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About this mod

The mod adds some spells from the PnP game to Pathfinder Kingmaker. It also adds some optional features.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds the following spells from the PnP game to Pathfinder Kingmaker:

Suggestion, Mass
Glue Seal
Heightened Awareness
Acute Senses
Mage's Disjunction
Euphoric Cloud
Mydriatic Spontaneity
Mydriatic Spontaneity, Mass

This mod also adds these optional features:

These features can be turned off by changing the "change_inspire_rage_mind_affecting", "dismiss_domination", "domination_gives_control", "ear_pierce_daze_update", "remove_slumber_nerf", and "spell_replacement", flags respectively in the settings.json file that is stored here:
installDirectory\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Mods\CowWithHatsCustomSpellsMod

"dismiss_domination" adds functionality to the Dismiss ability from Call of the Wild. With this setting set to true, players can end Domination effects that they have inflicted on enemies with the Dismiss ability.

"domination_gives_control" allows the player to directly control creatures which are under the effects of domination.

"ear_pierce_daze_update" adds the option to change the spell Ear-Piercing Scream so that the daze associated with that spell is no longer a mind-affecting buff. That will allow it to be functional against plant and undead creatures.

"remove_slumber_nerf" adds the option to restore the Witch's Slumber Hex to its PnP functionality of effecting enemies of any HD instead of only caster's character level in HD or less.

"change_inspire_rage_mind_affecting" adds the option to change the Skald ability Inspired Rage to no longer be Mind-Affecting, thereby allowing it to work on Jaethal and any animated dead you might have at your beck and call. While unintuitive I believe this is the RAW PnP way that ability should work.

"spell_replacement" adds the ability for spontaneous casters, exempting the Occultist class who lacks a defined spell list, to retrain spells at appropriate levels.

"iconic_amiri" which sets Amiri's starting statistics, class, feats, and skills to the same stats as the Iconic Barbarian in Pathfinder. This only functions with a new game and it should work regardless of whether or not you have the "update_companions" setting on in Call of the Wild

Differences from PnP
Suggestion is powered down to only allow the specific suggestion "Avoid combat and look inward." It causes the subject to be lost in thought as though fascinated until they are damaged or the fairly long duration ends.

Heightened Awareness does not automatically discharge on an Initiative Check. The caster has the ability to dismiss the buff for a short term Initiative bonus. Before a fight is imminent you can dismiss the spell through the abilities tab to benefit from the bonus.

Mage's Disjunction does not suppress magic items and has slightly differing range and area to be functional in Kingmaker. The spell targets an area and dispels all magic buffs in the area, dismisses all summons in the area, and removes all magical area effects that effect creatures in the area.

Euphoric Cloud gives affected creatures a buff that prevents them from continuously having to save against the condition. If they get the condition it breaks on damage. Effected creatures get additional saves to break the condition if there are nearby enemies

This mod requires the Call of the Wild mod which can be accessed here:

It requires a version of that mod at version  1.103-2.1b or later.

Installation instructions
  • Download and install Unity Mod Manager 0.13.0 or later
  • Download the mod
  • drop .zip files from this and Call of the Wild to UMM gui or copy its content to your game_folder/Mods
  • Run the game

Finally, this mod is expected to run only on the most updated game version. There is a second option for the mod for the 2.0.8 patch which should be fully functional but is not the main focus and may have odd behavior. Use at your own risk.