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A compatibility patch which moves the entrance to Riftvald out of the keep leading to Grondal in Nyhus.esp.

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A basic compatibility patch for those who need it. 

I reccomend the load order between these three esps to be 


If you choose to merge the mods make sure the merge order is that too. If you merged one of the esps into another merge, just make sure the merged file that contains the esp is in the same "Relative" position as what the original ESP would be compared to the other two ESPs.

If you use LOOT, and you want to be 100% sure that Nyhus.esp will load after MHdunSky001.esp. Open Loot, find Nyhus.esp. Click on the three dots, click edit meta data. At the bottom, now click the load after tab, and add MHdunSky001.esp.

This will make it so LOOT will always order Nyhus after MHdunSky001.

If you have chosen to merge one of the masters for ESP space, then you will find what you need on this thread to be able to change your the ESP's master to your merged file.

All my edits are done with the "Cathedral" spirit in mind rather than "Parlor". If you don't know what that means then read this

Let us all come together to build our great temple that is Skyrim xD

Thanks for the download, the prospect of spreading enjoyment through a lil file is rather dope.

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