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A bunch of the Witcher 3 hairdos for humanoid and cat ladies.

Permissions and credits
Full hair chart is at the bottom of description



A bunch of the Witcher 3 hairdos for humanoid and cat ladies.



Use NMM (or Vortex is it now?) or whatever mod manager you prefer or extract everything in DATA folder.



Use NMM or whatever mod manager you prefer or remove mod's folders.


Known issues: 

- Hair may clip with your head;
- If you need to get rid of bald spots, I've made hairy tint masks to either replace with them existing tint masks or bake them into face texture;
- Some hairstyles may be a mess. I'm too frustrated to deal with them;
- Some of these hairstyles are actually hilarious. I still have no idea why I ported Regis' hair and similar ones for females.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Hairstyles for males?
A: Nope, I'm tired of hair porting. 

Q: SSE? 
A: Nope. Can't port mods to something I don't own.
(to those who are too dimwitted: I do own SLE, I just didn't buy DLCs in time, 'cause Beth suddenly pulled them from summer sale and a few days later announced SSE).

Q: Give someone permission to port this to SSE.
A: Nah.

Q: Hair clips with my head.
A: Welp, not my problem I guess.

Q: Do these work with KS, SG, whatever hair mod?
A: Yep.

A: Nope. Feel free to do tho.

Q: Do these work with vampires\custom races?
A: Yep. Should be. I dunno. I'm too frustrated to double check everything.

Q: I don't like this or that.
A: Deal with it. Or don't use this mod. 

Q: Can you add more?
A: No, it's frustrating.

Q: Facial hair?
A: I thought about adding some facial hair, like beards and staches, but that would require me to make morph files, and that means a whole lotta work, so nope.
Ofc I could port static models, but some crybabies would definitely start complaining about clipping.
And I got CDPR's permission for hairdos only. So no facial hair, sorry (actually thanks to them for limiting my freedom).

Q: Your mod suck.
A: OK.

Q: The mod does not work.
A: Something's on your end.

A: My own.

Q: Outfit?
A: My own.

Q: Character mods?
A: Face textures are custom made; eye textures are either from FSC or TEOB.

The ones who did not read the description will be divided by zero. It ain't that hard.


Terms of use: 


No porn, offensive and illegal stuff - prohibited by CDPR;
You can use these in your mods as long as you respect CDPR's terms of use;
No SSE, just because I can. It's fun to hate SSE at this point.

- You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other sites without permission;
- You are allowed to reuse any assets of this mod without permission;
- You are not allowed to port this mod to Special Edition;
- You don't have to ask me if you want to do something with this mod for private use;

And these are the terms of use I got from CDPR:
- You are not allowed to charge money for this mod in direct or indirect way;
- You are not allowed to use this mod in anything that may be considered racist, xenophobic, sexist, defamatory or otherwise offensive or illegal;

If you have questions regarding permission, feel free to ask.


I am not connected with CDPR in any way, CDPR is not my official partner, is not co-author of this mod. 
CDPR does not take any responsibility for this mod.
This mod is not endorsed by CDPR in any way.
(Permission proof available upon request via private messages).

- MoogleOutFitters - xnalara ports.
- zzjay - this whole porting spree started because of her Triss mod.
- ilovevobla - sold herself into slavery for a simple hair mod, no biggie.