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A collection of features extending the functionality of user interface.

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Item Descriptions Framework
A new system, allowing to display generic or customized "flavor" description for any inventory item or spell, whether from base game or a mod. Descriptions are stored in custom XML files and can be edited without using the Construction Set.
Mod comes with descriptions for over 1200 vanilla items already included. Details on how to make custom descriptions are provided here.

Spell Favorites
A new system to quickly select spells, independent from vanilla hotkeys.
  • Press customizable key (Default: Q) in magic menu to add/remove spell from favorite list (indicated by a new icon).
  • Press the same key to bring up side menu with all your favorite spells and use mouse wheel (or customizable keys) to scroll through it.
  • Pressing the key again or casting the spell hides the menu.

Extra HUD Info
A new HUD element will dynamically display the following information about an item under the crosshair:
  • Ingredient effects of a harvestable plant;
  • Effects of any magic item (potion, scroll or enchanted item);
  • Skill taught by a skill book.

Extra Info in Popup Menu
Popup menu in inventory can now display:
  • Skill taught by skill book;
  • Light radius for carriable light sources.

Boss Health Bars
"Boss" type enemies (from base game, DLC and certain mods) will have a large health bar displayed in UI during combat.

Skill Perk Display
Player stats menu now has a new element that displays effects of all skill perks.
Unlike other similar mods this doesn't use custom text, but shows the exact text that is normally only shown on level up notification.

Better Spell Tomes Integration
Effects of a spell tome will be displayed in UI, without the need of reading it. Text is dynamic, and if any mod changes the stats of a particular spell, UI text will always be correct. Supports spell tomes from:

Cycling Quicksaves
  • Replaces the standard quicksave function. New quicksaves are named as follows:"Quicksave N – PlayerName", where N is quicksave number.
  • You can customize the maximum number of quicksaves (Default: 10). Once the number reaches maximum it will reset and older quicksaves start to get overwritten.
  • This function is very similar to Better Saves mod in many ways. If that mod is detected, Cycling Quicksaves will be disabled regardless of INI settings.

Menu Shortcuts
  • Pressing inventory key (Tab by default) will exit any currently open menu.
  • Holding configurable keys will bypass the quantity menu, by default: Shift + Click moves the whole stack; Ctrl + Click moves a single item in stack. For items with weight below a configurable threshold this behavior is reversed: quantity menu is bypassed by default, hold down a key to bring it up.
  • Use movement keys to navigate between tabs in character/inventory/magic/journal menus.
  • Pressing Forward (W by default) in sleep/wait menu will click sleep/wait button.
  • Customizable key to take all items in a container (Default: R).
  • Customizable key to switch between inventory and opened container (Default: Left Alt).

QoL Tweaks
  • Spellmaking menu: current skill is displayed in brackets after the required skill.
  • Spellmaking menu: position of scroll bar in known magic effects list is remembered, instead of reverting to the top each time you add/remove the effect.
  • Race Menu: now displays skill bonuses in race description.
  • Race Menu: using ShowRaceMenu console command on existing character will no longer mess up skills/attributes.
  • Some in-game message boxes can be automatically skipped, there are options for: buying\selling items; buying spells; poisoning weapons.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a vanilla bug, where game ignored sEffectAlreadyAdded game setting and always used default instead.
  • Fixed a vanilla game issue where Shift key can become "stuck" when typing in console. This is currently not working due to what seems to be an xOBSE bug.


  • Darnified UI is not technically required, but highly recommended (mod is primarily developed and tested with it).
  • Compatible with vanilla UI, but if an item description is particularly long, it may not fully fit in vanilla popup menu. I don't plan to do anything about that.
  • Majority of features are not compatible with NorthernUI.
  • Other UI overhauls (like BTMod, Major Jim's UI etc.) are untested and not guaranteed to work (but they might).
  • Compatible with Display Stats out of the box.
  • Partially compatible with Container and Magic Menu Overhaul. Container menu should work, but magic menu will have issues with misaligned popups.