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Hi, I'm [Known Modmaker That Paywalled Her Mods]/khisartin (I know the nickname doesn't match, I don't care)


I mostly release things on my website:

You can find the newest & earliest releases on or at [Blocked: Known website used for paywalled mods]/khisartin <--- somebody from the Mods or Admins did that


I have a Discord server:


I removed Dizona Body from nexusmods; don't like the modpack policies, it's against what Dizona & me wanted. Similarly, not all of my mods are available here; get them on my website or on Patreon or Boosty.

DB is available for download on TesAll (ru)


!! I don't reply on nexusmods much, if you want to reach out, please either use the contact form on my website or use Discord: khisartin#2210