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Toggleable turn-based combat mode.

Permissions and credits
PF:WotR will have an official turn-based mode!
The official turn based mode will reference some good part of this mod and... make it even better! It will also add some new features which are missing in this mod but desired by many people. The most important thing is: you won't have to wait months for a mod anymore, just support WotR!! p.s. Owlcat contacted me in November 2019, but I promised to keep this news in secret. They sent me a present and I love it very much!

  • Read the mod description if you're not familiar to tabletop (or read the rule reference if my description is not clear), PLEASE.
  • The source code is published on GitHub.

  • This mod has following translations which can be selected in game:
  • English (Default)
  • Chinese
  • Deutsch (credits to michalnh)
  • French (credits to slipenbois)
  • Russian (credits to Msarc)

Showcase and Guide Video (Credits to RPG Community College. This video is based on mod version 0.9.27)

Playthrough (Credits to RangerTony)

Features & Rules
  • Turn-Based Combat mode and a combat tracker!!
  • You can toggle on/off this mode anytime via UMM menu or a custom hotkey (Alt+T by default).
  • It's recommended to toggle the mode BEFORE combat to prevent some unexpected behaviors, though you can toggle it in combat at will.
  • All mod features only take effect in turn-based mode by default.

  • Bugfix
  • This mod fixed some vanilla bugs, they are only applied in turn-based mode by default, but there are options to apply the fixes in real-time mode.

  • Time
  • 6s in game time is considered to be one round.
  • Game time will be frozen during a unit's turn, and go on between turns. You can idle and think in your turns.
  • There are some Time Scale options in UMM menu to speed up the combat animation.

  • The trigger of combat
  • The combat start whenever any unit is aware of its enemies, or having any offensive command.
  • If a unit see its enemy or it's attacked by its enemy, the unit and its group members will "remember" this enemy.
  • If any unit in the combat remembers its enemy or be remembered by its enemy, the combat will proceed.
  • If a unit is out of enemy's sight in the past 9 seconds, or it's in stealth, then it will be forgotten.
  • If all units in the combat have forgotten their enemies, the combat will end after 3 seconds.

  • Initiative
  • Units will perform their turn one by one in turn-based mode.
  • The order is determined by the initiative result. If two units have the same initiative, the player always first.
  • Units are unable to make an Attack Of Opportunity and lose their Dex bonus to AC before their first turn (unless they are immune to flat-footed).
  • If a unit joins the combat in the middle of the combat, it has to wait for one round (6s) to act.
  • Summoned units appear in the combat instantly, but they're unable to be targeted nor act in one round if they're summoned by a full-round spell.

  • Surprise Round
  • A surprise round happens before regular rounds begin, not everyone can act in surprise round.
  • If the combat is initiated by you, and no enemy can see you, then you can act in surprise round.
  • "No enemy can see you" means your party member should be in stealth, invisible, or out of any enemy's line of sight.
  • If a non-player unit isn't seen by its enemy, or it's trying to attack you before the start of combat, then it can act in surprise round.
  • If no unit (or all units) can act in surprise round, then no surprise round occurs.
  • Units have only one standard action (or a move action) in the surprise round, it means they can't make a full attack nor use pounce.
  • But units can still charge or cast a full-round spell before or during the surprise round (it's not RAW though).

  • Delay
  • You can choose to delay your turn before doing anything in the turn.
  • You must select a unit from the combat tracker after clicking the delay button, then your turn will be delayed until the the unit finished its turn.

  • End Turn
  • The turn will end automatically if you can no longer perform any actions (including 5-foot step) in current turn.
  • You can click the "End Turn" button to manually end current turn, and you'll lose the unused actions in the turn.
  • Don't forget that you can set your custom hotkeys in UMM menu for the Delay / End Turn button (Alt+D / Alt+E by default).

  • 5-Foot Step
  • Units can move 5 feet (without using move action) when they don't perform any other kind of movement in the same round.
  • The reverse is the same, units can't perform any other kind of movement after taking a 5-foot step (except for AI units).
  • Taking this 5-foot step never provokes an attack of opportunity.
  • Units can take a 5-foot step before, during, or after your other actions in the round.
  • Any creature with a speed of 5 feet or less can’t take a 5-foot step (but they can finish it if it's enabled before entering a hard terrain).
  • The custom hotkey for toggling 5-foot step is Alt+F by default.

  • Charge
  • Units can charge (double move + attack) when they don't perform any other kind of movement in the same round, and the reverse is the same.
  • Units having the pounce feat can make a full attack during a charge if they can normally make a full attack on their turn.
  • According to paizo FAQ, units can get its full attack from pounce even if they have only a standard action on their turn. But since you can't charge using only one standard action in game except during surprise round, and units can always move up to double their speed during a charge, pouncing in surprise round is not allowed by this mod (furthermore pouncing in surprise round is too OP).

  • Actions
  • There are icons on the UI to indicate remaining actions in current turn, from the left to the right are the standard, move, and swift action.
  • Moving as normal will slowly consume the move action.
  • If you've taken a 5-foot step, though you can't move anymore in the same round, but you can still use the move action (e.g drink a potion).
  • A full-round action costs a standard action and a move action, you need a full-round action to perform a full attack or certain abilities.
  • Units will make a full attack when possible by default, you can decide to make a single attack using a custom hotkey (Alt+A by default).
  • This mod is supposed to use the following rule, but you can move before, during, or after other actions:
In a normal round, you can perform a standard action and a move action, or you can perform a full-round action. You can also perform one swift action and one or more free actions. You can always take a move action in place of a standard action.

  • Toggleable Abilities
  • You can deactivate toggleable abilities before doing anything in current turn without costing any charge or action.
  • Turning on any toggleable ability will trigger and apply every activated abilities immediately.

  • Prone & Stand Up
  • If a unit is in prone, it can stand up using a move action.
  • The unit will stay in prone when its turn start, if it try to perform any action, it will stand up.
  • If the unit delay or end turn before it stands up, it will stay in prone.
  • If the unit cannot stand up (because it's still under the effect that makes it fall), the turn will auto end.

  • Stealth
  • Units can enter stealth whenever they are out of enemy's sight (even in combat), or they have feat/ability that allow them to hide in plain sight.
  • The stealth DC is D20 + Skill Modifier + Distance Bonus - Distance Penalty
  • Distance Bonus = the distance between the unit and the observer / 10 feet
  • Distance Penalty = +1 per second when there is any observer within 10 feet
  • When the unit is under an enemy's line of sight, it has to pass the perception check to stay in stealth.
  • The perception dice rolls only once per combat for each unit, or re-rolls when it's successfully against a stealth DC.
  • A unit in stealth will be spotted when:
    1. it failed the check, 2. it's within 1.7 feet of any enemy, 3. it's within the range of enemy's Blindsense, 4. it performed any offensive action

  • Moving Through Friendly Units
  • There are options that allow you to move through allies or neutral units.
  • Also you can change the collision radius to deal with the issue of pathfinding.

  • Touch Spell
  • A unit can cast a touch spell and make a free touch attack in the same turn. If the touch attack misses, the unit can hold the charge.
  • Using the charge to make a touch attack is a standard action.
  • If the unit cast another spell while holding a charge, the spell will dissipates.
  • If you somehow dismiss the command of the touch attack, you can re-order the touch attack through an ability icon on the action bar.
  • The unit may make a normal unarmed attack (or an attack with a natural weapon) while holding a charge.
    If the attack hits, it deals normal damage for the unarmed attack or natural weapon and the spell discharges.

  • Spell Combat
  • A unit can cast a Magus spell with a standard action and then make a full attack in the same turn.
  • The unit takes a standard action when casting the spell and use a move action after attacking (because it's a full round action).
  • If the unit has consumed its move action, it will lose its ability to make a full attack with Spell Combat in current turn.
  • The unit can still make a 5-foot step before, during, or after using Spell Combat.

  • Spellstrike
  • A unit can cast a Magus touch spell, make a free single attack with any melee weapon, and deliver the touch spell with weapon in the same turn.
  • This free attack can be stacked with a full attack using Spell Combat.
  • This free attack can NOT be retained to the next turn.

  • Misc
  • Staggered units only have single standard action (can be used as a move action) in their turn.
  • Nauseated units only have single move action in their turn.
  • A unit could lose its Dex bonus to AC because of following reasons (it's not a mod feature, this mod just show the icon to indicate the state):
The unit is Flat-Footed
The unit does not remember the attacker (it hasn't seen the attacker nor attacked by the attacker / or it has forgotten the attacker)
The unit is Helpless
The unit is Stunned
The attacker has Total Concealment from the unit (or the unit is Blinded and doesn't have Blindsight, Blind-Fight, nor Uncanny Dodge)
The attacker has Shatter Defenses feat and the unit is Shaken or Frightened
The attacker has activated Impromptu Sneak Attack
The unit lost its Dex bonus to AC because of other unlisted effects


Compatibility (list of tested versions)
  • Kingmaker version 1.3.3 / 2.0.x (2.0.8 has fixed certain bugs which was fixed by this mod, but those fixes won't be broken by this mod)
  • UMM version 0.14.1 and above

Mod Conflicts
  • Don't modify action cooldowns with other mods.
  • Don't use the following options of Bag of Tricks
    Cheats -> Spell & Ability Options -> No Cooldown
    Cheats -> Spell & Ability Options -> Main Character Has No Cooldown
  • The following options doesn't work if you are using Closer To Tabletop
    Gameplay -> Rule -> Flanking Count All Opponents Within Threatened Range
    Bugfix -> Fix you can use Acrobatics (Mobility) to avoid AoO even if the AoO is provoked due to reasons other than movement
  • The following options doesn't work if you are using Proper Flanking
    Gameplay -> Rule -> Flanking Count All Opponents Within Threatened Range
  • The following options will be overridden by Call of the Wild
    Bugfix -> Fix the action type of starting a Bardic Performance and the effect of Singing Steel
    Bugfix -> Fix the action type of swapping weapons (Standard Action => Move Action)

  • Races Unleashed breaks Summon Monster I, and it will cause an infinite loop in turn-based mode if AI tries to cast the spell.

Recommend Mods
Known Issues (some of them will be fixed, but some will not)
  • Drinking a potion is a standard action in PnP, but it's a move action instead in game, it's designed in base game.
  • You can change your weapon even when you have no standard action left in current turn, but the game will take your action in the next turn.
  • If you have a feat/ability that needs full attack, and it's applied to the first attack, the move action will still be returned if you did only one attack.
  • Turning on/off turn-based mode during combat could mess the turn order / action cooldowns (it's recommended toggling before combat).
  • * Sometimes if a unit provokes Attack Of Opportunity and is killed, it can still complete the last action before it dies (it's a base game issue).
  • Sometimes NPC can join the combat even if they are far from you (it's a base game issue).

To Do
  • Nothing at this moment

Not To Do

  • to Spacehamster who pushed me in the rabbit hole and shared the code for keybinding.
  • to Scion, Stratagemini, fasthd97 and people on Discord gave me a lot of suggestions about this mod.
  • to inubasiri, Pinrri, soldier9 and Pilda who helped me a lot to iron out the bugs and offered me some PnP suggestions.
  • to coachk who offered the solution of Moving Through Friendly Units feature.
  • to michalnh, slipenbois and Msarc who translated this mod.
  • to everyone who gave me feedback or reported bugs, you guys made this mod better.