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Replaces the vanilla auto save and quick save features.

Permissions and credits
Better Saves

Replaces the buggy vanilla auto save and quick save features with two small scripts.
Bug reporting, change logs and source code: GitLab repository.


  • Creates a normal save every 5 minutes automatically. (Configurable)
  • Creates a normal save when pressing the quick save key. (Even if the key was rebound)
  • Loads the last save available (made by the mod for the character you're playing) when pressing the quick load key. (Even if the key was rebound)
  • Keeps only 3 saves. (Configurable)
  • Disables saving during combat, while falling and while knocked down. (Configurable)
  • Automatically disables vanilla auto saves and quick saves.
  • All configuration is done through the BetterSaves.ini file packaged with the mod.


Load order shouldn't matter.


Place BetterSaves.esp and BetterSaves.ini in Oblivion\Data.

Mod Managers

Add the archive to the mod manager and install normally.


Oblivion Script Extender


Might conflict with mods that bind a new function to the quick save and quick load keys.

Known Issues

Attempting to quick save or quick load immediately after loading the game will cause the vanilla functions to trigger. Since there is a slight delay after loading the game until scripts start running, this can't be avoided.