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This mod adds Arcanist, Hunter, Oracle, Witch, Skald, Warpriest, Bloodrager, Shaman, Investigator, Summoner, Psychic, Spiritualist, Hinterlander and Holy Vindicator classes, and lots of new feats, spells and other class abilities.

Permissions and credits

Starting from version 1.57 the mod is no longer compatible with Eldritch Arcana.
If you are using mod version prior to 1.57 (or no mod at all) and have characters who are polymorphed, wait till polymorph effect expires.
Save games with primal companion hunter, are no longer compatible, so respec out of the archetype is required prior to 1.68 update.
If you have animal companions with animal growth buff, wait till it expires, before updating to 1.68
If you have characters with Quicken Blessing feat, respec them so they do not have it, before updating to 1.72,
Starting from version 1.77 the mod is no longer compatible with Advanced Martial Arts.
Wizard Discoveries from 1.81 might conflict with those from The Lost Grimoire Mod, you can disable them in setting.json.
If you are using mod version prior to 1.98 (or no mod at all) and have characters who are polymorphed, wait till polymorph effect expires.
After 1.107 update, respec all characters having bloodrager class levels and retake all bloodrager levels again.
If you have any psychics with pageantry disicipline, respec them to lvl 1 before updating to 1.108.

Mod is only expected to work with  2.08 English version of Enhanced Edition of the game,
there is a version for 2.1 but it is not expected to work correctly and there is no guarantee that it ever will, use it at your own risk.

It is normally safe to update the mod from previous version in the middle of the game.

Known Issues:
- Sometimes when playing with Animal Companion/Eidolon, companion abilities (animal foci, teamwork feats, fiendish or celestial templates, evolutions) might disappear after level up. It seems that deactivating all companion abilities (like power attack) and saving the game (no need to reload)  brings all missing abilities back. Same issue happens with newly created mercenaries, it resolves itself when you leave the capital/varnhold/trading post or enter the endless dungeon, this is an original game issue, so report it to owlcats, if you want it to be fixed.
- if you increase unit size, and save and reload the game or change area, the hitbox on the unit will be bigger than it should be, so you won't be able to target some points around it without pushing ctrl. The issue is mostly noticeable on huge/gargantuan eidolons. Again it is original game issue, so if you want it to be fixed, report to owlcats.
- If you start summoner/primal companion hunter level-up and then abort the process, your eidolon will lose all of its evolutions and will not regain them until you finish level-up,
- Unsummon Eidolon ability does not work properly if you are playing with death door instead of normal death or raise companions after battle option.

Changes to npc companions, class skill points and some others are optional and can be disabled (set corresponding values
to false in your game_folder/Mods/CallOfTheWild/settings.json)

My other mods you might be interested in:
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Using Closer to Tabletop mod is not advised since it is not fully supporting all related COTW features,  use Proper Flanking 2 instead.
Do not use Undead Immunities Fix mod, since similar changes are already included in COTW and might conflict with each other.

This is Pathfinder: Kingmaker mod.
It introduces new classes:
  • Hunter with following archetypes: Divine Hunter, Forester, Primal Companion Hunter, Feral Hunter and Feykiller,
  • Witch with with following archetypes: Ley Line Guardian, Hedge Witch, Hex Channeler, Havocker and Winter Witch,
  • Bloodrager with following archetypes: Metamagic Rager, Spelleater, Steelblood, Blood Conduit and Urban Bloodrager,
  • Skald with following archetypes: Urban Skald, Herald of the Horn War Drummer, Sunsinger and Court Poet,
  • Warpriest with following archetypes: Sacred Fist, Cult Leader, Champion of the Faith, Arsenal Chaplain and Feral Champion,
  • Shaman with following archetypes: Overseer, Speaker for the Past, Witch Doctor, Possessed Shaman and Spirit Warden,
  • Arcanist with following archetypes: School Savant, Blood Arcanist, Unlettered Arcanist, Magaambyan Initiate and Occultist,
  • Oracle with following archetypes: Seeker, Spirit Guide and Warsighted, Dual Cursed and Divine Herbalist,
  • Investigator class with following archetypes: Empiricist, Jinyiwei, Questioner, Psychic Detective and Crypid Scholar,
  • Psychic class with following archetypes: Magaambyan Telepath, Amnesiac, Esoteric Starseeker, Mutation Mind, Psychic Maraudeur,
  • Summoner with following archetypes: Devil Binder, Fey Caller, Naturalist, Master Summoner and Twinned Summoner,
  • Spiritualist with following archetypes: Hag-Haunted, Onmyoji, Scourge, Fractured Mind,
  • Hinterlander and Holy Vindicator prestige classes.

New Archetypes for existing classes:
  • Sacred Servant and Vindictive Bastard (implemented as a separate class) Paladin archetypes,
  • Arrowsong Minstrel and DIrge Bard Bard archetypes,
  • Exploiter Wizard and Spirit Whisperer Wizard archetypes,
  • Nature Fang and Storm Druid Druid archetypes,
  • Undead Lord and Evangelist Cleric archetypes,
  • Seeker and Primal Bloodline Wildblooded Sorcerer archetypes,
  • Beastkin Berserker and Untamed Rager Barbarian archetypes,
  • Mindblade and Nature-Bonded Magus archetypes and an Eldritch Scion variant that picks Bloodrager Bloodline instead of Sorcerer one,
  • Ninja class as rogue archetype and Rake rogue archetype,
  • Monk of the Mantis and Zen Archer Monk archetypes,
  • Sanctified Slayer and Ravener Hunter Inquisitor archetypes,
  • Executioner and Grave Warden Slayer archetypes,
  • Drill Sergeant and Lore Warden Fighter archetypes,
  • Overwhelming Soul and Kinetic Chirurgeon Kineticist archetypes,
  • Blood Hunter and Divine Tracker Ranger archetypes,
  • Preservationist and Toxicant Alchemist archetypes.

New feats:
  • Extra Hex,
  • Accursed Hex,
  • Amplified Hex,
  • Split Hex and Split Major Hex,
  • Witch Knife,
  • Rage Casting,
  • Raging Brutality,
  • Blooded Arcane Strike,
  • Riving Strike,
  • Feral Combat Training,
  • Furious Focus,
  • Felling Smash,
  • Strike True,
  • Devastating Strike,
  • Weapon of The Chosen, Improved Weapon of the Chosen, Greater Weapon of the Chosen,
  • Planar Wild Shape,
  • Powerful Shape,
  • Skald's Vigor and Greater Skald's Vigor,
  • Discordant Voice,
  • Stalwart and Improved Stalwart,
  • Osyluth Guile,
  • Artful Dodge,
  • Quick Channel,
  • Channel Smite,
  • Channeling Scourge,
  • Versatile Channeler,
  • Deadeye's Blessing,
  • Guided Hand,
  • Planar Focus,
  • Weapon Shift, Improved Weapon Shift, Greater Weapon Shift
  • Coordinated Shot,
  • Distracting Charge,
  • Target of Opportunity,
  • Swarm Scatter,
  • Bonded Mind and Share Spell,
  • Extended Bane,
  • Broken Wing Gambit,
  • Hurtful,
  • Dazing Assault,
  • Stunning Assault,
  • Unsanctioned Knowledge,
  • Linnorm Style, Linnorm Vengeance, Linnorm Wrath,
  • Jabbing Style, Jabbing Dancer, Jabbing Master,
  • Lesser Spell Synthesis,
  • Extra Spell Synthesis,
  • Quicken Blessing,
  • Dazing Spell,
  • Intensified Spell,
  • Persistent Spell,
  • Rime Spell,
  • Toppling Spell,
  • Elemental Spell,
  • Selective Spell,
  • Piercing Spell,
  • Spontaneous Metafocus,
  • Spell Perfection,
  • Mage's Tattoo,
  • Fey Foundling,
  • Extra Reservoir,
  • Extra Exploit,
  • Extra Revelation,
  • Extra Investigator Talent,
  • Extra Inspiration,
  • Ranged Study,
  • Extra Evolution,
  • Snap Shot, Improved Snap Shot, Greater Snap Shot,
  • Perfect Strike,
  • Feral Grace,
  • Advanced Weapon Training,
  • Advanced Armor Training,
  • Shielded Mage,
  • Stumbling Bash,
  • Toppling Bash,
  • Unhindering shield,
  • Shield Brace,
  • Tower Shield Specialist,
  • Prodigious Two-Weapon Fighting,
  • Improved Spell Sharing,
  • Animal Ally,
  • Bullseye shot,
  • Pinpoint Targeting,
  • Ability Focus: Toxic Secretion,
  • Skin and Scales,
  • Crusader's Flurry,
  • Improved Combat Expertise,
  • Hex Strike,
  • Dervish Dance,
  • Greater Spell Specialization,
  • Preferred Spell,
  • Vicious Stomp,
  • Threnodic Spell,
  • Verdant Spell,
  • Steadfast Personality,
  • Signature Skill,
  • Eldritch Heritage, Improved Eldritch Heritage, Greater Eldritch Heritage,
  • Kinetic Invocation.

New rage powers:
  • Terrifying Howl
  • Taunting Stance,
  • Unrestrained Rage,
  • Quick Reflexes,
  • Superstition,
  • Ghost Rager,
  • Witch Hunter,
  • Energy Resistance,
  • Atavism Totem Lesser,
  • Atavism Totem,
  • Atavism Totem Greater,
  • Spirit Totem, Lesser,
  • Spirit Totem,
  • Spirit Totem, Greater,
  • Celestial Totem, Lesser,
  • Celestial Totem,
  • Celestial Totem, Greater,
  • Daemon Totem, Lesser,
  • Daemon Totem,
  • Daemon Totem, Greater,
  • Ferocious Beast and Ferocious Beast, Greater,
  • Sharpened Accuracy.

The mod also adds following inquisitions which can be selected instead of domains:
  • Anger,
  • Conversion,
  • Heresy,
  • Imprisonment,
  • Persistence,
  • Tactics,
  • Valor.

New Wild Talents:
  • Blade Rush,
  • Kinetic Whip,
  • Whip Hurricane,
  • Air's Leap,
  • Cold Snap,
  • Flame Jet and Flame Jet, Greater
  • Purifying Flames
  • Smoke Storm
  • Windsight
  • Wings of Air.

New Alchemist Discoveries:
  • Sticky Poison,
  • Celestial Poison,
  • Concentrate Poison.

New Rogue Talents:
  • Minor Magic,
  • Major Magic,
  • Feat,
  • Bleeding Attack,
  • Slippery Mind.

New Slayer Talents:
  • Assassinate,
  • Armored Marauder,
  • Armored Swiftness,
  • Reaping Stalker.
New Magus Arcana:
  • Familiar,
  • Maneuver Mastery,
  • Spell Blending,
  • Reach Spellstrike.

 Bloodline Mutations:
  • Blood Havoc,
  • Blood Intensity,
  • Blood Familiar,
  • Blood Piercing.

 Wizard Discoveries:
  • Alchemical Affinity,
  • Forest's Blessing,
  • Idealize,
  • Infectious Charms,
  • Knowledge is Power,
  • Opposition Research,
  • Resilient Illusions,
  • Time Stutter.

Bard Masterpieces:
  • Clamor of Heavens,
  • Dance of 23 Steps,
  • Symphony of Elysian Heart,
  • Triple Time,
  • Banshee's Requiem,
  • Blazing Rondo.

New Advanced Weapon Training Options:
  • Dazzling Intimidation,
  • Defensive Weapon Training,
  • Fighter's Finesse,
  • Focused Weapon,
  • Trained Grace,
  • Trained Throw,
  • Versatile Training,
  • Warrior Spirit.
Advanced Armor Training Options:
  • Adaptable Training,
  • Armor Specialization,
  • Armored Confidence,
  • Armored Juggernaut,
  • Critical Deflection,
  • Steel Headbutt.

Arcane Subshools:
  • Admixture,
  • Enhancement,
  • Teleportation,
  • Prophecy.

  • Lightning,
  • Restoration,
  • Storms,
  • Undead,
  • Rage.

New features:
  • Share Spell for animal companions,
  • Animal companions can now equip belts, bracers, capes and amulets,
  • Wild enchantment on certain unique armors, optionally you can enable wild enchantment on all items,
  • Rerolls (due to Bit of Luck and similar abilities) are now shown in the battle log,
  • Animal Companions are now level-upped manually,
  • Spell area effects can now be dismissed by their caster,
  • An ability was added to reject rage either from skald Inspired Rage, Rage Spell or Inspire Ferocity,
  • When using spell with wall area effect, ui should now indicate units that will be affected,
  • Summoned monsters are now considered as allies,
  • Aid another,
  • Familiar can now be used to activate items in place of its master,
  • Metamagic can now be applied to converted spells,
  • Dwarven war axe and bastard sword can be used as martial weapons if wielded two-handed; dueling sword can be used as martial weapon, in this case it is no longer considered to be finessable; estoc can be used as a martial weapon if wielded two-handed, in this case it is no longer considered to be finessable,
  • Trip, disarm and sunder weapon properties,
  • Lore (Religion) skill can now be used to treat deadly wounds,
  • Body armor can be worn with possessing required proficiency, in this case its armor check penalty is applied to attack rolls.

New spells:
  • Blade Lash,
  • Blade Tutor,
  • Burst of Adrealine,
  • Burst of Insight,
  • Command and Command, Greater,
  • Chill Touch,
  • Dazzling Blade and Dazzling Blade, Greater,
  • Frostbite,
  • Hermean Potential,
  • Hex Vulnerability,
  • Ill Omen,
  • Invigorate and Invigorate, Mass,
  • Lend Judgment and Lend Judgment, Greater,
  • Life Conduit, Life Conduit, Improved and Life Conduit, Greater,
  • Long Arm,
  • Magic Weapon, Magic Weapon, Greater,
  • Mind Thrust I, II, III, IV, V, VI,
  • Obscuring Mist,
  • Oracle's Burden,
  • Produce Flame,
  • Rejuvenate Eidolon, Lesser, Rejuvenate Eidolon and Rejuvenate Eidolon, Greater,
  • Sanctuary,
  • Sense Spirit Magic,
  • Shillelagh,
  • Spirit Call,
  • Touch of Bloodletting,
  • Animate Dead, Lesser,
  • Bladed Dash and Bladed Dash, Greater,
  • Blistering Invective,
  • Aggressive Thundercloud and Aggressive Thundercloud, Greater
  • Blood Armor,
  • Bone Fists,
  • Burst of Radiance,
  • Consecrate,
  • Desecrate,
  • Evolution Surge, Lesser, Evolution Surge and Evolution Surge, Greater,
  • Fiery Runes,
  • Fiery Shuriken,
  • Flame Blade,
  • Flames of the Faithful,
  • Flurry of Snowballs,
  • Force Sword,
  • Ghost Touch,
  • Ice Slick,
  • Inflict Pain and Inflict Pain Mass,
  • Mental Barrier I, II, III, IV, V,
  • Path of Glory and Path of Glory, Greater,
  • Pain Strike and Pain Strike Mass,
  • Thought Shield I, II, III,
  • Invisibility Purge,
  • Righteous Vigor,
  • Silence,
  • Savage Maw,
  • Stricken Heart,
  • Telekinetic Strikes,
  • Vine Strike,
  • Winter's Grasp,
  • Accursed Glare,
  • Babble,
  • Barrow Haze,
  • Bloody Claws,
  • Burning Entanglement,
  • Cloak of Winds,
  • Channel Vigor,
  • Countless Eyes,
  • Daze, Mass,
  • Deadly Juggernaut,
  • Earth Tremor,
  • Flame Arrow,
  • Flashfire,
  • Threefold Aspect,
  • Sands of Time,
  • Screech,
  • Wall of Nausea,
  • Fickle Winds,
  • Fly and Fly, Mass,
  • Font of Spirit Magic,
  • Halt Undead,
  • Howling Agony,
  • Keen Edge,
  • Resinous Skin,
  • Shadow Enchantment and Shadow Enchantment Greater,
  • Sheet Lightning,
  • Sleet Storm,
  • Stunning Barrier, Greater,
  • Synaptic Pulse and Synaptic Pulse Greater,
  • Synesthesia and Synesthesia Mass,
  • Air Walk and Air Walk, Communal,
  • Archon's Trumpet,
  • Aura of Doom,
  • Debilitating Portent,
  • Explosion of Rot,
  • Fire Shield,
  • Fleshworm Infestation,
  • Forceful Strike,
  • Rebuke,
  • Rigor Mortis,
  • River of Wind,
  • Shadow Conjuration and Shadow Conjuration, Greater,
  • Solid Fog,
  • Spite,
  • Intellect Fortress,
  • Thirsting Entanglement,
  • Virtuoso Performance,
  • Wall of Fire,
  • Wrathful Weapon,
  • Overland Flight,
  • Tidal Surge,
  • Suffocate,
  • Synapse Overload,
  • Psychic Crush I -V
  • Wall of Blindness,
  • Burst of Force,
  • Contingency,
  • Curse, Major,
  • Fire Seeds,
  • Fluid Form,
  • Freezing Sphere,
  • Poison Breath,
  • Plant Shape I, II and III,
  • Song of Discord Greater,
  • Ice Body,
  • Psychic Surgery,
  • Wind Walk,
  • Giant Form I and II,
  • Control Construct,
  • Control Undead,
  • Hold Person, Mass,
  • Particulate Form,
  • Magical Beast Shape,
  • Scouring Winds,
  • Blood Mist,
  • Incendiary Cloud,
  • Iron Body,
  • Irresistible Dance,
  • Temporal Stasis,
  • Meteor Swarm,
  • Hold Monster, Mass,
  • Akashic Form,
  • Divide Mind,
  • Shapechange,
  • Suffocate Mass,
  • Telekinetic Storm,
  • Time Stop,
  • Winds of Vengeance,
  • Shades.

Beast shape I - IV spells were also changed to be a bit more fun and more in line with pnp:
  • Beast shape I allows to turn into wolf and leopard,
  • Beast shape II allows to turn into bear (without rend) and dire wolf (with trip),
  • Beast shape III allows to turn into large smilodon and Huge Mastodon (with trample),
  • Beast shape IV allows to turn into large hodag (with toss ability) and large winter wolf (with trip and breath weapon)
The changes corresponding to these spells as well as Plant Shape I, II and III were also applied to druid/transmuter wildshape ability.

In addition mod also makes some changes to make existing content closer to pnp:
  • nerfs animal companions to make them same as in pnp :reduces physical prowess bonuses by factor of 2, natural ac bonuses by 1.5, and removes
  • enhanced attacks,
  • sets base skill points of every class according to ( and gives bonus skill points to humans and half-orcs only at even levels (optional),
  • replaces favored enemy for Sacred Huntsmaster with animal focus as per pnp (optional),
  • fixes Magic Vestment spell to work as per pnp rules,
  • Legendary Proportions increases size only by one category,
  • Animal Growth properly increases size of animal companion,
  • Arcane Bond works with spontaneous spells (fixed by 2.07),
  • Barbarian Increased Damage Reduction rage power works only during rage, same for Stalwart Defender,
  • Increased damage reduction defensive power increase dr by 2 instead of 1 to make it similar to unchained barbarian rage power)
  • Channel energy dc should now correctly scale with class level that gave access to it instead of character level,
  • Empyreal Sorcerer channel energy now scales from wisdom,
  • Rangers should now receive improvement to their favored terrain bonuses,
  • cave fang traps can no longer be cast on the same squares (they can still target one unit more than once provided it is big enough),
  • medium range for spells was increased to 60 ft, long range to 100 ft,
  • weapon swap consumes move action instead of standard (optional),
  • spell casting is not forbidden while in elemental form (optional),
  • allied spellcaster now should additionally give +1 cl and +2 spell penetration if adjacent teammates with this feat have the same spell,
  • changes range of Wail of Banshee and Polar Midnight to medium (since by the time you can cast these spells in pnp the range will be around 70ft,
  • fixes ecclecitheurge class to correspond better to pnp rules (no bonus skill point and no channel energy improvement at level 3) (optional),
  • acid fog now should work as in pnp,
  • kineticists blasts type was changed to spell-like,
  • when using kinetic healer ability, burn cost can be optionally offloaded to the target,
  • Kineticists now receive internal buffer ability (as in pnp),
  • Kinetic Knights now receive Blade Rush infusion at level 3, Kinetic Whip infusion at level 5, Whip Hurricane infusion at level 11 and Swift Blade Rush infusion at level 13 for free,
  • When using burn to improve water shroud ac bonus, kinetic knight increases enchantment bonus of his armor or shield instead of raw armor/shield bonuses,
  • Mystic Theurge now receives spell synthesis ability at level 10,
  • added alternative option for using fast bombs, toggle fast bombs ability will also now disallow using full round actions (to imitate full attack action with fast bombs),
  • Vital Strike can be used with ranged weapons
  • all flying creatures are immune to difficult terrain and ground based area/buff effects and also receive +3 dodge melee ac bonus against non-flying creatures,
  • Sylvan Sorcerer druid level for animal companion progression is equal to his class level - 3 (min 1),
  • Empyreal sorceror no longer receives wings,
  • Celestial Sorcerer receives wings at lvl 9 and does not receive heavenly aura,
  • Abyssal bloodline sorcerer no longer receives wings,
  • Arcane bloodline combat casting was replaced with metamagic adept as per pnp rules,
  • Rogue and Slayer trapfinding now give scaling bonuses to trickery skill,
  • Combat Trick rogue talent can no longer be taken more than once,
  • It is no longer possible to use more than one rogue talent that provides additional effect on sneak attack,
  • monks can now choose mobility as a bonus feat starting from level 6,
  • ranger can only select dog, elk, leopard, lizard or wolf as her animal companion through hunter's bond feature,
  • ranger now shares her favored enemy and favored terrain bonuses with her animal companion,
  • Animate Dead spell works more akin to pnp (you need a corpse to raise a skeleton, and skeleton retains corpse's stats, size, HD and equipment, and lasts 10 minutes/cl, caster can not raise more than 4 * caster level HD of skeletons),
  • Versatile performance works closer to pnp: bards can either receive a number of ranks in specific skill for free and
  • use charisma as skill stat, or choose martial performance,
  • Archaelogist receives rogue talents at level 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20,
  • Polymorphs and size changes are no longer stackable,
  • Monks can now stagger opponents at level 12, blind at level 16 and paralyze at level 20 with stunning fists,
  • Ranger's Master Hunter ability works as per description,
  • Eaglesoul spell requires a swift action to cast since it corresponds better it's actual pnp effect,
  • Tactical Leader tactician ability allows only to share one teamwork (2 at level 18),
  • Optionally makes all rake (like last 2 smilodon claw attacks) and similar attacks secondary, i.e. they receive -5 penalty (reduced to -2 with multiattack). This is not a pnp-accurate fix, but since rake normally works only on grappled opponents it seems to make sense.
  • All Animal Companions/Eidolons receive multiattack at appropriate levels,
  • Sneak attacks for spells with multiple projectiles should now trigger only once (optional),
  • Grease spell was changed to work more in line with pnp (uses dc 10 mobility check instead of spell dc, and only if unit moves),
  • Sacred Huntsmaster does not receive solo tactics (optional),
  • Druid spells that have different level on Wizard or Witch spell list can not be selected with magaambyan arcanist halcyon spell lore ability,
  • If kineticists select their primary element as expanded element, they receive an extra utility or infusion wild talent,
  • If kineticists select their primary element as expanded element twice, they receive +1 to attack rolls and DC for corresponding element abilities.

Original game bug fixes:
  • Vital Strike now takes standard action and extra damage dice are no longer multiplied on critical hits,
  • Singing Steel works properly,
  • Archaeologist luck works with Lingering Performance and Singing Steel,
  • Lingering Performance no longer allows to overlap different bardic performances,
  • Summoned weapons no longer consume additional standard action on equip,
  • Dazzling display can no longer be used without weapon for which you have weapon focus,
  • Dragonkind I dragons bite and claw weapon are placed in main/off hand slots (so it can benefit from haste and feral combat training),
  • Web school is changed to conjuration,
  • radius of teamwork feats that require "adjacent" allies changed to 5 feet (instead of 5 meters) (optional),
  • Invulnerable rager extreme endurance bonus no longer scales exponentially,
  • Unarmed bonuses from Magic fang, Manticore's gloves and amulet of mighty fists should no longer stack,
  • Characters now receive slam natural weapon proficiency,
  • Fixes incorrect calculation of burn cost for kinetic blade and blade whirlwind abilities.
  • necklace of double crosses no longer gives sneak attack bonus on ranged attacks,
  • Fixes issue where certain domains (mostly for druids) did not allow to use non-domain spells if they had lower level than that on
  • domain list (respec is required),
  • Polymorph no longer puts a lock on inventory slots (they still stay inaccessible though) to avoid preventing temporary weapons and limbs from removal when corresponding buffs expire; as a side effect it is also possible now to loot body under baleful polymorph,
  • Fixed missing druid scaling on 1st level Weather domain ability,
  • Improved Unarmed Strike should no longer override empty hand weapon if there is something else that overrides it,
  • Fixed penetrating strike,
  • Creatures under web/phantasmal web effect make grapple checks against spell dc, rather than caster's cmd,
  • Monks no longer gain their AC bonus if using shield and fight unarmored,
  • Remove fear properly suppresses fear effects while it is active,
  • Reach metamagic now should allow to use melee touch spells with ranged spell strike,
  • fixed not working Wisdom Cognatogen,
  • Spell area effects ignoring SR no longer ignore corresponding spell immunity.

Notable differences from pnp:
  • witch sleep hex does not work on targets with more hd, than your character level; disturbing slumber and ice tomb do not have this limitation,
  • Hunters animal foci duration is unlimited and animal companion foci can not be reapplied to hunter upon animal companion death,
  • Primal companion hunter primal transformation duration is permanent and these evolutions can not be applied to hunter upon animal companion death,
  • fire focus, from planar focus feat deals 1d3 points of fire damage per 4 hunter levels,
  • cold focus from planar focus feat deals 1d4 points of cold damage per 4 hunter levels,
  • Blood Armor and Magic Vestment spells do not work on targets without body piece of equipment,
  • jiniywei does not get judgements,
  • eidolons can not get extra limbs evolutions (serpentines are assumed to have it as base one instead of those corresponding to the base form of their subtype, and can only add claws to it), you can use extra attack evolutions to imitate it,
  • skald inspired rage is different from pnp in the fact that it allows other classes to stack their rages (with bonuses and rage
  • powers, although same rage powers do not stack) with skald inspiring rage,
  • shaman/spirit guide oracle wandering spirits are actually not wandering and can be selected only once,
  • shaman lore spirit Arcane Enlightenment  is not a hex but a greater spirit ability and allows you to select one spell per 2 levels (you will need to have charisma and intelligence equal to at least 10 + level of the spell),
  • arcanist quick study allows you to replace all the spells of specified level instead of only one,
  • Spirit Totem spirit slam attack works as a secondary slam attack, that uses attacker charisma modifier for attack/damage,
  • Wind Walk increases speed to only 20 mph instead of 60,
  • Assassinate slayer talent does not require target to be unaware of Slayer, only flat-footed
  • Sanctified Slayer looses Bane ability,
  • Cult Leader Warpriest gains weapon focus at level 1 instead of bonus combat feat at level 18 and one rouge talent at level 6 instead of combat feat,
  • Overwhelming soul can use Mental Prowess a number of times per day qual to 2 + its kineticist level,
  • Lore Warden Hair's Breadth ability grants a permanent bonus to AC against critical hits equal to 1/3 of mobility skill
  • Lore Warden maneuver mastery gives same bonus to all combat maneuvers,
  • Warrior Spirit Advanced Weapon Training option allows to apply any number of enchantments as long as their combined cost fits into available amount,
  • Condition removal DC for Master Healing Technique ability of divine herbalist oracle is increased by 5,
  • Monk/Ninja ki pools do not stack,
  • You can not use twf with unhindering shield,
  • Twinned Eidolon can use spell-like ability an additional time per day at level 11 and 18,
  • Kinetic Chirurgeon looses wild talents instead of infusions/infusion specializations/metakinesis,
  • Vindictive Bastard can cast paladin spells,
  • Sacred servant does not get -3 to its effective level for domain abilities,
  • Boon Companion works with Eidolons and Corpse Companions,
  • Havocker was a bit reworked, she receives infusions at level 4 and every 4 levels therafter, spell burn at level 6, can gather energy as kineticist starting, and receives infusion specialization at levels 10, 14 and 18,  spellburn allows to reduce burn cost by 1 per 2 spell levels.
  • Dual cursed oracle  does not receive extra revelations at levels 5 and 13, she instead receives fortune at level 5 and misfortune at level 13,
  • Arsenal Chaplain completely looses sacred weapon and sacred weapon enchantment,
  • Feral hunter can cast summon nature's ally as sla similar to Monster Tactician Summon Monster instead of summon pack,
  • It is impossible to have both arcanist and wizard or arcanist and sorcerer/eldritch scion levels simultaneously due to technical reasons,
  • Mutation mind psychic archetype receives alchemical bonus to strength rather than enhancement one when using Physical Mutation, and it scales up to +8 at level 16,
  • Psychic Marauder aura of confusion dc scales with Intelligence,
  • Hallucinogenic Aura of Psychedelia Discipline has 20 ft radius,
  • Control Construct spell does not require concentration,
  • Dark Elementalist will restore up to 3 burn points when using Soul Power (optional),
  • Psychokineticist receives only -1 to wis skils and will saving throws  per burn point (optional).

Mod also changes stats of some npcs (optional)
  • Valerie class was changed to Vindictive Bastard and stats to 18/10/14/13/10/15
  • Harrim class was changed to Sacred Fist Warpriest and stats to 17/14/14/10/16/8
  • Amiri archetype was changed to Invulnerable Rager and her stats to 19/14/16/10/12/8
  • Ekun to 14/18/10/10/14/8
  • Tristian to 10/14/12/10/19/14 and replaces his primary domain to Sun and secondary domain to Restoration,
  • Linzi to 9/17/12/14/10/18
  • Octavia archetype was changed Exploiter Wizard and her stats to 10/14/12/19/10/14
  • Regongar to 19/12/12/10/8/16 (also fixes his portrait during respec)
  • Nok-Nok to 9/22/14/12/10/8
  • Jaethal to to 12/19/10/10/16/10

Special Thanks:
Hsinyu and Spacehamster for their help in resolving numerous problems that I faced while making this mod,
Elmindra for creating Eldritch Arcana mod, without which Call of the Wild would probably never happen,

Nolanoth for providing new icons.

Installation instructions
  • Download and install Unity Mod Manager 0.13.0 or later
  • Download the mod
  • drop archive to UMM gui or copy its content to your game_folder/Mods
  • Run the game

Source code at github