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This is a lighting mod which focused on casting shadows.

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This is a lighting mod which focused on casting shadows.
Window silhouettes and tree shadows will be casted on the floor at some interiors.
Taverns and inns will have more unique ambience by adding some objects.
This mod affects almost all room interiors and some dungeons. But most
dungeons are left to vanilla. So some dark dungeons mods will work fine
with this.
Also includes the following bug fixes and a separated weather tweak mod.

Fixed the noticable circle shape of the illuminated portions which breaks immersion(like someone is shooting with a spot light).
Flickering Object Fix (Floor rugs/pelts, Fallen leaves etc.)
Object Placement Fix (Fires seeable through the roof, objects sunken into wall, etc.) See also the image section.
Performance Fix (It depends on the cells. By disabling otiose light sources. )
Light Popping Fix (By disabling or merging otiose light sources. )
Shadow Striping Fix

Weather Tweaks
A small plugin to tweak vanilla weathers. If you have favorite weather mod(s) installed, just exclude this, or load this before them to
prioritize them.
Darkened sky at foggy, rainy and snowy night.
Tweaked Fog to avoid noticeable fog border.
Dense rain and snow particles.
Cloud opacity and color.
Directional lighting color.

Comparison Video by HODILTON

Skyrim Mods Overview by LordBeleth


Russian Version by Antrix
Also available here. Хроники Тамриэля by DJ_Kovrik

Czech Version by Azarian
Shadows - Czech translation

Italian Vesion by riccardo83
Shadows italian translation

French Version by Sylom
Shadows French Translation


Please install via a mod manager or merge into the data folder manually.
Load order should be after mods that have cell edits (includes object or actor placing). Otherwise, the base lightings will not be applied.


"Shadows - Dawnguard.esp" requires Dawnguard DLC.


The lighting can be overriden by any mods that have edited cell records.
Just load this after those mods to apply this mod's base lighting modification.
Or set your preffered load order.

Weather Tweaks.esp conflicts with the mods that modify weathers.

ENB ShadowCastersFix must be disabled with this mod.
Otherwise, window shadows will disappear.




[Edited cells]
RiftenWorld (Added beam effects to the windows. Added window meshes to Temple of Mara.)
FalkreathJarlsLonghouse (Removed a stuffed deer.)
FalkreathDeadmansDrink (Slightly lightened the interior.)
WhiterunBanneredmare (Removed a stuffed deer. Slightly lightened the interior.)
RiverwoodSleepingGiantInn (Added shadows of window frames. Slightly lightened the interior.)
HallOfTheVigilant01 (Newly modified.)
Increased the saturation of candle light colors.
Removed some Furniture and Light records.

The Karthspire (Emittance, Fog border fix)
The Drunken Huntsman (Lightings)
Markarth Nepos's House (Lighting bug fix)
Markarth city (Added windows to some buildings)

[Newly modified]
Markarth Understone Keep

Solitude Temple of the Divines (Enabled water cube map)
Solitude Castle Dour (Lightings)

Solitude Blue Palace (Window Emittance)
Solitude Lighthouse (Wall placement)
Whiterun Hall of the Dead (Shadow Striping)
Meshes/Architecture/Solitude/SCastle.nif (Window Emittance)

[Newly modified]
Morthal Thaumaturgists Hut
Whiterun Warmaiden's
Salvius Farmhouse
Sarethi Farm
East Empire Warehouse
Brinewater Grotto
Sinderion's Laboratory
Frostmare Crypt
Dawnstar Lighthouse
Textures/Water/ (Unique water)

[Shadows - Dawnguard]
Fort Dawnguard
Volkihar Keep
Volkihar Cathedral
Inner Sanctum

[Shadows - Weather Tweaks]
Separated weather parts