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Moonshimmer Mine introduces a medium-sized dungeon: Moonshimmer Mine & Athurhumz' Tomb. Adding about 30 minutes of gameplay, it takes the player on an adventure through an recently abandoned mine and unearthed Dwemer ruins. Will you stand against the plans of Thalmor agents?

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  • French
Aosana has kindly ported Moonshimmer Mine to SSE - CLICK HERE

Moonshimmer Mine is a medium-sized dungeon that adds about 30 minutes of gameplay. It is located between East March and The Rift (here).

The story revolves around a recently unearthed tomb of a Dwemer war hero, found within the Moonshimmer Mine. Thalmor emissaries have their plans for the discovery, and ordered an immediate abandonment of the place. Deserted mine fell into hands of bandits, who would also like to get their hands on a treasure. Will you step into the Moonshimmer Mine?

Due to involvement of Dwemer automatons and Thalmor agents, this adventure is recommended for characters of level 12 or above.

15/09/26 - Updated to version 0.9.3. Athurhumz' Blade has received a remodel.

15/09/21 - User Jack9807 made a Russian translation, woo! Round of applause! You can find it either here or in the files section. Note: main version of the mod and the translated one might differ.

15/09/19 - Updated to version 0.9.2, fixing some issues.

15/09/15 - Updated to version 0.9.1. See the changelog for details. Note - this version has not been thoroughly tested. Should I receive many bug reports, I will mark the old version as a main file.

15/09/13 - I am working on the remodel of Athurhumz' Blade. You can have a look at Sketchfab. I'm expecting to finish the sword and scabbard within a week and release with minor fixes as a 1.0.0 release.

I recommend using Nexus Mod Manager. If you wish to install the mod manually, put the .esp and .bsa files into your Skyrim/Data/ folder.

Moonshimmer Mine does not require any DLC or other mods. It should run without SKSE. (I've developed the mod with SKSE installed, but there are no dependencies as far as I am aware. You can find SKSE at
If you have any issues, send me a message.

If you run music mods, there might be dungeon music playing in taverns after clearing the dungeon. People reported issues when playing with Creepy Dungeon Music and Fantasy Soundtrack Project. User pressure68/Ferethis has posted a fix here on /r/skyrimmods/. Thanks!

There should be no compatibility issues with other mods, unless given mod uses the same Wilderness cells that I do. Again, if you have any issues, send me a message.

This mod is intended to be an entry for r/SkyrimMods dungeon competition. Please bear in mind that this is my very first skyrim mod ever, and even though I've put around 250 hours in developing this, there still might be some issues.

Don't hesitate to comment, discuss, criticize, or point at bugs. If you liked the mod, endorse!

This mod was designed to be lore-friendly, or even lore-inspired.

The mod was designed and developed solely by me, Igor "Ankhe" Sapijaszko. (Sadly, this username was taken, and I had to register under AnkeAnke. If this user reads this message: damn, man. Damn.)
Athurhumz' Blade was modelled and textured by me. Thalmor tent uses a vanilla imperial tent mesh and my texture. I have not used anyone else's assets, but in the extremely unlikely case I have mistakenly done so (like... scripts? idk), please send me a message immediately.

As of now, dialogues are not voiced. Sorry. Please, play with subtitles on. I love Skyrim's background dialogues between characters, it is a great method of exposition. There are two, that is: between the bandits in the first large cave, and between the bandits in the room with eggs (you will know that this is the room with eggs), so even though there is no sound, there still are subtitles.
I should probably proofread the dialogues one more time.

If you do not want to search for the mine, but still would like to give it a try, you can use command "coc moonshimmermineexterior02" to teleport nearby.

0.9.3 - 15/09/26 - beta
  • Turns out I hadn't actually fixed the navmesh. I have now.
  • Athurhumz' Blade has received an update. There are minor issues with smoothing groups of the scabbard. To be fairly honest, I have no clue how to fix those. The model works great everywhere prior to importing to NifSkope. However, the issue shouldn't be noticable unless you will rotate the camera around the character. It does not affect standard gameplay.
  • There might be some compatibility issues with Fantasy Soundtrack Project mod. 2 users have reported a problem and I will have to investigate further.

0.9.2 - 15/09/19 - beta
  • Fixed some NavMesh issues

0.9.1 - 15/09/15 - beta
  • Athurhumz' Blade remodel is not here yet
  • Fixed some clipping geometry
  • Cleaned some broken references
  • Justicar Fairenwe should have only one copy of Athurhumz' Blade. Truth be told, I was not able to replicate the bug, so I'm working blindly here. Please report if she will have multiple copies upon death. If she does... I will deal with it the hard way. *loads a gun*
  • I've received a report of a bug causing the dungeon music to play in taverns upon completion of the dungeon. I was not able to replicate it. If you will encounter the bug, please, tell me so.
My thanks to everyone who reported issues!

0.9.0 - 15/09/11 - Mod release - beta
  • There are some minor issues with smoothing groups on Athurhumz' Blade's scabbard. Juggling 3ds max, blender, .obj files, .fbx files and correct UV coordinates is a tedious work. I will most likely give the sword another art pass and update within a week.
  • Athurhumz' Blade might still be too shiny.
  • Battle difficulty might be off. Send me your feedback!