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Gives potions unique (and relatively simple) models based on their effects, and reorganizes their names to better group and alphabetize them.

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== Potion Overhaul ==
by ZuTheSkunk

After experimenting with some other potion mods out there, I came to the conclusion that none of them really organize potions and enhance their looks in a way that would suit my tastes, so I decided to have a try at doing it myself.

The mod gives unique models to the potions based on the effects they have - the intent being to make potions with specific effects more distinct against all others. Also, the mod changes the names of the potions to better organize them, so that they are properly alphabetized and so that different power levels of the same potion (weak, normal, strong) are grouped together.

The mod gives a facelift to every type of potion except for beverages. To take care of those, consider using this or this.

The mod comes in two versions: one that's meant for OOO, and one that should run just fine without it. Credit for the model & textures of the blood bottle (the only model here that's not my own) goes to the people behind OOO.

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