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About this mod

A Mod to add the Arcane Archer class with more to come.

Permissions and credits
The mod requires the Call of the Wild version 1.3.1 or later to work correctly as it was built with help from Holic92 and makes extensive use of the excellent helper methods provided in that mod. Call of the Wild can be found here:

Arcane Archer
The Arcane Archer class has been implemented as close to pen nad paper as possible, but some features are not possible.

  • Enhance Arrows (Magic) is implemented, you don't activate it, to quote Todd Howard "It just works", if your bow isn't already +1 or better, you get +1 to hit and damage. If your bow is Masterworked, you'll just get the +1 to damage.
  • Imbue Arrows is implemented (it makes use of the feature of the same name created by Holic92 for the Hinterlander class)
  • Enhance Arrows (Elemental) is implemented, provides three abilities (one per element arcane archers get), tied to a shared fixed resource pool. This means you can activate one, and it'll stay active until you switch to a different one the following day. If you have a bow that already does the elemental damage type, this ability doesn't do anything. However, if you have a bow that does Fire damage, you could use this ability to apply Frost damage as well!
  • Seeker Arrow is implemented but doesn't have any interaction with cover, I will look to collaborate with the author of closer to tabletop to get a patch in the future.
  • Enhance Arrows (Distance) is not implemented, the class gets a bonus archery feat (as per ranger) instead.
  • Phase Arrow is implemented but like Seeker arrow, doesn't interact with cover as cover doesn't exist in the base game
  • Enhance Arrows (Burst) is implemented, bonus elemental damage when causing a critical based on whichever Enhance Arrows (Elemental) ability you currently have active.
  • Hail of Arrows is implemented but has no restriction on number of targets, after some discussion it was deemed to be too complicated and not worth the effort considering fighting more than 8-10 enemies is extremely rare. So the class gets a minor buff there. This ability is very satisfying to watch :)
  • Enhance Arrows (Aligned) is implemented, it works essentially the same as Enhance Arrows (Elemental) but has it's own resource pool so you can have both an element and an alignment applied to your bow at once.
  • Arrow of Death is implemented as an activatale ability, once toggled the next attack you fire will trigger the DC 20 + Charisma save and on a failure the target dies. Activating the ability is a free action, it can be used 1/day. The reason for this, is that unlike Seeker or Phase arrows, the pnp version of this ability isn't an action, instead you create the arrow whenever you like and can then fire it whenever you like, allowing it to be combined with any of the classes other abilities and allowing it to be used during a full attack.

Now also adds:

Deadeye Devotee 
This has been implemented as a standalone prestige class because archetypes with different requirements are not an option.
I have not included the requirement to follow Erastil for now, if it's something people really want, I can add it but honestly it didn't feel worth it.
The class replaces Seeker Arrows with:
  • Energy Arrows - works for prepared inflict or cure spells but currently doesn't for spontaneous versions, I'm looking into it, but not totally sure how I'd implement it without more digging.
  • A character with levels in arcane archer cannot take levels in deadeye devotee, and a character with levels in deadeye devotee cannot take levels in arcane archer.

Expanded Enhance Arrows
This adds a feat which allows the PC to have more options for their enhance arrows features, and adds enhance arrows as a feature at level 5. I've also updated the arcane archer (and deadeye devotee) bonus feat that replaced enhance arrows (distance) to include this feat as a possible option.

Extra Hail of Arrows
This adds a feat which allows you to use hail of arrows one additional time, it's currently only able to be taken once however.

Owlcat Familiar
Essentially the same as cat familiar, but uses the owlcat model, just a cute thing to follow you around. I'd love to look at making familiars controllable, with hp and the ability to deliver touch attacks...

You can now edit the included settings.json to use the highest of your mental stats instead of charisma for Arrow of Death.

Quick note on upgrading:
If you have already gained enhance arrows (elemental) or later features, you probably want to respec before updating the mod to ensure it loads correctly as I've had to update that feature and also the later feat as well.