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About this mod

This mod adds 7 dungeons :) You explore based on a story.

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Hello all, I release here the official version of my dungeon mod (Episode1)

=== About this mod ===
This mod adds 7 dungeons, which I made as immersive as possible, based on a story.
(Main story is a kinda crappy for those who respect the lore, I made them with my crappy writing talent. T_T)

I wanted to make this mod as a quest, but I don't have such talent and Skyrim's programmed scripts are often bugged during the quest, so I dare not to do that anyway ^_^.  Still I placed journals and story books in the first area of the dungeons, so you can track the clue and find the purpose by reading them, as we do in a quest mod.

Your adventure starts from Riftenzel (Your home point), where I placed the first journal on the table of the first room.
See the pictures in the image section.

=== Story of this mod ===
The story is about an Psijic Order, Victor, who seeks for an artifact which should be protcted from evil hands.

As a member of the Psijic Order, he will guide the Dovakin or an adventurer on the path toward finding and securing a powerful and dangerous. An artifact that has been known to test the heart of of the noblest of leaders and move them toward greatness or ruin.  

Rumors have been heard in the Rift. Rumors of strange occurrences and unknown power.  
This is where the journey will begin.

!!! Required Mods: all official DLCs !!!
- Dawnguard
- Dragonborn
- Hearthfire

=== Install & Uninstall ===
- Use the Nexus Mod Manager or similar kind (Mod Organizer, etc).

=== Overall warning and notices ===
- This mod uses 7 locations of 'Skyrim world', so if other mods (you installed) use the same location, there is incompatibility (CTD may happen perhaps).
- If you happen to be dropped off or stuck, use the console-command 'tcl 1' (collision off) and get back to the ground, and type 'tcl 0' (collision on).
- If you have difficulty in slaying enemies or boss, just use the console-command 'kill' or toggle to the god mode.
- I will keep optimizing the performance to the GPU, and also keep improving.
- I cleaned up with Tes5Edit, yet if you noticed something weird, let me know.

- Some basic designs of dungeons can be seen in the mod 'Discworld' by Darren.
This is because we share the basic structure of some dungeons.
- My regret is that I should have made each dungeons a little bit more large.... And the intervals between the encounter should have been much more improved... still I can reflect these to the episode 2. ^ ^

=== Special thanks ===
Your photos are welcoming :)

Alphabetic order: (Episode1)

Have a fun//