plans for this mod?
I will primarily be focusing on the redux edition of the mod. A lot of updates will for the redux edition will mostly be re-implementations for awhile, with some new features mixed in the process. Once the redux edition meets or surpasses the old version 0.81 in terms of what it contains, I will update this section.