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Adds a Pocket Dimension player home that you can teleport to and from at any time, with an aesthetic based on Mankar Camoran's Paradise. It features a fully voiced merchant, a plethora of containers to put your stuff into, portals to all the major cities, and more!

Permissions and credits
== Pocket Dimension Player Home ==
by ZuTheSkunk

I always liked the aesthetic that Mankar Camoran's Paradise used, and it always bothered me that we get to experience it for so little. As such, I eventually decided to make my own player home based on it.

The Pocket Dimension is a small player home that you can gain access to by buying a spell tome from Calindil at the IC's Mystic Emporium. Once you purchase and read it, you will gain a teleportation spell with which you can teleport to and from the Pocket Dimension at any time (aside from some very specific quest moments). You can do this by either casting the spell normally, or by using a hotkey that can be configured in the mod's INI file (Num 6 by default).

Requires Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE).

== Features ==

- A fully voiced merchant character that is able to buy/sell/repair/recharge items and sell you spells, as well as provide some extra details and backstory behind the Pocket Dimension.

- An Ayleid container device with which you can sort your items by their type and by the level of importance you assign to them.

- A vampiric blood fountain that can satiate a vampire's thirst for blood, and the Dimension itself being in a state of eternal night, making it a perfect hangout place for vampires.

- A full set of shrines of the Nine Divines, which should make completing KotN's pilgrimage quest a very simple task.

- A Storage Room, just in case the previously mentioned container device is not enough for your needs.

- If you choose the install the optional COBL patch, then the Storage Room will also contain the Luggage, a Grinder, and an Alchemical Sorter.

- A set of portals you can use to teleport to all the main cities in the game (compatible with both vanilla AND the two Open Cities mods), complete with an option to set up your own custom portal anywhere you like.

- Your own personal Ayleid well.

- And, of course, a bed.

== Known Issues / Troubleshooting ==

* The center of the island can be performance-intensive due to the presence of multiple candles and candlesticks. If you're suffering from low FPS because of it, then next to the container device there is a small button that allows you to disable most of the candles, hopefully improving FPS.

* If the default hotkeys for teleportation don't seem to be working despite OBSE being installed, then check if Num Lock isn't turned on.

* The default hotkeys are apparently recognized by Xbox controllers as directions on the analogue stick; you'll need to change the hotkeys in the INI file if that's a problem to you.

== Credits ==

- Merchant's voiceover: Lauren Joy VA, a.k.a. Seventh of Sages. She did a tremendous job voicing the character, and I highly recommend considering her for voiceover work in your own projects!

- Testing, suggestions, the screenshots, and a fix for the once crash-prone custom portal: Laula from r/Oblivion's Discord chat.

- Textures of the merchant's fur and robes: AlienSlof (Clouded Leopard (NSFW), Khajiit Retextures (NSFW), Robe Trader)

- Texture of the merchant's book: Daleth (Book Jackets Oblivion)

- Texture of the merchant's eyes: Jenius (Elaborate Eyes)

- Mesh & texture of the merchant's diadem: Kafeid (Kafeis Armored Circlets)

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