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Displays hidden stats of all items in the item popup menu when your mouse points at an item in the inventory/container/barter menus.

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========= Display Stats 2.0.1 ============

Author: Ole Boe, a.k.a. TheNiceOne
Date:Feb 05, 2011

OBSE v 19 (or newer) required.
MenuQue v 7 (or newer) required to display stats for items that normally lacks item popup menu.


Displays hidden stats of all items in the item popup menu when your mouse points at an item in the inventory/container/barter menus.

The stats that can be shown, are:
Health: Durability of weapon/armor. The standard health value displayed is only the percentage of this.
Speed: Speed of weapons and arrows. Higher speed means faster attacks.
Reach: Reach of weapons. Longer means easier to hit enemies.
Damage: Base damage of weapons and arrows (unmodified by skills and attributes).
Damage rate: Base damage of weapons, multiplied by speed.
Ignore resistance: True for weapons that ignore Resist Normal Weapons effects.
Armor: Base armor factor for armor. This is how much a 100% healt item adds when your skill is 100.
Value ratio: Value / weight. Helps you find the most valuable loot to drag out of a dungeon. Not displayed when bartering or for items with zero value or weight.
Base value: Base value of item. Displayed only when bartering, in order to see what the item is really worth. If used with Enhanced Economy, make sure that you have Enhanced Economy 5.2 or later, to get the base price before adjustment for local economy variance.

You can tweak settings in the ini file (data\Ini\Display Stats.ini). For each stat, you can set whether it is always hidden, always displayed, or only displayed when a display key is held down. You can also set which key to use as display key (default 'S'). For Ignore resistance, you can also set it to only display for weapons that actally ignore resistance, and hide it for others.

Note that due to limitations in MenuQue, after starting the game, items that normally don't have a stat menu, will not get a stat menu displayed until after you have pointed the mouse at an item that normally has a stat menu.


Display Stats does not use Oblivion.esm as master, and is therefore compatible with Nehrim and other total conversion mods.

Display Stats recognizes my Soulgem Magic mod, and will display how close to next soul level a partially filled soulgem is.

Display Stats recognizes Duke Patricks Combat Archery mod, and corrects the popup display for the Arrow case added by this mod.

Display Stats has support for most UI mods:
* Vanilla, BTmod, MajorJims UI (uses the same xml file)
* Dark UI
* Darnified UI
* DarkUId DarN
* wz_Inventory
* Darkui wz_Inventory

Be sure to install Display Stats' magic_popup_menu.xml file over any installed by other mods.


The mod is OMOD-ready and packed in a BAIN-ready format, so installing with BAIN or OBMM is recommended. For Manual install, copy the contents of "00 Core", and the correct "01 ..." folder to your Oblivion\data folder. Note that all versions of the magic_popup_menu.xml has been changed for 2.0.1, so you must reinstall this when upgrading.

========= CHANGELOG

* Fixed a possible CTD when in container menus
* Fixed problem with "Display Stats is unable to find your magic popup menu!" message

* Added display of Base value when bartering
* Price info (Value ratio and Base value) is now displayed for ALL items (requires MenuQue)
* Speed and Damage are now also displayed for arrows (requires MenuQue to see for unenchanted arrows)
* Stats added by Display Stats will now always be displayed above all magic effects stats

* Changed initialization of arrays from GameMode to MenuMode, as the former can lead to OBSE array mayhem.
* Added the missing (from 1.3) tnoDS.show_valueRatio setting to the ini, for displaying value/weight ratio

* Added support for Soulgem Magic
* Added Value ratio stat
* Added support for Dark UI
* Fixed one error in the Vanilla UI xml file
* Corrected armor stat to display with two decimals

* Removed dependency on Oblivion.esm, thus making it directly compatible with total conversion mods like Nehrim.

* Fixed one error in the Darnified UI xml file.

* Added special suppory for Duke Patricks Combat Archery mod.
* Added support for wz_Inventory and Darkui wz_Inventory
* Added Damage as a display option, and changed icon for Damage rate
* Made sure that stats aren't incorrectly displayed in other menus (Spell, Alchemy, etc.)

* Fixed a minor bug that could lead to damage rate being shown for staffs.
* Added icons for medium & low res textures.

* Added Damage rate, Ignore resistance and Armor.
* Added possibility of displaying some stats only when a display key is held down.
* Added support for DarkUId DarN, BTmod and vanilla