Pathfinder: Kingmaker
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Small additions to Kineticists.

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Fumi's Codex
Mod for Pathfinder: Kingmaker

* This mod will affect your save. You must load this mod after a character has feats/abilities this mod adds to the game. 'Respec'ing might allow you to uninstall, but not promises.
* Please DON'T REPORT BUGS you encounter to Owlcat Games while mods are active.
* BE AWARE that all mods are WIP and may fail.
* I do not take any responsibility for broken saves or any other damage. Use this software at your own risk.

* You will need Unity Mod Manager.
* This mod requires Call of the Wild to be installed and enabled.
* Simply drop the zip file from the download section into the manager.

* Extra Arcana Feat [Link]
* Flensing Strike [Link]
* Impale Infusion [Link]
* Mobile Blast [Link]
* Spark of Life [Link] (optimized for Turn-Based-Mod)
* Shift Earth [Link] (only creates pits)
* Mobile Gathering [Link]
* various Flight Wild Talents (Wings of Air, Greater Flame Jet, Ice Path)
* Spray Infusion 'passive' (Homebrew: Spray Infusion can be used for cold blast)
* Extra Wild Talent Feat (Homebrew: Like [this](, but without the ridiculous level increase)
* Mind Shield (Homebrew: Ignore some penalties to WIS damage from Psychokineticist)
* Precise Blast Wild Talent (Homebrew: No friendly fire blasts.)
* CotW: remove HD cap on slumber hexes.

Bug Fixes
* Wall Infusion does now deal its damage each turn instead of just once
* Expanded Element will now grant bonuses when you pick your primary element again
* Spiked Pit actually deals damage every round

Homebrew and changes to CotW (Call of the Wild) are optional and can be deactivated in the manager.

If you want to report bugs or view the source code go to Github