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  • Spawn rate mechanics

    The spawn rates for the jewels isn't exactly like other leveled lists in vanilla game. Other leveled lists generally give you gear fitting your level only, whereas the jewel lists have a chance of giving you a jewel appropriate for your level, but also you have an equal chance of getting any jewel that is lower than your level.

    The jewels are ordered by tiers, same as sigil stones. There are 5 tiers: 

    Level 1 characters may find them; example jewel: Fire damage 5pts on strike / Resist Fire 15pts
    Level 6 characters may find them; example jewel: Fire damage 10pts on strike / Resist Fire 20pts

    Level 11 characters may find them; example jewel: Fire damage 15pts on strike / Resist Fire 25pts

    Level 16 characters may find them; examp...

  • List of Containers that can contain the Enchanted Jewels

    An exact list of containers which may contain Jewels

    Editorld Name
    ChestVendorEnchanterl01 Chest
    ChestVendorEnchanterl02 Chest
    ChestVendorEnchanterG02 Chest
    ChestVendorEnchanterG03 Chest
    ChestVendorEnchanterG01 Chest
    DungBanditBossChest01 Chest
    DungBanditBossChest02 Chest
    DungMarauderBossChestfort Chest
    DungMarauderBossChestAlyied01 Ayleid Coffer
    DungMarauderBossChestAlyied02 Ayleid Reliquary
    DungNecroChest01 Chest
    DungNecroChest02 Chest
    DungNecroChest03 Chest
    DungNecroBossChestAlyied01 Ayleid Coffer
    DungNecroBossChestAlyied02 A...

  • Pandora's Box

    A magical chest for infinite items and mobile vending....

  • Morroblivon more gold for merchants

    gives more gold to traders in morroblvion  in seydasneen
    and balmora
     more to come sick and tired of being over encumbered and this dicks broke well no more there all filthy Rich and soon you will be too...

  • Cyrodiil Travel Services Enhanced Compatibility Patches - Version Francaise

    Cyrodiil Travel Services Enhanced Compatibility Patches

    Cette description a été traduite par mes soins depuis mon texte original en Anglais, il y a donc des tournures de phrases qui sont un peu étrange puisque j'ai un peu traduit de manière bête et méchante. Pas d’inquiétude pour le mod en lui même j'ai été plutôt rigoureux de ce côté là je pense.


    Contenu du mod
    Problèmes connus
    Outils utilisés

    1. Résumé

    J'ai récemment commencé un playthrough moddé d'Oblivion après assez longtemps sans jouer et j'ai remarqué que malgré le bon travail qu'Arthmoor a déjà réalisé pour supporter ses autres mods et le...

  • Nachtrag

    Dies sind hoffentlich alle Schilder aus dem Hauptspiel. Shivering Isles habe ich nicht be...

  • Levelling Customizations

    This is a collection of the changes other players have made to the levelling parameters to suit their gaming experience. Basically as more quest mods support Oblivion XP, we are finding that the original equations developed by SirFrederik need a bit of tweaking to slow your rate of levelling. All of the players below are either running FCOM or have a large number of quest mods loaded. You can see what kind of effect these numbers will have on your game by looking at the levelling equation spreadsheet in the Docs folder in your game data folder. The spreadsheet has a graph of the existing formula, as well as an area for you to plug in new numbers and see the result.

    If you are running FCOM, I recommend using settings labelled as much slower.

    If you would like to subm...

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Installation Issues

    Follow the installation instructions in the readme (PDF) EXACTLY. You may install this with BAIN, Vortex or manually. Instructions are included for all
    three methods.
    If you get a big box on the screen with nothing happening, then you have installed it incorrectly or you forgot to enable the plugin.
    If Oblivion hangs or crashes when you try to load a saved game, then double-check your installation. You must install Oblivion XP after any mod that
    modifies the user interface (UI), including the HUD. If you're not sure, install it last.
    Do NOT use weOCPS. Itdoesn't prevent crashes, it just hides the cause, which means that you'll eventually ruin your game....

  • Usage Tutorial for Modders

    How to set up custom recipes and crafting stations

    Custom Recipes

    OCRAFT Ini files are located in "Data/Ini/OCRAFT" folder.
    They must have the same name as one of loaded plugin files + .ini extension, for example: Oblivion.esm.ini
    If named like that, they are automatically recognized and loaded by the mod.

    Recipe is defined by several lines in INI file. Here is a generic example:

    set OCRAFT.StationRef to (GetFormFromMod "ModName.esp" XXXXXX)
    set OCRAFT.ResultingItem to (GetFormFromMod "ModName.esp" XXXXXX)
    set OCRAFT.ResultingItemN to 1
    set OCRAFT.C01 to (GetFormFromMod "ModName.esp" XXXXXX)
    set OCRAFT.C01N to 1
    set OCRAFT.C02 to (GetFormFromMod "ModName...

  • Tail Fix for Oblivion Character Overhaul Compatibility Edition

    Fix the missing Argonians and Khajiit tail in the Oblivion Character Overhaul Compatibility Edition mod....

  • Letteralmente : Pattuglie Alleate ai Cancelli di Oblivon

    Questa è una perla nascosta: semplice ma di un efficacia tastabile.
    Nella versione vanilla i cancelli sono unicamente circondati da mostri daedrici, nessun soldato della guardia imperiale, nessun mago dell'università, lettaralmente nessun guerriero nei dintorni che abbia le cosidette per affrontare la tanto discussa invasione daedrica.
    Eppure è sulla bocca di tutti gli abitanti di Cyrodiil ma l'unico che si deve sorbire la solita pantomima di entrare in quell'inferno spetta solo al nostro eroe ( E al povero Martin ).

    AOGP sistema un errore così semplice eppure così scontato, garantendo immersività con la semplice aggiunta di un party che tenterà in tutti i modi di respingere ogni daedra invasore, pattugliando la zona e attendendo che il nostro eroe chiuda il ...

  • Senz'Armatura : Un Must Have

    Personalmente sono rimasto allibito dall'assenza di una così importante abilità, specialmente dopo aver giocato a Morrowind.
    La tipologia di equipaggiamento nel gioco c'è (Vesti) eppure nessuna abilità correlata?
    Classi basate sui classici Maghi o Monaci possono ora finalmente trarre il meglio dalle loro corrette build (solitamente ''Senz'armatura" è il loro equipaggiamento prediletto) ottenendo utili vantaggi come al solito ai rispettivi livelli 25/50/75/100.
    Purtroppo non è selezionabile come Abilità Maggiore. Tuttavia si comporterà come Abilità Minore perfettamente.
    La mod è molto customizzabile attraverso il file INI, tuttavia vi invito caldamente ad adoperare LINK! Comodo, pratico e diretto.

    Decisamente una mod degna della categoria "Vanil...

  • (Spoilers) Unique Content List

    This is a list of various items/things from the mod. I recommend trying to find them on your own, though.

    Welkynd Essense Locations
    Anutwyll Inner Chambers
    Beldaburo Anga
    Hrotanda Vale Sanctum
    Hall of Epochs
    Lindai Inner Tombs
    Nenyond Twyll Riellesel
    Vahtacen Lorsel (2)
    Veyond Gandrasel
    Wendelbek Sel Aran Mathmedli

    Unique Spell Tomes

    Death Hex (Curse Heath Regeneration)Benirus Manor Basement
    Raise Corpse (Reanimate)Cadlew Chapel
    Raise Graveyard (Reanimate)Dark Fissure Inner Sanctum
    Graverobber's Trick (Detect Dead + Feather)Agarmir's Private Quarters
    Dagon's Gift (Bound Mythic Dawn Armor)Dagon Shrine Living Quarters
    Reanimate Corpse ...

  • FAQ-Walkthrough-Guide

    The Isle of Centiel - Walkthrough/Guide
    --- DISCLAIMER --- 
    You don't need this guide at all! 
    The mod is very straightforward, I recommend only using this guide if you are stuck or interested in certain mechanics / 100% completion
    --- --- ---
    a) General Advice / Differences from vanilla oblivion
    b) Items List
    c) Spells List
    I. Getting Started
    II. Naviport
    III. Ceniel - Beginning
    IV. Shamir/Waterfall Cave
    V. Sazir/The Feud
    VI. Claraturim/Thieves Hideout
    VII. Centiel City
    VIII. The Crypt
    IX. Godand's Tower
    X. The Palace Dungeon
    XI. The Lighthouse Stone
    XII. Vidam Mines
    XIII. Nisebaek/The Ocean Shrine
    XIV. Mt Ondorage
    XV. The...

  • To do list

    I don’t know when I’ll get to this, but I can at least make a list of what I’d like to do before the next update. Maybe someone else will get to it before I do!

    -Make sure files are properly organized. I think some textures may be in the wrong folder here and there.

    -Make Gold Coast textures less red, including LOD. Use the original textures to create a Red Gold Coast option similar to the Blue Jerall option.

    -Identify Orange Road trees to create an Orange Orange Road option. Hoping I can just swap Brittany’s original Blackwood leaves to do the job.

    -Add collision to TreeWhitePineSnow.spt.

    -Identify other trees that still need collision....

  • Just a dungeon

    An Ayleid dungeon with a vampiric twist. Do you have what it takes to overcome this terrifying place?...

  • Install

    drag and drop the "dungeons" folder at the following path: Oblivion/data/textures...

  • Competent Farmers

      Adds a realistic amount of crops to every "Farm" in Cyrodil.
    Does not add anything to SI.
    May conflict with any mod that changes the shape of the landscape of any farm on the main Continent....

  • Array Shuffle with Dwemer Tileset

    NOTE WELL: This is a Resource, not a Mod

    Use the spell '+Dwemer Kit Travel' - it can take 5-10 seconds to appear in inventory first time.

    For random permutation, the script is FnRandShuffle, the Dwemer tileset thrown in.

    Meshes, Textures and Sound only for Oblivion mod use, no other game.

    Please give me credit for whatever you use....