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  • Issues


    -”I was there when he died” leads to a mismatch between audio and subtitles for one line
    -”Baurus” topic unvoiced
    -”Elder Council” topic unvoiced

    -“Well then, thank you Martin” after Martin’s speech when arriving at Cloud Ruler Temple is unvoiced

    -Baurus topic after Dagon Shrine unvoiced

    -Blood Of The Divines ”Armor of Tiber Septim” topic unvoiced, but subsequent “What evil lurks in Sancre Tor?” and second “Armor of Tiber Septim” topics are.

    -Miscarcand “With all due respect, sire, there must be another way”, “The countess will never agree to it…” “Very well.”, “The blades are at your disposal, as always”  unvoiced
    -”Battle Plans” topic unvoiced

  • Namiras Ring in beforehand

    How often do players bypass the quest for Namira at her shrine. They pass by the first time and maybe their level is too less. On occasion they pass by another time and their players personality trait is too high and there is no beer, mead or wine around. This will make Namiras Quest to be one of the last you naturally dwell into. 
    I am using my own mod to get the quest going and continue. This mod will now be available for all players. Also this is my first mod published, enjoy!...

  • Guide


    1. Raise skeleton guards

    Talk to the ghost in the western wing of the castle. Check your local map for the door. Go through his dialog and you get a quest. Bring him 10 Bonemeal, 5 Skulls, 5 Ribcages, and  be at least a Journeyman of Conjuration to complete.

    Skeletal allies occupy the perimeter of your castle.

    2. Enthrall Janice/Jonathan

    Check your active quest tab and follow the markers to the thralls. Talk to them with 50 Illusion to enthrall both of them. Return to the Ghost and proceed to the next quest stage.

    Your thralls live on the second story of your castle, above the master chambers. Check your local map for doors. They both have a few interactions:


  • Zorhaus Revamp Launched

      It's been well over a decade and I had originally made Zorhaus when I was about 14 years old, I can't recall when production started, but being around 13 years later I decided to come back and use what I've learned modding Skyrim and other things to totally overhaul the original dungeon.         This version of Zorhaus includes a totally revamped and way more detailed interior, new enemies, weapons, spells, scripts, locations and much, much more.         It is what I would call a medium sized dungeon crawl, very much inspired by likes of Ivellon and some other things. Obnoxious amount of references to so many different things included. 


    If You experience any bugs of any kind let me know so I can fix them as soon as possible. 

  • Druid Summons


    There are rumours of a strange, tree-like lair appearing in the middle of the Colovian Highlands, roughly north of Valley View Camp. They say that no traveler has ever returned from the attempt of exploring such a place. Are you confident enough to finish what they could not?

    I could never make Oblivion Magic Extender to work on my machine and I desperately wanted to play as a necromancer druid able to summon death-themed nature creatures, so I made the spells for myself. I added a small dungeon with a bit of lore to give a sense of adventure by converting the home of said character. Reach the final room and you will be able to buy the spells for yourself.

    -A home for the player
    -Enchanted staff, hood, robe and shoes
    -A ...

  • Installation Instructions for MO2

    Maegfaer has kindly provided these installation instructions for MO2.

    Install guide for Mod Organizer 2 + Wrye Bash:

    I (Maegfaer) assume you know the basics of MO2 and that you already have Wrye Bash accessable through MO2.

    1. First, install the mod as any other through MO2. Enable it in the left list.
    2. Select "<Edit...>" in the executable drop down list, select Wrye Bash. Now enable "Create files in mod instead of overwrite" and choose "Oblivion XP Update" in the dropdown.
    3. Start Wrye Bash through MO2. Go to the installers tab, if installers are not enabled there will be a popup asking to generate some files. Agree to it and wait until it's done.
    4. Drag the downloaded archive of this mod into the left panel of the installe...

  • Spoilers

    Info is separated here to prevent spoiling stuff.

    Vampire Rank Perks :

    Rank 1 - Fledgeling - Starting rank. Has no perk.

    Rank 2 -  Stalker - When sneaking and remaining motionless, detect life.

    Rank 3 - Reaver - Blood spells deal up to 60% more damage, based on your missing health. Dodging transforms you into a bat swarm.

    Rank 4 - Master - Vampire's Seduction is upgraded to Command rather than calm.

    Rank 5 - Ancient - Blood spells deal 25% more damage and have a chance to cause a Heartburst, dealing additional AOE damage around the victim.

    Vampire Bosses :

    Hindaril is now exceptionally powerful. His minimum level ...


    - SENHA:

    NÃO SEI SE É 100%

  • Changelog

    1.2 - Changed the refresh rate of the bar to make it more accurate...

  • Selene - a thief - Bravil


    You first meet Selene on the Bloated Float during a rather unexpected voyage. If she survives this encounter, you'll have a chance to demonstrate your good nature and pay off her fine so that she is released from prison. And then... well, it's rather up to you.

    Complete the quest "An Unexpected Voyage" and exit the Bloated Float. Once you're outside, you will be prompted about that fine.

    If you manage to befriend Selene, take her to the Bloated Float for a round of drinks. See how that goes. What could possibly go wrong?

    Selene wears her own set of armour that is being upgraded as she levels up, although it always looks the same. She will wear any other armour as well, if it is better than hers. She also has her Blackwater Blade. She is s...

  • Scripting and future addons

    This framework is open source and can be used as base for your own work or to expand on the original. Like making use of xOBSE functions to integrate it in a similar way as CSR using key bind events.

    Due to the modular nature of the framework, it's fairly simple to implement new features and have it work with the mod as a plugin or merged as a unofficial extension over the original. I.e. Replacing the original framework vs an addon .esp that requires AFF as a master.

    Performance wise this mod has a 0.1 - 0.9% impact on the script profiler from my tests.

    Script functions in the main quest:

    Refined horse use:
    The reference information linked on the description page used to build this framework is dated and has a few misconceptions I'd lik...

  • Essential Weapons Armours

    A rather large weapons and armours mod....

  • Are you afraid to swim

    Is there any reason why we afraid to swim, maybe its because the fear of water stop us from trying to swim in fear of drawning in the big river 

    Maybe its because our trauma with water blocked us from ever entering a pool or enjoying the peace from touching the water and getting immerside inside it, i made this Mod of the Aquatic Champion with the only intention to make people enjoy getting in the water and so my Khajit character don't suffer the consequences 

    Because there is a lot of dungeons inside Oblivion with water and that might help him dealt with it all 

    Thank you for reading this have a nice day ...

  • Thoughts and Ideas i guess

    Only writing this cause it's needed lol...

  • Algume erro

    Se algum erro de tradução for encontrado por favor avise  ...