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Update for male characters not so soon!

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Friend of mine asked me if I can make replacer for Inconsequential NPCs. So I did it :D

This is my first visual overhaul. Originally I planned to make replacer for some uniportant NPCs unedited by any well known modification. But I failed. Maybe I’ll finish it one day, can’t tell when. Finally after tweaks, tests and a lot of cheering from friends I did it! It’s not perfect, but done. And that's what matters. 

I used modified vanilla low-poly head, so it has few flaws. First one - jaw under ears seems to be blocky and jagged. I have no idea if it’s fixable. It appears mostly during weird positioning of the head. Eye shadow bug - I fixed it by using separate mesh for lashes and eyeballs with vertex alpha. Credit for this brillant idea goes to cuyima and Artsick :)

INSTALLATION: I highly recommend using mod manager. The best are Nexus Mod Manager and Mod Organizer 2. Can't say anything about Vortex.

If there’s any problem like neck seam, color mismatch, black face, potato head or anything like that, then it’s your fault. Yes, yours! But take it easy. My mod doesn't use custom body textures, but your own. Double check those textures, maybe you have with different color. Also check your normal maps just to be sure they’re seamless around the neck. Body meshes may also cause the problem with neck seam. For potato head or black face bug make sure you installed both mods in the right order. Replacer must be AFTER original one. Install Inconsequential NPCs original file first, then overwrite it with mine. My plugin also should placed after original file.

About male characters - I'll make them as soon as Niroku releases Expressive Facegen Morphs for men. So yeah, just wait for your daddies ^^

Expressive Facegen Morphs by Niroku
HG Hairdos by summerdew (on LL)
SC - The Witcher 3 hairdos by ShinglesCat
Starsight Eyes by Artsick
Eyes mod, eyebrows and dirt overlays by khisartin
The Witcher 3 Eyes by Oaristys
The Eyes Of Beauty by LogRaam
YevMods - Makeup Pack - YMMP by yevvie (no longer avaible on Nexus)
Vanilla Warpaints AbsolutionSkin Feature Overlays and Female Makeup Suite by DomainWolf
Freckle Mania 2 by tetrodoxin
Maevan2's Eye Brows and Mature Skin by Maevan2 
Eyes and eyebrows by HHaleyy
Lind's Human Eyes by Lind001
SG Female Eyebrows by hellosanta
El's Face Stuff by Ellise

aliakpinar vel Amon for idea, advices and testing
Daralima for great help 
namtar55 for new esp
Sergeant61 for testing
Somollig for helpful advices
ilovevobla, khisartin and HHaleyy for their beautiful textures
marmotte for his wonderful ENB preset
And all people who appreciate my work :)