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An architectural modders resource

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             A Tiny Little House


Provides a new house model with matching interior for your modding projects.

This is NOT a mod in and of itself. You will need to add the resources into your mod 
via the Construction Set.   


Simply put, this is a free to use resource for anyone who wants to use something new.
Some time ago I began an exhaustive search for free 3D models which could be used
in Oblivion modding projects. While there are plenty of free models out there, many are
very low quality and not worth the effort. The Tiny House included here is one of those
rare little gems that I managed to dig up.

I found on Animium, a site which hosts free 3D models. There wasn't any author info
included with the download, so I have no clue who to credit for the original work. Kudos
to whomever it was. What I can say is that it took a good bit of additional effort on my
part to get things to this stage.

It is a small poor man's shack type dwelling which fits a lower class single bed, small
table, and some clutter. I chose not to install a fireplace due to space constraints. But
a pot belly stove may fit and there are a few modder resources of that kind out there.

The door frame is scaled to accept a stock Lower Class door. Aside from that I can't
think of anything else to add. If you use it please do send screenshots. Would love to
see what folks do with this.


Meshes folder contains one each of the following:


There are no textures included since they use vanilla textures.   


These are resources only. You need to create new items in the CS in order to use them.
It is assumed the end user already knows how to do that. For those new to modding, the 
basic steps are as follows:

1. Drop the contents into your Oblivion Data Folder, or integrate into your mod files using
    the mod manager of your choice.

2. Open up the construction set and create new items using the meshes supplied in this

3. Example - Load CS. Find LowerClassStable01 in the static section. Double click to
    open the dialogue box. Click on the button with the .nif name and point it to one of the 
    new meshes from this package. Rename and click ok. You will be asked if you want to
    create a new object.....say YES. DO NOT save changes to vanilla objects unless you
    purposely want to change every instance of that object in your game.

4. Place the new items wherever you want them.

5. Save your new plugin file.


Bethesda- for Oblivion and the CS 
3DS & Nifskope     - for the tools that made this possible
LHammonds          - for the readme generator this file was based on 
Me                           - for the time it took to assemble all this stuff

Legal Stuff

I DO NOT authorize use of these resources in any mod that is being sold for money. Aside
from that, these materials are being distributed as a free to use modder resource package.
Use in your own projects requires no additional permissions. I do ask that you mention me
in your credits as a small courtesy if you use these.