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An ESP replacer which moves the entrance of the Dwemer Tunnels added by Ahbiilok slightly further up the hill so it isn't on top of "Immersive Dungeons (Episode1)"s Riftenzel entrance.
Use Mator Smash for best results. Made for the version 1.7 of Ahbiilok. This is just the ESP so you will obviously need the actual mod for it to work. read be

Permissions and credits
Requires Ahbiilok Version 1.7

Doesn't require Immersive Dungeons (Episode 1) but is designed to make Ahbiilok play nice with it. 

Don't use this if Ahbiilok updates past 1.7. Hopefully, if that happens, Zayanastus will include this change so it won't be needed. (Or something like it.)

I decided to come back to this fix now that I am a lot more experienced with CK, this was my first ever mod. I thought to my self, oh Im an idiot I didnt make a real fix for it because it doesn't validate the nav for Immersive Dungeon's entrance. But then I started making a traditional patch that requires both mods and I noticed that in Immersive Dungeons as it was designed by the author of that mod. The dungeons DONT have door markers linked to the navmesh. I looked into Riftenzel's cell and I was like OOOH thats why he doesnt have door markers linked to the navs. So your follower cannot follow you. 

As such I decided not to make a new version of this with a nav that links to Riftenzel's marker. After I am done with the finalization projects I have already started I may do a finalization project for Immersive Dungeons. Which will make it possible to take followers into the dungeons. THEN I will make a new version of this patch that incorporates those changes. So right now, with this. Both mods work as intended by their authors together with no conflicts with this patch. 

-Mangaboy111, 27th Feb 2023

Install steps:

Download and install Ahbiilok by Zayanstus
Download and install this mod

If done in this order you will have the correct changes.
If you use Mod Organizer 2 the order is less crucial as long as you make sure this mod is overwriting Ahbiilok.

All my edits are done with the "Cathedral" spirit in mind rather than "Parlor". If you don't know what that means then read this

Let us all come together to build our great temple that is Skyrim xD 

Thanks for the download, the prospect of spreading enjoyment through a lil file is rather dope.

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