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    Several companions coming from the duchy of Gransys (Dragon's Dogma). They have different skills and locations and are completely independent of each other, behaving just like any other regular NPC when not walking with the player.

    Rift companions are the first set of companions to have quests and conversation topics that extend beyond their initial quests. They know each other from their time in Gransys, and they comment on your other friends. Disposition becomes important, as their actions and their fighting style depend on what they think of you and other members of your party. They can learn more about Lena's Companions than about companions from other mods, but they will respond to any companions.

    Scarlet - a fighter, Chorrol

    Another myrmidon to jo...

  • Rook - a healer - Anvil

    Rook is a mage specialising in healing, that is the part of school of Restoration that concerns itself with restoring people's health rather than absorbing it. He is also skilled in Alteration and Alchemy, again for the purposes of protection and healing. He has a shop near Anvil's main gate selling potions and scrolls.

    Rook is another myrmidon, and is therefore immortal. Although he is a healer at heart, he is quite effective with Destruction spells too and can hold his own in battle. However, his main concern is for his allies, and he will heal and shield them as necessity demands.

    If you wish for Rook to join your party, visit him at his shop and see if there's anything you can do to convince him to leave his home. It seems he's had quite enough of battle alre...

  • Scorpio - an elemental sorcerer - Crucible - Shivering Isles

    Scorpio made his way to the Shivering Isles from a far away land of Gransys (Dragon's Dogma) where he was cursed to immortality - he was one of the many myrmidons there. He'd seen it all and had enough of it, and so he left (it isn't true that myrmidons have no will of their own). He found the Shivering Isles to be to his liking, and even bought a house in Crucible.

    Scorpio is an elemental sorcerer, not just a plain Destruction mage. He brings complex incantations not available from the Mages Guild, but he throws a mean fireball, too. In close quarters however he relies on his axe and Madness armour.

    At low levels you may not witness Scorpio's true power because his incantations require a lot of magicka and fatigue to cast - they draw on his endurance as well as...

  • Dylan - a Mazken warrior - Passwall - Shivering Isles

    Disenchanted with the Mazken order, Dylan walks into Passwall once the Gatekeeper has been killed. The women will have you believe that the male Dark Seducers are weak and useless... Dylan had enough of that nonsense. He is making a life for himself, and could use a bit of adventure in it.

    Dylan is a warrior skilled with all kinds of weapons, light armour and restoration. He wears Mazken armour that is upgraded as he levels up - the same as with his female counterparts. He is aligned with Dementia but will travel in Mania too, if needed. He has a house in Passwall, he patrols the Fringe and keeps grummites under control. He does not leave the Shivering Isles. You can write a letter to him asking to meet you in Crucible, but he won't be hanging around Bliss.

  • Jowan Angwin - a blood mage - Fade walker - Bruma

    Jowan got himself into a hot mess back in Ferelden (Dragon Age Origins), so when an opportunity arose to board a ship and sail "elsewhere", he took it without hesitation. The ship was bound for Tamriel, docking in Anvil a few months later. Jowan rattled around Cyrodiil for a bit first, eventually settling down in Bruma where his particular interests in magic were not only not disapproved of, but may be even supported...

    Why was the Bruma chapter of the Mages Guild the only one without a specialisation? Which school of magic was recently banned by Arch-Mage Traven? You put two and two together. Perhaps not everyone was willing to give up their life's work at a drop of a hat. Magister Jowan Angwin made friends there.

    Jowan has a house in Bruma and a horse at the st...

  • Yennefer Vengerberg - a sorceress - Skingrad

    Mistress Yennefer Vengerberg is a new adviser to Count Janus Hassildor of Skingrad. She is staying at Castle Skingrad. Come to the castle or talk to people in town to find out how you can meet her. Will she give up her work to accompany you on your adventures? It's up to you to find out. Perhaps you need to help her with something first.

    Yennefer is skilled in several schools of magic and possesses unique spells. She will be glad to teach them to you once you are skilled enough. Yennefer is also skilled with a blade and light armour. She wears her own unique gown in black and white (naturally) and has a unique set of armour that is being upgraded as she levels up. She will wear any other armour however, if it is better than her own.

    Yennefer has a horse statio...

  • Geralt of Rivia - a witcher - Bruma

    Geralt arrived in Tamriel and is residing in Bruma - it appears that his services are needed in the area to deal with all the ogres and goblins running amok. He is staying at Olav's Tap and Tack.

    Geralt brought his own gear which is unique to him. It gets upgraded as he levels up, but always looks the same. He may also choose to wear different armour if it is better than his own. As a witcher, Geralt is skilled with blades and light armour, as well as the schools of magic relevant to witcher signs - a set of spells exclusive to witchers. They too come in different grades, becoming stronger as Geralt levels up. Geralt's horse Roach is stationed in the Bruma stables.

    This companion is based on Witcher in Cyrodiil - a mod that implements all the witcher functionalit...

  • Fenris Bero - a vampire nightblade - Deepscorn Hollow

    Fenris is an upgrade to the nameless Dark Minion that comes with the Vile Lair DLC. He is a Dunmer vampire nightblade and he will follow you into battle after you've done a thing or two first.

    If you thought that Rowley Eardwulf was a cheat and a swindler, you are not alone. Your great-uncle's Sanctuary used to house a group of assassins, not just one, so what did Rowley do with the rest of the furnishings? Why don't you ask him that.

    If you are happy with Rowley's replies, this mod will have no further effect and you might as well uninstall it. However, if you thought that Rowley should be getting his comeuppance, then go for it, and afterwards go see Borba in Cheydinhal - perhaps she can do better sourcing furniture for you.

    Once that task is accomp...

  • Azarath Salvel - a Morag Tong Brother - Sadrith Mora - Morroblivion

    Morag Tong is watching you! Whether you are a member or not, they are following your movements. Azarath Salvel will appear every time you do something noteworthy, and given his occupation, what do you think that would be? When you've done it enough times, he will congratulate you on your achievement and offer his assistance. From that point on you will find him at the Morag Tong Guild Hall in Sadrith Mora - extended with an extra room and more beds.

    Azarath is an assassin, and his skills reflect that. He is skilled with a blade, bow, light armour, illusion and restoration, he is all about stealth. He is not bound to Morrowind and will follow you elsewhere with any form of follower-friendly transport. However, he has no horse and you cannot write letters to him. There is also...

  • Solea Nuccusius - an Imperial Battlemage - Fort Moonmoth - Morroblivion

    This mod has been integrated into a merge: Morroblivion Towns Extended.
    This stand-alone version will no longer be updated! Do not use stand alone if using the merge.

    This mod requires Morroblivion!

    Solea is an Imperial battlemage guarding the prison cells at Fort Moonmoth - hardly an exciting post! She will gladly join you on your adventures instead. She doesn't have a horse as there are no horses in Morrowind. When dismissed, she returns to her post and cannot easily leave - there is no letter writing for Solea.

    Solea's rank in the Imperial Legion is a Trooper. If you are a member of the Legion too, you have to wear your uniform around her as long as your rank is below hers, or she may refuse to speak with you. This is a standard behav...

  • Garrus Darelliun - a knight - Captain of the City Guard in Cheydinhal

    Garrus starts out as the second in command in the City Guard of Cheydinhal. He does not become your potential companion until he gets promoted to Captain, that is until you complete the Corruption and Conscience quest to his satisfaction. If he approves of your choices, he gets the promotion and someone else is assigned to guard the throne room all day long. Garrus then takes over the Captain's duties and will be happy to join you on your adventures too. Although he is officially a guard, he won't arrest you, but it's best not to let him see you committing crimes.

    Garrus has a horse stationed at the Cheydinhal stables, he resides in the City Guard barracks where he gets to use the Captain's room, according to his rank.

    Born under the Atronach, Garrus can absorb s...

  • Hauk Serck-Hanssen - an Imperial Battlemage - Imperial City

    Hauk is a Mages Guild Evoker and an Imperial Battlemage, but he is not a guard and won't arrest you. He is a Nord in his 50s, strong, skilled and good-natured. He resides at the Arcane University, sharing quarters with the other battlemages. You can find him there, or ask around town as he spends time in various places around the Imperial City. His horse is stationed at the Chestnut Stables.

    As a battlemage, Hauk is skilled in Blade, Blunt, Heavy Armour and several schools of magic. He is not a skilled marksman, although he will use a bow if it is available. His destruction spells are usually more effective, however. Born under the Lord, he has the Blood of the North healing power but is susceptible to fire through a Trollkin curse.

    Hauk has always wanted a house in...

  • Relevant Tutorial Links

    Below I've provided some links to other tutorials for Oblivion modding and setup, the goal of this guide was to be simple and straight to the point obviously, but if you require further information or help, these links may be of use to you.

    Stepmodifications: Mod Organizer 2 Setup Guide
    Running xOBSE with Mod Organizer 2

    Kat's GOG / Linux Oblivion Setup (This modlist is NOT made for GOG or Linux, so I will not provide support for them, I provided this link just in case)

    Stepmodifications: Oblivion INI Guide

    Of course, more links will be added here as I see fit, or if anybody else suggests relevant links to be added...

  • Stylized sword

    Stylized sword to oblivion....

  • PCs in Test

    PC in test, given you may draw a similar local comparison in what to expect when you have MOFAM installed.

    PC (September 2020-onward):
    Dedicated Windows PC: 10GB Gigabyte RTX3080 / 1TB m.2 / i9 10900k / 32GB 3200hz RAM.

    Windows 10 2004

    In-game Resolution:

    Average FPS (capped at 60):
    Exteriors: 50 fps
    Interiors: 58 fps...

  • Complete Changelog

    05.23 - Initial Release



    Part 35: Weapons Of Morrowind - OOO (Extended) Patch


    Part 4: Imperial City Landscape fix (updated install)
    Part 7: Seamless OCO (updated install)
    Part 9: EVE for Oscuro Oblivion Overhaul (corrected download & updated install)
    Part 10: Better Cities (updated install)
    Part 12: All Natural (updated install)
    Part 24: Jaysus Blades (updated install)
    Part 26: Legion Forester Outposts (updated install)
    Part 28: SM DLC Plugin Refurbish (updated install)
    Part 36: Prebash Merge (added All Natural Real Lights - Better Cities IC Patch)
    Part 37: Load Order updated

    --Final Steps--

    Part 36: Rebuild Preba...

  • Prologue

    The theme of MOFAM was always to enhance every aspect of vanilla, expand on the game's narrative by providing a wealth of new lore-friendly quests, and make full use of the modding tools we have available. My background was QA so ensuring Im delivering a quality piece of software is purely instinctive.

    A theme with any given large modlist is balance. Yes, we have script-heavy mods, we have plenty of retextures, plenty of quests. I have tested (and endorsed) quite literally thousands of mods to ensure MOFAM is capable of an install-and-play level of stability & enjoyment whilst staying true to the original developer's expectations.

    We will make full uses of MO2, xedit, zmerge, xlodgen, BS Arch Pro, enb, bethini & lastly wrye bash.
    You may also need ...

  • Changelog

    *This mod is currently no longer packaged with compatible versions/patches for other mods.

    + Fixed Predator & Prey dynamics
    + Predators should go after Prey a lot more now
    + Removed all "dead" creatures from the mod
    + (if the creature is supposed to spawn in dead already, it is unaffected by this mod)
    + Fixed Ancotar's Faction
    + I re-added 'CreatureFaction' to be friendly to 'MS47CreatureFaction'
    this is because everything in this faction is invisible and shouldn't be attacked by anything else.

    + Fixed Sybilla Draconis

    + Tweaked Faction Relations
    + Fixed bugs
    + Minotaurs have a slight positive disposition to 'Prey Creatures'

    + Ad...

  • Daedric Champion Series: A Dark Oblivion Questline

    You were within that particular Jail Cell of the Imperial Prison for a reason.
    Embark upon a more Dark Quest: the quest behind the premise.

    (Do you remember the Wooden Mask, & how it caused the player to travel back in time? Who likes murderous invading Barbarians anyway? & why would you explain?! It's not like the Nords asked the Dunmer for permission to nearly genocide their people & steal so much of their land!)

    So, embark upon a journey of a higher purpose & intelligence: Daedric Champion Series.

    (Yeah. I want to make some original questline for Oblivion. :-D)...

  • City Isle Player Home

    A player home located on the city isle....