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Hi, I make short stories, characters, and a whole lot of mods I probably can't share. My inbox is open to any questions you might have about modding or programs and so on, and feel free to ask me stuff on any other platform as well.

Flickr is where I host all of my images I post on the nexus. Due to Flickr's 1000 pic cap, tumblr will have any pics that aren't part of a post on here.

Tumblr is where I post other screenshots, WIPs, and mods I don't think are worth releasing on here.


My ENB right now (1/4/20 dmy) is a preset I've tweaked a long way from Snapdragon v4.33 that I've called Parkletter ENB. It's unavailable atm.


Avatar art is by lesly-oh. The character depicted is not owned by me.

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