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A replacer for the elven armor and weapons that redesigns some things and slaps welkynd gemstones over everything.

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== Gemstone Elven Gear ==
by ZuTheSkunk & Naihaan Kragnaidael

I was never particularly happy with the design of some the vanilla elven pieces, but I wasn't able to find a mod that would single-handedly fix the issues I had with them. So I decided to make my own compilation of changes, using both my own tweaks as well as some stuff from other mods.

Here's the list of changes:

* I replaced the cuirass with a modified version of the one found in Naihaan's replacer. The mesh was modified to work with vanilla bodies, and to fit well with the vanilla gauntlets, greaves and boots. The reason for those pieces being unchanged is that while I liked the way Naihaan's cuirass was designed, I wasn't a fan of the replacements for other pieces, and how Naihaan's full set looked so skinny while at the same time featuring big wide pauldrons, which made the whole armor appear very top-heavy. Replacing the chestpiece and pauldrons of the vanilla cuirass while leaving the rest unchanged allowed for the elven armor to still appear more sophisticated than in vanilla, while also being more uniform in its bulkiness than Naihaan's full set.

* I always thought that the vanilla elven helmet looked just kinda goofy. I once saw someone describe those wing thingies on it as flowerpot holders, and I agree with that notion completely. As such, after experimenting with a bunch of different options, I ultimately decided to replace the helmet with a retextured and slightly touched up version of the Golden Saint helmet. Since it still features the wings motif and whatnot, I feel it works rather well as a replacement.

* In the same vein, I also replaced the shield with a similarly retextured and modified version of the GS shield, since the vanilla elven shield's shape and size just didn't seem appealing to me.

* Significantly re-shaped the elven longsword. The vanilla version was just ludicrously designed, with the blade being excessively wide, looking like it's made of stone instead of actual metal, the sword's handle featuring spikes aimed straight at the user's hand (which is just a horrendous idea all around), and the whole thing looking simply bad overall. The new version aims to be much more practical in its design, with a more sensible shape and a blade that's as simple and straight as the one used by the claymore. To a lesser extent, the blades of the claymore, shortsword and dagger were touched up as well, so as to appear more blade-y and sharp.

* Everything else received comparatively minor touch-ups, and both the armor and all the weapons were generously endowed with glowing welkynd gemstones - because shiny equals pretty, amirite? (Just be aware that if you deck yourself out in full elven gear, then you may end up looking like a Christmas ornament while in the dark.)

* All armor pieces had their ground models modified to reflect their changed appearances, and both the armor and the weapons were given new icons (for that same reason).

Upon installation, the mod will replace the elven armor and weapons, together with their icons.

Feel free to use any assets contained within as you see fit. Just make sure to credit Naihaan as well if you use the cuirass for anything.

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