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This mod adds 50 (yes, a whole 50) new eye variants for both genders of all human races, they use their own masks and cubemaps.

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Short description & Other Works:

This mod adds 50 (yes, a whole 50) new eye variants for both genders of all human races, they use their own masks and cubemaps. Screenshots with my logo are taken in Vanilla lighting with minor visual mods, so they should be very faithful colour-wise. The eyes vary from very natural to very fantasy-like, they should all be fairly lore-friendly.

They are listed under Eye Color in RaceMenu and ECE.

More Eyes:

Lind's Elven Eyes- 1k Standalone and Replacer

Standalone Robes:

Lind's Standalone Robes Pack 01

Robes Texture Replacers:

Installation, additional Infos, Etc.

The eyes textures themselves are 1k resolution to allow for screenarchery and extreme closeups, feel free to downscale them would you prefer a lower resolution. I am aware that 1k is an overkill, but since it's player only the performance impact is minimal.

I'm currently downscaling them to 512x512 for a replacer version. It may take me a little bit since I'll be using different compression depending on the eye texture. (Also i'm kind of sick of looking at eye textures, believe it or not :P )

Be mindful that the colours may appear more/less saturated depending on your ENB settings. My own screenshots should be pretty close to the vanilla looks as I don't use many visual mods as of now. If they look biased towards yellow, it's because I had to get my characters near torches to take the screens.

Manual installation:
Simply transfer the contents of the Data folder in my archive to your Skyrim Data folder.



Q: Is this mod female only?

A: No, it's for both genders.

Q: Which races does this work with?

A: All human races: Nords, Bretons, Imperials and Redguards. It doesn't add the eyes for Orcs, Khajiits, Wood Elves, High Elves and Dark Elves.
You can, however, get my elven eyes here: [link]

Q: Does it work with Custom Races?

A: That depends on the custom race, it should if the race is tagged as an human race. Be mindful that some custom races come with their own eyes, and some point at the vanilla ones.

Q: Can you release the character from [insert screenshot] as a follower or preset?

A: I'm afraid not. There's already plenty of better followers on the Nexus than what I could come up with, and Presets could be used to take my characters and release them as followers with only slight modifications, and since it would be a mess to prove my assets were used, I prefer avoiding the risk.

Q: Which Mods did you use to make your characters?

A: I use my own custom skin textures (based on Fair Skin by HHaleyy), all the other mods are listed and linked in the credits.

Q: Can I give suggestion about some possible eye colours?

A: Absolutely. If I like the idea I'll be happy to oblige.

Q: Q: Can I Port this to SEE/XBOX?

A: I appreciate your interest in my work, but I will port my own mods myself in time.


Thank you! (:

Reviews, Etc.:

Porter Hause's Video Review:

- Credits are important, read them and always credit other authors. (; -

Assets used:

The Eyes of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam
Who I thank for making his assets public as I wouldn't have been able to understand how to work with eyes without using his work as example, I can't stress enough the fact that this mod wouldn't exist without his one. I'd appreciate if you could give it an endorsement if you haven't already.

HUGE Thank you to Numeriku for taking the time and effort to take screenshots of every eye variant.

Thank you to Tr3x4Arms3237 for converting the eyes for the Ningheim Race.

Posers in the screenshots:

Halofarm's Poser.
GomaPeroPero's Poser.
Aloe's Poser.

Also in the screenshots:

Racemenu by Expired
KS Hairdo Renewal by Kalilies,
Maevan2's Eyebrows,
Empyrean Warpaints by Empyrean42,
TrueBrows by jimtownirish,
Neith Team Warpaints,
UNPC Body by Halofarm.

ENB used:

Sharpshooters Extreme Graphics ENB; cause being above 10FPS is overrated.


A message to:

to Mike G. , Timo L. , Angrylock , vintagelf, Geir J. R. , David T. , xCrmisonSky, Kevin R., Jessica R., Scott M., Denis I., Kiria W.

Thank you for your donations, it was unexpected, but I really appreciated it. (:


Please do not redistribute or edit/convert this file without my approval, not because I'm going to deny it, but because I want to know where my work ends up.

You can use these assets in any way you want as long as you credit me with a link to the original work. (:

For anything else, feel free to ask me directly, I always answer my PMs.

Thank you for downloading!